Mini O event
Annual prizegiving

Wilberforce Road Athletics Ground

Saturday, 1 April 2017

This year, we are holding our AGM in the Club Room at Cambridge University Athletics Ground (Wilberforce Road).
There will be a score course for club members followed by our Annual Prizegiving and brief AGM.

Start Mass start at 4:00 pm. Annual prizegiving begins at 5pm, followed by AGM - all to finish by 6:30 pm
Courses 45 Minute Adult Score Course. Bring a pen and, if necessary, a plastic bag to protect your map (maps will not be on waterproof paper).
There will also be a Short Junior Course.
Registration Turn up on the day, in time for the mass start (do leave time to register and get ready!).
AGM The AGM is open to all members of WAOC. The agenda will be available here as a PDF file.
The minutes from last year's AGM can be found in the April 2016 issue of JabberWAOC.
If you wish to propose a motion for discussion please contact the Club Secretary: email
Changing facilities We are using the Club Room for the AGM. If you have run, please remember to change footwear. You will be able to leave items such as a change of clothes in the Club room.

Refreshments Drinks and snacks will be provided at the start of the prizegiving and AGM.
Organiser The WAOC Committee

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