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South of England Urban League


Saturday, 21 April 2012

WAOC proudly presents the second Huntingdon Town Urban Orienteering Race, and will be the first event to be included in the new South of England Orienteering Urban League (SEOUL).

The event will use an extensive area of Huntingdon Town, with significant new areas added for this event from the map first used in 2010.

This event will be using electronic punching. SI cards will be available to hire for 50p.

News updates Maps quantities available for on the day entry are as follows:
Course 1: 22
Course 2: 21
Course 3: 30
Course 4: 15
Course 5: 13
...which means even if you have not pre-entered you can turn up confident of being able to run your preferred course.

16 April. Entries are now closed. Start times (in 15 minute blocks) have been allocated and are visible on the Fabian 4 website.
Entries on the day: Entries on the day are welcome - we still have maps available for most courses (numbers of maps available will be posted here soon).

13th April: Final details now available as PDF

6th April: Course lengths added; More details on location of registration.

1st April: Entry deadlines extended. You now have up to Tuesday 10th April to enter at the cheaper rate. Online entries now close on 15th April.

Final Details Final details as PDF. Please make sure that you have read the information on collecting race bibs, uncrossable features, and out of bounds areas
Entries Start list of pre-entered runners can be viewed on Fabian4 (www.fabian4.co.uk).

Entries on the day will be accepted subject to availability of maps. Fees below are for entry on the day.
Reduction of £2 for National and East Anglian Local Members of British Orienteering
Juniors (under 21) inc first junior in family£4.00
Further juniors in the same family£3.00
SI Card hire£0.50
All competitors must be aged 16 years or above on the day of the event.
Please remember to include details of your British Orienteering membership to obtain the discount.
Mens Open 7.2km (M16+)Womens Open 5.8km (W16+)
Mens Veteran 5.8km (M40+)Womens Veteran 5.2km (W40+)
Mens Super Vet 5.2km (M55+)Womens Super Vet 4.4km (W55+)
Mens Ultra Vet 4.4km (M65+)Womens Ultra Vet 2.8 km(W65+)

Veteran Competitors may run up, i.e. enter a course open to a wider age range.
All senior courses have a minimum age limit of 16 yrs owing to there being some very busy road crossings on these courses.
Cancellation of Junior Courses

I deeply regret that after careful consideration of all of the possible options that it is not possible to offer suitable junior courses for this urban event. Until recently I had hoped that a very small mapped park would be useable, but at its best, the star courses we had planned to offer would not present suitable challenge, especially for older runners in the junior age group, and in the context of an urban league event would not provide appropriate competition.

I appreciate that some runners may be disappointed but I would not be happy for anyone to travel any distance for what, in all honesty, would be an unsatisfactory experience. I hope you will understand that this decision has been taken in your best interests.

At the moment, the guidance from BO on what is or is not allowed for juniors on urban courses is extremely confused. I hope that in the near future greater clarity will emerge about what is or is not allowed. Until clear guidelines are provided, neither the planner nor I is willing to compromise the safety of junior competitors.Senior courses are unaffected and remain open to juniors aged 16 and older.
Senior courses are unaffected and remain open to juniors aged 16 and older.

Mike Capper
Enquiries Enquiries relating to entries please contact .
If you wish to contact the event organiser regarding any other query, contact .
Alternatively, the Fabian4 entries system will allow you to send an email that will be copied to both the organiser and the entries secretary.
Travel Directions Huntingdon
By Road: Huntingdon is well served by major roads: The A1 from the North, the M11 from the South, and the A14 from the East or West. The event will take place in and around the Town centre. Advice on parking will be given later.

By Rail: The Assembly area will be about 10 mins walk from Huntingdon Railway Station.

By Bus: The Assembly area will be about 2 mins walk from Huntingdon Bus Station.
Assembly and Start Assembly, registration and the finish for all courses are in the pedestrian area in front of Pathfinder House (Huntingdonshire Council Offices), grid ref TL240715. There is a short walk from assembly to the start. There is no parking available at assembly.
Registration For entry on the day, registration will be 11:00am - 12:30 pm, subject to map availability. You are advised to use the pre-entry system to ensure a place on your chosen course.

Start times will be between 11:30 am and 1 pm, with courses closing at 2:30pm. Start times for pre-entries will be available, when allocated, on the Fabian4 website. We are using 15 minute start blocks rather than individual start times. The allocated start times shown on Fabian4 will be the start of each 15 minute block (e.g. if your start time is shown as 12:15 your start block is from 12:15 to 12:29). You may start at any available time, but priority will be given to those competitors who have been allocated to the current start block.
Map All senior courses will use a 1:5000 ISSOM map updated Winter 2011/2012 from the 2010 map produced by Graham Gristwood. These maps will be A3 size printed on waterproof paper.
Terrain Historic town centre with a mixture of residential and civic areas and open spaces.
Officials Organiser: Ian Lawson WAOC
Planner: Peter Duthie WAOC
Controller: Mike Capper WAOC
Further Information

We will be using electronic punching. SI cards will be available to hire for 50p.

Urban orienteering is ideal for those new to the sport. Help will be available to get you started.
The courses will be planned to avoid avoid heavy traffic but participants will have to cross some roads on their courses.

All competitors take part at their own risk.

Data Protection Act: Entry information (name, age-class and club) and the results of this event will be stored on and processed by computer systems under the terms of the British Orienteering Federation's registration under the Data Protection Act. The results from this event will be published on the Internet.

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