Brandon Sunday, 27 Oct 2013
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Organiser's Comments

It was good to see so many of you from far and wide enjoying your courses in this lovely bit of Breckland and participating in TrailO too. Many thanks to Peter, Anne, Rakesh and all of the WAOC helpers who made the event run smoothly and managed the challenges of the day so well, not forgetting the AA man who went beyond the call of duty to get the equipment to the forest on time.

Cath Pennington (WAOC)

The first Ely City Race is scheduled for 5th April 2014.

WAOC's next events are 25 November at Ampthill Park, and 8th December at Mildenhall South.

Click on this link for TrailO Results.

TrailO Organiser's Comments
We are glad so many of you tried the TrailO course at Brandon. In retrospect, some controls were too hard, as even TrailO experts struggled.
At Control 8, most chose the W flag but it was next to a big tree trunk so could not have been in the W part of the clearing.
The wind also made things difficult with several flags being blown over and therefore out of position which was critical in a few cases and possibly affected your result. We thank competitors for understanding that weather was a hazard, even before the stronger winds which followed!

Anne Braggins (WAOC)

Planner's Comments

Since I had the benefit of an extra hour to set out the controls, I do not have any excuse for keeping you waiting at the start. Thank you for your patience at the start, and for your positive comments on the courses received at download.

Thanks too to Richard Bonnett of SOS, as controller, for his helpful comments and suggestions on the draft courses.
Heartfelt thanks to everybody who helped to collect in the controls, and finally thanks to Cath for organising, not least for calmly coordinating the set up of the event from a stationary car en route to Brandon whilst waiting for the AA!

Peter Woods (WAOC)

Controller's Comments

Thanks to all those that competed on Sunday at Brandon. Sorry for the late delay to the start but I had to make sure every thing was up and ready to go before the first starts.

Peter did a great job with his courses. He offered plenty of route choice and options. And most said they enjoyed their run.
Thanks to Catherine and all her helpers - they did a great job.

Richard Bonnett (SOS)



8.79km 50 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Laurence Ball NOR M21 54:11
2nd Robert Campbell CUOC M45 54:21
3rd David Alcock AIRE M35 58:08
4th James Haynes WAOC M20 62:55
5th Glen Richardson NOR M35 63:24
6th Paul Gebbett BOK M40 64:03
7th Neil Crickmore SO M50 64:13
8th Ian Hargreaves KERNO M35 65:54
9th Tom Dobra CUOC M21 66:41
10th Bryn Wilkinson SUFFOC M16 66:53
11th Neil Humphries WAOC M50 72:22
12th John Van Rooyen SAX M60 74:15
13th Brian Cowe WAOC M35 74:45
14th Sean Blanchflower WAOC M40 75:11
15th David Wilson RAFO M35 75:37
16th Neville Baker TVOC M60 75:42
17th Ian Ditchfield MV M55 76:37
18th Paul Beckett HAVOC M50 77:22
19th Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 77:53
Par Time 81:17 - winner's time + 50%
20th Robert Minto INDIANA CROSSROADS M45 83:41
21st Chris Panton SUFFOC M35 84:19
22nd Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M40 85:37
23rd Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M50 85:57
24th Helen Lloyd NOR W50 85:57
25th John Williams SOS M60 88:16
26th Caroline Gay BOK W21 89:22
27th Stephen Borrill WAOC M40 90:27
28th Michael Chopping RAFO M50 92:39
29th Toby Fisher SMOC M35 98:01
30th Neil Rosewell IND M35 99:04
31st Iain Stemp WAOC M45 101:57



7.07km 50 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ian Maynard HAVOC M50 49:45
2nd Adrian Pickles AIRE M55 54:13
3rd Graham Louth WAOC M50 55:25
4th Paul Goldsworthy NOR M45 57:48
5th Will Harrison SUFFOC M50 59:03
6th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M50 60:16
7th Ian Byford HH M55 61:24
8th Philip Halford SUFFOC M55 62:32
9th Mike Capper WAOC M55 62:44
10th Paul Price NOR M50 62:48
11th Peter Duthie WAOC M50 62:51
12th Peter Warland SOS M45 63:00
13th David Cronk WAOC M50 64:07
14th Bill Morgan NOR M60 64:35
15th Patrick Djerf Lerums SOK M45 65:07
16th Alan Spidy NOR M45 65:25
17th Martin Wilson BKO M65 66:04
18th Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 66:29
19th Mick Liston NOR M60 66:50
20th Peter Waldron NOR M55 67:05
21st Joanne Nell RAFO W45 67:29
22nd Andrew Stemp WAOC M16 67:32
23rd Stephen Searle NOR M60 67:33
24th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 68:02
25th Martin Hore SUFFOC M60 68:22
26th Alan Rosen HH M55 68:33
27th Ian Shephard NOR M60 69:07
28th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M65 73:23
Par Time 74:38 - winner's time + 50%
29th Julie Laverock IND W45 75:02
30th Penny Bickle WAOC W21 75:43
31st Bob Hill RAFO M55 76:12
32nd Simon Hooton SUFFOC M55 76:14
33rd John Duffield CHIG M65 76:29
34th Roderick Mansel SUFFOC M16 77:05
35th Michael Nell RAFO M60 77:39
36th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M50 78:22
37th Bruce Marshall WAOC M60 78:48
38th Marc Aluzzi RAFO M40 78:51
39th Susan Crickmore SO W50 79:18
40th John Clarke SUFFOC M45 80:11
41st Owen Warnock NOR M55 80:21
42nd Jason Dunning WAOC M35 85:03
43rd Anthony Wadeson IND M55 85:11
44th Helen Bickle WAOC W21 89:54
45th Simon Peck SUFFOC M55 91:02
46th Marie-Anne Fischer TVOC W50 91:10
47th Ruth Rhodes SO W70 97:50
48th Rakesh Chandraker WAOC M50 98:42
49th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M60 100:27
50th Caroline Louth WAOC W50 100:49
51st Jonathan Haynes CHIG M55 104:56
52nd Sue Woods WAOC W55 104:59
53rd Gopal Chand WAOC M40 110:10
54th Colin Butler SUFFOC M60 113:50
55th Raj Chand WAOC M16 181:36
mp Matthew Haynes WAOC M18 76:40



4.78km 5 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dylan Campbell WAOC M16 35:41
2nd Ella Gilbert NOR W16 37:53
3rd Janet Rosen HH W55 42:54
4th Carol Edwards TVOC W55 42:59
5th Alice Campbell WAOC W20 45:24
6th Sheila Carey OD W65 47:11
7th John Collyer SOS M65 47:33
8th David Ball NOR M65 47:46
9th Sacha Fisher SMOC W35 48:20
10th Peter Carey OD M65 49:11
11th Kathy Haynes SLOW W55 49:23
12th Louise Walker SUFFOC W45 49:30
13th Lizzie Rosewell IND W21 50:39
14th Rachel Harrison SUFFOC W18 50:59
15th Kim Eden MOR W55 51:04
16th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W45 52:17
17th Alison Fox WAOC W45 52:37
18th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W16 53:05
19th Peter Ryall WAOC M65 53:26
20th Richard Clark EBOR M65 53:51
21st Mark Fowler NOR M45 54:36
22nd Simon Brockington WAOC M42 54:45
23rd Morag Brockington WAOC W40 55:23
24th Laurie Rudling NOR M60 56:09
25th Andy Furnell LOG M45 56:15
26th Nathalie Lavallee IND W40 56:54
27th David Nixon SOC M65 58:00
28th John Marsh SO M45 58:09
29th Annika Richardson NOR W21 58:13
30th Barry Breed HH M65 59:26
Par Time 59:26 - 50% of starters
31st Helen Hague WAOC W40 59:56
32nd Helen Nisbet SMOC W50 61:39
33rd Lindsey Freeman LOG W60 62:46
34th Christine Roberts EBOR W60 63:14
35th Karen Goldsworthy NOR W45 63:50
36th Janis Ryall WAOC W60 65:49
37th Barbara Fothergill HAVOC W55 66:13
38th Karen Clark EBOR W55 66:18
39th Bill Butcher NOR M60 66:32
40th Jane Breed HH W60 66:45
41st John Harris WAOC M65 68:20
42nd Dale Bennett HAVOC M45 68:39
43rd Paul Lowe SUFFOC M50 70:41
44th Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 70:53
45th Jenny Hunt WAOC W21 72:06
46th Hally Hardie WAOC M70 73:29
47th Janet Cronk WAOC W55 75:03
48th Mary Nixon SOC W60 77:10
49th Maria Marshall WAOC W60 77:49
50th Chris Gay SUFFOC W60 78:51
51st Graham Ward NOR M65 80:00
52nd Estella Ward NOR W60 87:21
53rd Simon Chandler IND M45 88:36
54th Peter Gay SUFFOC M70 102:18
55th Rachel Thomas SMOC W55 104:28
56th Paul Garton NOR M60 108:18
57th Connor Phillips RAFO M18 122:56
58th Lakshmi Chand WAOC W35 162:23
mp Robin Campbell CHIG M75 67:53
mp Rachel Pickles IND W21 76:08

Short Green


3.73km 35 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jenny Collyer SOS W65 46:03
2nd Peter Leverington NOR M75 56:51
3rd Steven Partridge SOS M40 59:09
4th John Webb SUFFOC M75 61:35
5th Sue Hooton SUFFOC W45 62:01
6th Don Nisbet SMOC M50 63:05
7th Barbara George NOR W75 65:09
8th Ron Oxburgh WAOC M75 68:40
9th John Harvey NOR M75 75:16
10th Ray Horne SUFFOC M65 79:22
Par Time 79:22 - 50% of starters
11th Pat Bedder NOR W65 82:24
12th Helen Alcock ARIE W21 84:36
13th Hazel Bickle WAOC W60 84:41
14th Alan Coddington NOR M75 89:13
15th Sue Vine NOR W70 89:54
16th Colin Curtis WAOC M75 90:00
17th Flora Timney & Maggie Cawina IND W10 96:38
18th June Webb SUFFOC W75 111:15
mp Ruby Campbell CHIG W75 92:26

Light Green


3.98km 10 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Nisbet SMOC M14 36:42
2nd Sylvan Lavallee IND M14 39:31
nc Aidan Minto (2nd run) INDIANNA CROSSROADS M12 39:36
3rd Daisy Partridge SOS W14 40:04
4th Matthew Clarke BARNARDISTON M12 41:10
5th Josh Partridge SOS M14 52:15
6th Ros Sutton & Steve Williams NOR W55 53:51
7th Ben Scott RAFO M16 60:20
Par Time 60:20 - 50% of starters
8th Oliver Hague WAOC M14 68:45
9th Jordan Avery RAFO M16 70:24
10th Jaya Chand WAOC W14 74:24
11th Magaret Moody SUFFOC W45 90:14
12th Louise Chandler IND W45 91:41
mp Chloe Cracknell SOS W12 28:22
mp Daniel Shields RAFO M16 65:59



3.33km 15 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Aidan Minto INDIANNA CROSSROADS M12 26:49
2nd Rebecca Nisbet SMOC W12 43:50
3rd Rachel Camina IND W40 45:39
4th Sam Hague WAOC M12 45:42
5th Chloe Cracknell SOS W12 46:16
6th Ilona Lavallee IND W12 46:16
7th Lucy Carter SUFFOC W35 53:47
8th Emile Zsak WAOC M10 55:21
9th Hester Dewhurst WOAC (KCS) W12 56:07
10th Jamie Carrott RAFO M16 61:25
Par Time 61:25 - 50% of starters
11th Sam Sharp RAFO M14 61:27
12th Matthews Alex IND M12 62:51
13th Jasmine Dubery IND W14 63:42
14th Tracy Matthews +1 IND W40 69:21
15th Chris Harvey IND W70 77:56
16th Megan Bickle IND W21 83:33
17th Alf Timney IND M12 87:11
mp Ben + Greta Holland WAOC M35 64:11
mp Lucy Warland SOS W10 80:29



1.99km 10 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel Hague WAOC M10 14:53
2nd Cerys Wrigley-Moss IND W12 18:57
3rd Alexander Parker IND M12 18:58
4th Hugo Thompson BARNARDISTON M12 19:32
5th James Price NOR M10 24:30
6th Denis Demydchuk + 1 IND M9 25:57
7th Megan Aluzzi RAFO W14 27:36
8th Tilly Salmon BARNARDISTON W12 30:11
9th Izzy Perry BARNARDISTON W12 30:36
10th Sophie Dubery IND W12 32:58
Par Time 32:58 - 50% of starters
11th Lucas Wrigley-Moss IND M14 33:07
12th Family Dawkins IND W35 38:16
13th Rona Brockington WAOC W8 41:57
14th Skye Brockington WAOC W6 41:59
15th Phil Brockington WAOC M5 42:33
16th Rick Barros de Lima RAFO M16 47:57
17th Ruth Sandford RAFO W16 48:25
18th Philip Levi WAOC M65 53:16
mp Ivan Dknydchuk +2 IND M14 24:47
mp Alys Philips BARNARDISTON W12 37:21



1.69km 5 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jack Ecuyer BARNARDISTON M10 13:04
2nd Craig Carter SUFFOC M10 13:08
3rd Chloe Ecuyer + Mia Richardson BARNARDISTON W10 14:19
4th Ben Clarke + George Jobe BARNARDISTON M10 14:34
5th Tom Rowe WAOC M10 15:57
6th Barney Steventon=Barnes IND M10 17:46
7th Daniel Rowe + 1 WAOC M10 17:55
8th Ben Partridge SOS M10 21:40
9th Ryan Carter SUFFOC M10 23:48
10th Alastair Brown BARNARDISTON M10 24:29
11th Zac Steventon - Barnes - + Hannah IND M12 24:29
12th Lewis Burn BARNARDISTON M10 24:45
13th Harry Salmon IND M3 30:28
14th Isaac Rosewell IND M2 31:56
15th Jacob Fisher +1 SMOC M10 33:26
16th Margretta Freeburn +2 NOR W70 35:59
17th Marcus Richardson NOR M2 43:32
Par Time 43:32 - all finishers
mp Hector Symons IND M3