Croxton Heath EA Champs (Thetford Thrash Day 2) Sunday, 1 Feb 2015
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Organiser's Comments

It was good to see so many of you braving the wintry weather to orienteer at Croxton Heath and to hear your appreciation and enjoyment of Mike and Helen Bickle’s thought-provoking courses.
The success of the event was also down to the adaptability and resourcefulness of over 20 WAOC helpers who responded to the many challenges of the day. These included a number of horses on the White Course, ably marshalled by Clare and Hazel.

Many thanks to them all, to the willing CUOC volunteers and to others who offered help on the day. Special thanks are due to Peter Woods for stepping in to handle entries and all things SI.

If people who pre-entered and didn't compete would like a map, please email entries @ waoc . org . uk with name and address and we'll send one in the post.

We were sorry that we couldn’t round off the day with presentations for Saturday’s Icenian Trophy and the East Anglian Championships. In the circumstances, it seemed better for all to get home, warm and dry.

Cath Pennington (WAOC)

EA Trophies
The presentation of EA Champs trophies and EA League mementoes will take place at an EA event soon and the venue advertised on the EAOA website.
Here is a list of The Winners

Download notes:
Results are now considered to be final and have been uploaded to the BO site for ranking points. Please email peterWAOCwoods AT gmail DOT com if you have any queries.

For those who may be interested, here is a brief summary of the panoply of gremlins visited upon the event timing today.
Firstly - having two finishes flumoxxed the download software, which for some reason threw its defaults out of the pram so that early finishers received splits printouts saying dns, dnf. Once we had specified that the Start control was the one called "Start", and similarly for the Finish(es), this was resolved.
Less obvious was why split times did not appear for control 82. We found at a late stage (but before the controls were set out) that we needed to substitute a different SI box for this control. The substitute control correctly recorded that runners had punched it, and results printed out at the event looked OK. The results were put on line whilst controls were being collected in, and we saw that the on line results display objected to not seeing a split time for control 82. This is nothing to do with the substitution itslf, just that we unluckily chose a non ideal substitute box. The split times for control 82 are not easily available, and so we have manually generated split times for control 82 that are mid-way between the punch times for preceding and following controls.



10.61km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Hodkinson SUFFOC M21 67:59
2nd Ben Stevens AIRE M21 68:49
3rd Sebastian Pugh SOS M21 73:38
4th Richard Crabb RAFO M21 77:15
5th Carrie Beadle CUOC W21 79:17
6th Jonathan Pye WAOC M21 83:22
7th James Redding SOS M21 84:33
8th Daniel Cowley NOR M21 93:30
9th Joe Hobbs CUOC M21 99:09
Par Time 101:59 - winner's time + 50%
10th John Clarke SUFFOC M45 108:33



9.41km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 72:36
2nd Peter Jones SN M55 74:03
3rd Paul Fox SN M50 77:32
4th Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 77:52
5th Duncan Harrison SOS M40 78:05
6th Stephen Borrill WAOC M40 81:06
7th Brian Cowe WAOC M35 81:54
8th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M40 83:06
9th John Marshall WAOC M40 83:29
10th Rory Burford CUOC M21 88:16
11th Jason Dunning WAOC M40 92:25
Par Time 108:54 - winner's time + 50%

Short Brown


8.09km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dil Wetherill WAOC M50 53:53
2nd Kirsten Strain AROS W21 55:28
3rd John Ward NOR M45 57:34
4th Sam Nicholls NOR M18 62:00
5th Paul Beckett HAVOC M50 62:24
6th Euan Tebbutt LEI M18 64:23
7th Peter Warland SOS M50 65:09
8th Roderick Mansel SUFFOC M18 65:31
9th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M50 66:07
10th Paul Price NOR M50 67:02
11th Will Harrison SUFFOC M50 67:43
12th Andrew Stemp WAOC M18 69:36
13th Daniel Figg HH M18 70:07
14th Phil Conway GO M50 71:14
15th Graham Louth WAOC M50 71:25
16th Alan Spidy NOR M50 72:01
17th Nina Tant SOS W21 72:21
18th Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W21 74:23
19th Robin Bourne WAOC M50 74:23
20th Iain Stemp WAOC M50 78:33
Par Time 80:50 - winner's time + 50%
21st Helen Pruzina CUOC W20 82:02
22nd Colin Swallow SN M55 89:02
23rd Gopal Chand WAOC M45 110:10
24th Alison Crabb RAFO W21 112:49
mp Ollie Smith SOS M18 113:03



6.43km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tim Harrison SUFFOC M16 46:57
2nd James Nisbet SMOC M16 48:28
3rd Josh Partridge SOS M16 51:18
4th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 52:19
5th Alan Honey BOK M55 52:25
6th Neil Humphries WAOC M55 52:30
7th Alun Roberts WAOC M55 53:49
8th Guro Harstad WAOC W40 56:11
9th Clive Tant SOS M60 56:21
10th Kath Broatch ERYRI W50 57:37
11th Tim Mulcahy WAOC M60 59:59
12th Jon Coles MV M45 61:10
13th David Dorling DFOK M40 61:35
14th Rebekah Beadle LOC W50 61:46
15th Nicholas Pugh SOS M60 62:46
16th Mike Capper WAOC M60 62:58
17th David Saunders HH M55 64:02
18th Keith Downing SMOC M60 64:07
19th Peter Duthie WAOC M55 64:24
20th Michael Chopping RAFO M55 65:35
21st David Cronk WAOC M55 65:57
22nd Stephanie Moss SLOW W40 65:58
23rd Ian Shephard NOR M60 66:02
24th Edwin Banks SOS M60 66:13
25th John Hurley DVO M60 67:20
26th Peter Waldron NOR M55 68:26
27th Owen Warnock NOR M55 69:47
Par Time 70:26 - winner's time + 50%
28th Philip Brown NOR M60 71:01
29th Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M50 72:50
30th Bill Morgan NOR M65 76:58
31st Samantha Franks SUFFOC W21 77:10
32nd Peter Woods WAOC M55 83:49
33rd Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 84:20
34th Ian Smith WAOC M55 86:04
35th Leanne Bailey NOR W35 133:40

Short Blue


5.37km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ella Gilbert NOR W18 40:19
2nd Martin Hore SUFFOC M65 44:52
3rd Tim Pribul CHIG M65 47:00
4th Mick Smith HH M65 48:54
5th Rachel Pocock WAOC W45 49:23
6th Mike Hampton OD M65 49:55
7th Jim Prowting TVOC M65 50:15
8th Louise Walker SUFFOC W50 50:35
9th Martin Wilson BKO M65 53:31
10th Mick Liston NOR M65 53:42
11th Robert Brandon OD M65 53:53
12th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M65 54:53
13th Simon Greenwood SAX M60 56:22
14th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 56:32
15th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 57:02
16th Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 57:16
17th Derry Kelleher NOR M65 57:47
18th Chris Childs SOS M65 60:12
Par Time 60:29 - winner's time + 50%
19th Keith Marsden HH M70 62:29
20th Dawn Figg HH W45 62:48
21st Helen Hague WAOC W45 64:09
22nd Helen Nisbet SMOC W50 65:40
23rd Nicky Nicholls NOR W50 65:41
24th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W18 70:38
25th Colin Butler SUFFOC M65 72:56
26th Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W50 73:25
27th Judith Wetherill WAOC W50 73:59
28th Caroline Louth WAOC W50 81:39
29th Les Jarrald NOR M65 84:52
mp Laurie Rudling NOR M65 76:50
mp The dibber with no name NOR 95:51



4.35km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daisy Partridge SOS W16 34:32
2nd Ethan Tebbutt LEI M14 36:32
3rd Adam Conway GO M12 40:51
4th John Ward OD M70 47:36
5th Joseph Powers SOS M18 48:30
6th Iain Tebbutt LEI M45 48:31
7th Kim Eden NOR W55 49:00
8th Ray Curtis CHIG M60 49:32
9th Karen Ezard SOS W55 50:59
10th Bill Butcher NOR M65 51:34
11th Helen Lloyd NOR W55 51:47
12th John Middler OD M60 52:27
13th John Collyer SOS M70 52:50
14th Jane Archer SN W60 54:04
15th Peter Gay SUFFOC M70 54:30
16th Laura Smith SOS W16 56:44
17th David Skinner SOS M65 57:09
18th Peter Lomas MDOC M75 58:34
19th John Rushmer NOR M65 59:55
20th Gill Sharp SN W55 60:52
Par Time 60:52 - 50% of starters
21st Sue Woods WAOC W55 61:01
22nd Lin Callard NGOC M80 62:39
23rd Barbara Tebbutt LEI W45 64:06
24th Emma Morum SOS W21 64:51
25th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 67:33
26th Rachel Thomas SMOC W60 67:56
27th Barbara Fothergill HAVOC W60 68:06
28th Ian Wilson SAX M65 68:39
29th Noreen Ives WAOC W60 69:12
30th Alison Saunders HH W55 71:19
31st Laura Webb IND W40 71:23
32nd Robert Dove SMOC M70 73:56
33rd Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 76:28
34th Jaya Chand WAOC W16 76:41
35th Oliver Hague WAOC M16 76:54
36th Stevie Harrison IND W40 79:17
37th Janet Biggs HAVOC W60 81:19
38th Julia Paul NOR W60 99:28
mp Janet Cronk WAOC W55 56:34
mp Wesley Musall SUFFOC M65 85:11

Short Green


3.32km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
nc Oliver Chidwick (2nd run) IND M18 37:14
1st Nigel Low WAOC M45 39:05
2nd Theo Passmore IND M18 40:45
3rd Mark Fowler NOR M45 41:49
4th Jenny Collyer SOS W70 46:42
5th Sheralee Bailey DFOK W45 47:21
6th John Harvey NOR M75 50:05
7th Keiko Conway GO W50 58:51
8th Mike Dudley WAOC M80 59:24
9th Sarah Boffey WAOC W21 61:49
Par Time 61:49 - 50% of starters
10th Don Nisbet SMOC M50 62:28
11th Sharon Warland SOS W50 65:12
12th Rae Lomas MDOC W70 66:41
13th Susan Marsden HH W70 69:40
14th Chris Gay SUFFOC W65 71:45
15th Alison Curtis CHIG W55 79:42
16th Colin Curtis WAOC M80 82:53
17th Jack Isbester SOS M80 83:54
18th Annie Northfield SOS W18 86:06

Very Short Green


3km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Seonaid Dudley WAOC W75 54:35
2nd Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 66:26
Par Time 81:53 - winner's time + 50%
3rd Colin Nicholson SMOC M70 88:27
4th Sue Vine NOR W75 96:58

Light Green


3.73km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Clarke SUFFOC M14 25:10
2nd Sam Hague WAOC M14 34:40
3rd Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 35:38
4th Oliver Chidwick IND M18 35:59
5th Theo Passmore IND M18 35:59
6th Rebecca Nisbet SMOC W14 36:53
7th Anthony Cole SOS M16 37:04
8th Steven Denby NOR M14 40:03
9th Chloë Cracknell SOS W14 44:44
Par Time 44:44 - 50% of starters
10th Abi Duncan SOS W16 46:04
11th Edward Low WAOC M14 47:55
12th Joy James IND W45 48:34
13th Katja Ruda NOR W14 63:05
14th Gaye Callard NGOC W75 66:29
15th Alison Cowe WAOC W40 70:25
16th Terry Hunter SUFFOC M60 79:16
17th Caitlin Dunning WAOC W12 94:42



2.9km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alex Wetherill WAOC M12 22:57
2nd Monty Platt NOR M12 27:55
3rd James Price NOR M12 29:09
4th Jonathan Denby NOR M45 32:29
5th Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 33:16
6th Louise Denby NOR W45 35:44
Par Time 35:44 - 50% of starters
7th Daniel Hague WAOC M12 41:03
8th Thomas Woodward WAOC M14 44:06
9th Eleanor Fountain 1 W21 45:00
10th Catherine Woodward WAOC W45 51:31
11th Lucy Warland SOS W12 52:55



2.71km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Emile Zsák WAOC M12 18:48
2nd Gilbert Family IND 28:28
3rd Eleanor Low WAOC W12 29:28
4th Edward Northfield SOS M14 30:03
Par Time 30:03 - 50% of starters
5th Ben Partridge SOS M10 34:20
6th Lauren Alcroft IND W10 43:14
7th Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M10 53:20
mp Leisha Hunt SOS W14 27:00



1.66km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Low WAOC M10 23:20
2nd Kajsa Harstad WAOC W7 28:53
Par Time 28:53 - all finishers