Mildenhall North Sunday, 21 Oct 2012
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Organiser's Comments

We apologise for underestimating the number of maps needed when so many of you turned out. Many thanks to those of you who so willingly handed in your maps when we ran short so that others could run their chosen courses. If you have not already received a replacement map, please contact the organiser, for an emailed copy.

Huge thanks to all of the WAOC and CUOC members who offered their help and made the event go smoothly.

Our next events are Ampthill on 11th November and Maulden on 25th November.

String course results
A shorter string course than normal given the nettles. Scroll down to see all results....

Name Age Time
Erica and Elizabeth9 4:40
Craig Carter 7 3:55
Ryan Carter 4 9:00
Jacob Fisher 5 4:25
Ayla Fisher 4 7:25
Ben Partridge 6 3:20
Daniel Hague 9 2:55
Sam Hague 10 2:47
David Low 5 4:47
Quentin Jeffrey 5 4:42
Henry Gibb 6 3:25
Rachel Gibb 8 3:20
Robert Westbury 6 5:15
Edward Low 10 2:20
Ellie Low 8 2:57



8.87km 70 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Vokes CUOC M20 49:55
2nd Glen Richardson NOR M21 53:43
3rd Robert Campbell CUOC M45 57:05
4th Ian Renfrew NOR M40 59:18
5th Jonathan Albon CHIG M21 60:10
6th John Ward NOR M40 60:44
7th Ian Hargreaves KERNO M35 61:20
8th Tom Dobra CUOC M20 63:54
9th Sean Blanchflower WAOC M35 66:07
10th David Cooper WAOC M45 68:43
11th Duncan Harrison SOS M40 69:00
12th Jonathan Pye IND M21 69:16
13th Ben Green WAOC M35 70:14
14th Paul Beckett HAVOC M50 71:11
15th Mark Adams HH M45 73:21
16th Brian Cowe WAOC M35 74:12
Par Time 74:53 - winner's time + 50%
17th Dave Denness LOG M50 77:25
18th Dan Safra CUOC M21 79:01
19th Toby Fisher SMOC M35 79:58
20th Charlie Whewell WAOC M21 81:24
21st Mike Capper WAOC M55 82:43
22nd John Marshall WAOC M40 82:44
23rd Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M40 87:02
24th Michael Brooke IND M60 89:28
25th Sam Garforth NOR M18 90:02
26th Chris Panton SUFFOC M35 91:29
27th Helen Lloyd NOR W50 91:32
28th Michael Chopping NOR M50 92:34
29th John Clarke SUFFOC M40 95:06
30th Joe Hobbs CUOC M21 107:37
31st Ken Wickham SO M70 158:30
32nd Gopal Chand WAOC M40 167:34



7.61km 65 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dil Wetherill WAOC M45 50:59
2nd Alastair Hodges IND M35 53:40
3rd Jon Coles MV M40 56:58
4th Richard Bonnett BAOC M55 57:37
5th Michael Bickle WAOC M60 57:46
6th Martin Hore SUFFOC M60 58:45
7th David Cronk WAOC M50 59:39
8th Mick Liston NOR M60 60:28
9th Graham Louth WAOC M50 60:34
10th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M50 61:24
11th Alan Spidy NOR M45 61:29
12th Paul Goldsworthy NOR M45 63:14
13th Robin Bourne WAOC M50 63:54
14th Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 64:14
15th Chris Brown WAOC M60 65:00
16th Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M50 65:38
17th Peter Duthie WAOC M50 66:21
18th Will Harrison SUFFOC M50 66:26
19th Robert McNab RAFO M50 67:12
20th Stephen Searle NOR M60 67:18
21st William Louth WAOC M14 68:08
22nd Tracey Apperley SOS W40 68:39
23rd Colin Webster HH M60 69:21
24th Martin Sellens SOS M60 69:52
25th David Chaplin IND M45 70:33
26th Peter Woods WAOC M55 71:04
27th Philip Hague WAOC M40 72:20
28th Roderick Mansel SUFFOC M16 72:23
29th Stephen Cartwright SOS M50 72:26
30th Andy Gibb IND M41 72:40
31st Ian Smith WAOC M55 72:40
32nd Sacha Fisher SMOC W35 72:56
33rd Philip Brown NOR M55 73:04
34th Simon Hooton SUFFOC M55 73:12
35th William Morgan NOR M60 73:44
36th Rakesh Chandraker WAOC M50 73:53
37th Bruce Marshall WAOC M60 74:14
38th Peter Waldron NOR M55 74:30
39th Colin West SOS M55 74:43
40th Owen Warnock NOR M55 75:32
41st Genevieve Froehlich NOR W21 76:29
Par Time 76:29 - winner's time + 50%
42nd Garry Parmenter HAVOC M65 76:57
43rd Rod Mansel SUFFOC M50 77:18
44th Peter Howsam WAOC M60 83:00
45th Perry Mole SOS M45 86:42
46th Simon Peck SUFFOC M55 93:59
47th Chris Edwards NOR M50 97:05
48th Stuart Wright IND M40 101:54
49th Colin Butler SUFFOC M60 101:57
50th Sue Woods WAOC W55 103:47
51st Anthony Biggs HAVOC M60 106:57
52nd Caroline Louth WAOC W50 115:41
53rd Graham Ward NOR M65 117:18
mp Darren Lambert IND M45 48:25
mp David Vinsen NOR M45 72:12
mp,nc Peter Albon IND M21 81:54



4.83km 30 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Peter Warland SOS M45 42:59
2nd John Ward NOR M70 48:08
3rd Alison Fox WAOC W45 49:06
4th Louise Walker SUFFOC W45 49:13
nc Tim Harrison (2nd run) SUFFOC M14 49:59
5th Harriet Burdett CUOC W21 52:11
6th Richard Barker SOS M55 54:21
7th Nathan Clements CUOC M20 55:10
8th Mark Fowler NOR M40 56:45
9th Bill Butcher NOR M60 57:11
10th Hilary Sellens SOS W55 58:07
11th Nigel Gardner NOR M60 59:06
12th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W45 62:09
13th Robin Campbell CHIG M75 62:52
14th Pat Martin NOR M65 63:07
15th George Johnson NOR M18 64:38
16th John Wickersham WAOC M70 65:32
17th Mihir Chandraker WAOC M16 66:06
18th Mary Narey IND W45 66:35
19th Peter Cheetham HH M50 68:52
20th Rodney Freeburn NOR M70 68:55
21st Gary Oxley IND M21 69:25
22nd Charlotte Cheetham HH W50 69:59
23rd Barbara Fothergill HAVOC W55 70:26
24th Sandra Fulcher NOR W60 70:46
25th David Skinner SOS M60 72:48
26th Stephen Nobbs NOR M55 72:49
27th Helen Nisbet SMOC W50 72:53
28th Les Jarrald NOR M60 73:56
29th Janis Ryall WAOC W60 74:15
30th Karen Goldsworthy NOR W45 74:24
Par Time 74:24 - 50% of starters
31st Helen Hague WAOC W40 74:35
32nd Alan Bedder NOR M70 74:53
33rd Michael Presland NOR M60 74:59
34th Jason Dunning WAOC M37 75:33
35th Simon Chandler IND M47 76:19
36th Matt Jefford NOR M16 76:50
37th Wesley Musall SUFFOC M60 77:42
38th Estella Ward NOR W60 79:42
39th Nicky Nicholls NOR W45 80:27
40th Peter Allen WAOC M60 87:59
41st Barry Breed HH M65 88:24
42nd Jane Breed HH W60 88:27
43rd Alexander Ware SOS M20 90:49
44th Maria Marshall WAOC W60 99:26
45th Muriel Scaife WAOC W45 99:48
46th Lyn West SOS W55 103:21
47th Jane Howsam WAOC W60 103:26
48th Clive & Susanne Gristwood NOR W55 104:13
49th Julie Laver SOS W45 117:41
50th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W45 117:41
51st Janet Biggs HAVOC W55 124:54
52nd Foreman Family IND 141:13
mp Peter Ryall WAOC M60 35:45
mp Laurie Rudling NOR M60 50:13
mp Rhiannon Ware SOS W16 70:07
mp Noreen Ives WAOC W55 77:23
mp Janet Cronk WAOC W55 94:18
mp Clare Woods WAOC W21 114:05
mp Marion Fitt NOR W60 130:24
mp Clara Devlieger CUOC W21 130:42

Short Green


3.3km 0 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mark Nicholls NOR M45 30:27
2nd Alice Hodkinson WAOC W40 38:32
3rd Dylan Campbell CHIG M14 43:38
4th Emma Johnson SOS W21 49:33
5th Steven John Partridge SOS M40 49:44
6th Thomas Chaplin IND M8 50:23
7th Ellen Chaplin IND M12 50:25
8th Caitlin Campbell CHIG W18 51:33
9th Seonaid Dudley WAOC W70 52:44
10th Barbara George NOR W75 57:16
Par Time 57:16 - 50% of starters
11th Colin Curtis WAOC M75 62:56
12th Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W75 63:16
13th Pat Bedder NOR W65 63:20
14th Norman Howarth NOR M80 70:50
15th Clive Coles SUFFOC M65 72:03
16th Lakshmi Chand WAOC W35 81:23
17th Lucy Carter SUFFOC W35 88:08
mp Jack Isbester SOS M75 64:29
mp Ruby Campbell CHIG W75 67:20

Light Green


3.8km 25 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ella Gilbert NOR W14 41:31
2nd Kieran Betts NOR M16 42:01
nc Matthew Clarke (2nd run) SUFFOC M12 46:04
3rd Mathew Webb NOR M14 46:45
4th Tim Harrison SUFFOC M14 47:42
5th Ben Warland SOS M14 49:58
6th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W14 52:47
7th Sam Nicholls NOR M14 55:32
8th Edward Scaife WAOC M14 56:42
9th Raphaelle Suard CUOC W21 59:46
10th Morag Brockington IND W40 63:13
11th Sharon Warland SOS W45 65:30
12th Pamela Anderson IND W31 65:40
13th Ben Wetherill WAOC M14 65:46
14th Richard Narey IND M45 66:56
15th Judith Wetherill + 1 WAOC W45 69:27
16th Helen Campbell IND W50 69:50
17th Juliette Butcher NOR W60 71:46
Par Time 71:46 - 50% of starters
18th Ian Pickering WAOC M55 72:46
19th Jenny Lend IND W21 72:51
20th Hammond Family IND 73:32
21st Richard Stadence IND M60 77:16
22nd George Averill CUOC M21 77:20
23rd Chandler Louise IND W46 83:35
24th Alison Zsak WAOC W40 85:34
25th Alice Gibb IND W21 86:34
26th Jaya Chand WAOC W14 88:12
nc Steven Denby (2nd run) IND M12 93:44
27th Kevin Dale IND M50 98:47
28th Kayleigh Hellard NOR W16 116:12
29th Emma Gough IND W21 118:11
mp Gary Hellard NOR M40 61:20
mp Family Cracknell SOS W14 78:10
mp Stephanie Ware SOS W14 79:12
mp Kris Stutchbury IND W50 101:01



3.27km 15 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jack Rogers IND M18 27:55
2nd Matthew Clarke BARNARDISTON/SUFFOC M12 30:52
3rd Daisy Partridge SOS W12 32:40
4th Chloe Cracknell SOS W12 39:08
5th Georgie Nicholls NOR W12 43:36
6th Manda McNab RAFO W45 44:02
nc Bethany Martin (2nd run) IND W10 44:03
7th Josh Partridge SOS M14 44:55
8th Elizabeth Dudley+1 DRONGO W10 47:39
9th Jacob Wright IND M12 49:35
10th Victoria Dolman IND W16 50:29
11th Oliver Hague WAOC M14 50:30
12th Cathy Beard IND M55 50:52
13th Julia Kenyon IND W21 52:10
Par Time 52:10 - 50% of starters
14th Sean Johnson IND M8 54:04
15th Rosalind Johnson IND W8 61:44
16th Jenny Hunt WAOC W21 62:12
17th Tate Hearne IND W9 64:47
18th Naomi Chandler IND W11 64:54
19th Aileen Butler SUFFOC W60 67:48
20th Samuel Allen & Perry Foreman IND 73:33
21st Emily Dominic Vinsen NOR W16 83:49
22nd Jonathan Haynes IND M55 91:06
23rd Christine Haynes IND W55 91:07
mp Cathy Beard IND W55 40:47
mp Denise Wright IND W9 95:48



2.51km 10 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alistair Jeffery IND M45 15:32
2nd Polly Peate BARNARDISTON W13 16:41
3rd Alex Jarrett IND M14 17:41
4th Jack Krempel BARNARDISTON M13 18:36
5th James Jeffery KCS M14 19:04
6th Sam Hague WAOC M10 20:18
7th Dale Hellard NOR M10 20:54
8th Juliette Agazarian BARNARDISTON W13 21:16
9th Saskia Baldrey BARNARDISTON W13 22:45
10th Steven Denby IND M12 22:51
11th Daniel Hague WAOC M10 23:33
Par Time 23:33 - 50% of starters
12th Wilson Jeffery KCS M11 23:52
13th Edward Low WAOC M10 24:07
14th Angus Dudley BARNARDISTON M13 25:07
nc Robert Heald (2nd run) SUFFOC M10 32:35
15th Haydn Garrod BARNARDISTON M12 32:53
16th Charlotte Gilbey BARNARDISTON W12 35:04
17th Hope Dudley BARNARDISTON W12 36:07
18th Lucy Warland SOS W10 39:20
19th Tara Ferguson BARNARDISTON W13 40:28
20th Catherine Dudley DRONGO W10 43:07
nc Amelie Martin (2nd run) IND W7 43:46
21st Erica Fox WAOC W10 43:57
nc Rona Brockington (2nd run) IND W7 46:19
mp Alex Wetherill WAOC M10 22:02
mp,nc Skye Brockington (2nd run) IND W5 44:19



2.17km 10 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Hugo Thompson BARNARDISTON M11 12:27
2nd Alexander Parker BARNARDISTON M11 12:55
3rd Bethany Martin IND W9 16:35
4th Amelie Martin IND W7 17:09
5th Rona Brockington IND W7 17:21
6th Rachel and Henry Gibb IND W8 17:45
7th Lola Baldrey BARNARDISTON W8 18:14
8th Eleanor Low WAOC W10 18:16
9th Harry Ferguson BARNARDISTON M11 19:04
10th Skye Brockington IND W5 19:09
11th Lauren Alcroft IND W80 23:13
12th Robert Heald SUFFOC M10 25:02
13th Jonny Peate BARNARDISTON M8 25:24
14th Meg Westbury+2 IND M6 52:07
15th Ben Partridge SOS M10 89:55
Par Time 89:55 - all finishers
mp,nc Sebastien Scaife WAOC M12 29:46