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EA League


Sunday, 29 October 2017

This event is the Sunday after the Cambridge City Race and Brandon is in the sandy Brecklands, 35 miles from Cambridge. It follows on from the Cambridge City Race held the day before. We hope that, especially for those travelling to the area, the cross-country forest courses on offer here will be the perfect complement to the challenges of the city race. This event is also part of the East Anglian League.

BRITISH SUMMER TIME ENDS on the day of this event. Clocks go back 1 hr at 2am. Be certain you do not arrive too early!

Start List available hereshowing those who have pre-entered. Entry on the day is available for all courses.

Final Details

The start is 650m from assembly (allow 10-20 mins to walk) and assembly (registration and download) is signposted from car parking. There are four boxes from -1 to -4 at start to comply with the EA League requirement that there should be at least a 4 minute gap between starts for runners from the same club running the same course.


Your start block allocation is shown on the Fabian4 site. Go direct to start during your allocated time block – there is no need to go to registration unless you are picking up a hire dibber. There will be flexibility on start times but pre-entries are guaranteed a new map, even if they start outside their start block time.

Entry on day

Go to registration please, pay fees, then go to start and a start time will be allocated by the start team. Take a token to start, issued by registration, to show you are properly entered and on the computer. Start is 650m from assembly so do not forget to take the token! We intend to have plenty of maps but arrive early if possible. If entries exceed the number of maps printed, late entries may have to use a recycled map.

Toilets available near registration.


The courses are safe and free of litter but some other parts of the forest have glass bottles, bits of iron, on the ground. There is a car park and road to a nursing home on longer courses so be wary of cars.

BRITISH SUMMER TIME ENDS on the day of this event. Clocks go back 1 hr at 2am. Be certain you do not arrive too early!

Registration 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Start Times 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Entries Start block times for pre-entries are displayed on the Fabian 4 site. Entries will be available on the day subject to availability of maps (see above).

Individual entries

Reduced entry fees until 16th October through Fabian 4:
Seniors (BOF members)£7.00
Seniors (non members)£9.00
Juniors (under 21)£2.00
SI Card hire£1.00

Entries from 16th October to 25th October (when Fabian 4 pre-entry closes) and entry on the day:
Seniors (BOF members)£8.00
Seniors (non members)£10.00
Juniors (under 21)£2.00
SI Card hire£1.00

We intend to have plenty of maps for entry on the day, but arrive early if possible to avoid disappointment.


Family groups sharing one map are charged at the single adult rate.

Groups If you are bringing a school party, or other group such as ATC cadets, please inform the organiser via before 18th October using the Group Entry Form. Please provide this information before 30th October. This will avoid long delays at registration and ensure we have enough maps for everyone.
Courses We are offering a full range of colour coded courses from White to Brown including Short Green. Course details are as follows:
Difficulty LengthControlsClimb
Whitevery easy 1.8 km90 m
Yelloweasy 2.2 km910 m
Orangemoderate 3.5 km1115 m
Light Greenharder 3.7 km1240 m
Short Greenhard 3.5 km1230 m
Greenhard 5.4 km145 m
Bluehard 7.6 km2040 m
Brownhard 9.0 km2355 m

If you are taking part in the East Anglian League, you are recommmended to enter the course corresponding to your age class:

Age ClassesCourse
M10, W10Yellow
M12, W12Orange
M14, W14Light Green
M75, W65+Short Green
M65-70, W16-20, W45-60Green
M16-20, M45-60, W21-40Blue
Enquiries Email enquiries to
Travel Directions


SatNav: Postcode IP27 ONZ should take you to the registration and assembly area within the industrial estate (we take no responsibility for the accuracy of sat nav directions).

The event will be signed from the A1065 at the SW end of Brandon town, at the entrance to the Mile End Industrial Estate. If approaching from the South and West, approach Brandon driving NE on the A1065 and look out for the turn off to the right into the industrial area. From the North, drive through Brandon until heading SE toward Mildenhall and look for the turn off to the left. From Thetford, drive to Brandon town and turn left onto the A1065. DO NOT follow brown signs to Brandon Country Park.

Train and bike

Train and bike is possible as Brandon is on the Cambridge to Norwich line. Brandon is 35mins from Cambridge leaving at 50 mins past the hour starting 0850, then next train 1050. The assembly is about 2 miles from the station.

Return to Cambridge is at 44 mins past the hour, hourly. Norwich trains leave Norwich at 0903 and 1003 with a journey time of 40 minutes.

Parking Parking will be within the industrial estate. As far as we know, none of the units are open on a Sunday. Nevertheless, please avoid blocking entrances to businesses when parking. There should be no problem in finding space to park, including minibuses, etc.
Officials Organiser: Peter Allen (WAOC)
Planner: Oliver Hague (WAOC)
Controller: Clive Wilkinson (SUFFOC)
Further Information

We will be using electronic punching. SI cards will be available to hire for £1.

Beginners are very welcome at this event and help will be available to get you started. Please read our webpage What is orienteering? It should answer any questions you have.

Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control at all times.

Portable Toilet facilities will be provided in the assembly area.

Ash die-back disease (Chalara faxinea): Please ensure you have clean footwear and clean your shoe before your next event to prevent spread of this disease.

All competitors take part at their own risk.

Data Protection Act: Entry information (name, age-class and club) and the results of this event will be stored on and processed by computer systems under the terms of the British Orienteering Federation's registration under the Data Protection Act. The results from this event will be published on the Internet.

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