Royston Town Urban Event


Saturday, 22 April 2017

This event will offer urban orienteering in the old town of Royston and its surrounding street network, where route choice decisions will involve balancing cut-throughs against contours - (those brown lines which do not often feature in East Anglian Orienteering maps).
Although the adjacent Therfield Heath has long been used for orienteering, this will be the first time an orienteering event has been held in the town itself and a brand new map has been created for this event.
In Royston you will find a Templar Cave, and on the bronze age chalk barrows of the heath you may be lucky enough to spot rare pasque flowers.

News updates On-line entries are now closed, but entries on the day are available for all courses.
Final Details Click here for final details.
Entries On-line entry via SI entries is now closed.
Entries received after midnight on 1st April will be subject to a late entry surcharge.
Entries received after midnight on 15th April will be at the same rate as entries on the day.
Closing date for on-line entries will be 11:59 pm on Wednesday 19th April 2017.

Entries on the day (EOD) will be accepted subject to availability of maps.
Until April 1stUntil April 15thUntil April 19th
and on the day
Seniors (BOF members) £7.00 £8.00 £9.00
Seniors (non-BOF) £9.00 £10.00 £11.00
Juniors (under 21) £2.00 £2.00 £3.00
Students £2.00 £2.00 £3.00

SI Card hire
You will be able to hire a SIAC (contactless) dibber from SportIdent if you want to take advantage of contactless punching at this event. If you already own a standard dibber, this will work as normal and you are free to choose whether to use a standard dibber or use a contactless SIAC dibber.
If you do not need the contactless version, but do not have a dibber of your own, standard dibbers will also be available to hire.
SIAC dibber hire£2.82
standard dibber hire£1.00
Courses Entries will be by class in line with SEOUL guidelines.
Details of courses are to be confirmed, but the following entry classes will be available:
Mens Open (M16+)
Mens Veteran (M40+)Womens Open (W16+)
Mens Super Vet (M55+)Womens Veteran (W40+)
Mens Ultra Vet (M65+)Womens Super Vet (W55+)
Mens Hyper Vet (M75+)Womens Ultra Vet (W65+)
Womens Hyper Vet (W75+)
Non-League course (open)
Junior male (M16-)Junior female (16-)
Junior male (M12-)Junior female (12-)
The M12- and W12- course is for juniors Under 12.
The Non-league course is recommended for newcomers and for those who want to run out of their age class (run down). However, this course will not be part of the SEOUL league.
Under 16s: It is a requirement of British Orienteering’s Insurance Policy that anyone under the age of 16 on the day of the competition may only compete in areas with limited and/or speed limited traffic. With this in mind it is important to note that anyone under the age of 16 (and over 12) may only take part in the MW16 courses.
Veteran competitors may run up, i.e. enter a course open to a wider age range.
Electronic Punching This event will be using electronic punching. SIAC (contactless) dibbers will be available to hire, and standard contact dibbers will also be available.

The control boxes are compatible with all types of SI-card, and this will be a mixed punching event, so you can choose to run with a standard contact dibber which must be inserted into each control box to register your visit, or a contactless dibber which will be detected if it is closer than about 2 ft from the control box.
Whichever type you use, it is your reponsibility to make sure you have punched correctly - for standard contact dibbers, the control box will beep and flash to confirm you have punched. SIAC dibbers emit a flash and a beep to confirm they have registered at a control site.

Enquiries Enquiries relating to entries or any other aspect of the event, please contact .
Assembly Registration and Assembly will be at The Meridian School, Garden Walk, Royston, Hertfordshire. Postcode SG8 7JH.
Registration Registration will be open from 11:00 am until 13:00. All competitors must report to registration to pick up a numbered race bib, which must be worn (no bib - no run). If you are pre-entered and are using a hired dibber, remember you must collect your dibber from registration before going to the start.
Start Times Start will run from 11:30 am to 13:30. Pre-entries will be allocated start times spread over this range according to indicated preferences, leaving spaces for entries on the day.
Course closing time will be 3pm.
Travel Royston is easily accessible from the A10 and from the M11 and A1M via the A505.
Royston has a rail station and the journey from London is less than 50 minutes.
Parking - details to be confirmed.
Map 1:4000 ISSOM map created 2016/2017 by Caroline Louth of WAOC. Maps will be printed on waterproof paper.
Map Legend Please familiarise yourself with the map symbols for urban orienteering. Out Of Bounds areas shown by purple hatching must be observed. Any competitor found crossing or attempting to cross a feature marked as uncrossable, or entering an area marked out of bounds on the map, will be disqualified.
A summary, produced by SLOW, is available here.
Terrain A mix of the old centre of town and newer estates with longer courses taking in the open heathland of Therfield Heath.
Officials Organiser: Rachel Pocock WAOC
Planner: Peter Duthie WAOC
Controller: Jeff Baker LOG

Further Information

We will be using electronic punching. SI cards will be available to hire.

Urban orienteering is ideal for those new to the sport. Help will be available to get you started.
The courses will be planned to avoid avoid heavy traffic but participants on adult courses (for those aged 16 and older) will have to cross some roads on their courses.

All competitors take part at their own risk.

Data Protection Act: Entry information (name, age-class and club) and the results of this event will be stored on and processed by computer systems under the terms of the British Orienteering Federation's registration under the Data Protection Act. The results from this event will be published on the Internet.

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