Mildenhall North EA League Event Sunday, 6 Nov 2016
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Organiser's Comments

We hope you enjoyed your runs today - we were very pleased to see such a good turnout, helped no doubt by the glorious early morning sunshine.

Lost property:
1 glove (RH, L size, black with green/red/yellow trim)
1 hat (beanie type, with peak)
SLOW cookbook (as in not fast food, rather than published by South London OC)
To reclaim please contact the organiser via

A word to the wise: If you encounter a lost motorist on your course, driving along a forest path/track, who stops and asks you the best way to rejoin the main road, please do not confidently direct him to drive through the start grid (literally) to reach a locked gate for which none of us has a key. Apparently, more than one of you did offer such advice today. Fortunately the motorist concerned was able to turn round and retrace his route and continue his journey without (i hope) disrupting the event to any noticeable extent.

Results have been submitted to the BO website for ranking points. Please advise of any missing BO numbers etc (email as above for lost property).
Peter Woods (WAOC)

Planner's Comments

Thank you for coming along to Mildenhall on Sunday. As a planner, it is always rewarding to see such a good turnout. It’s also rewarding to have estimated the map numbers correctly. The status of the event kept increasing; firstly it was just a regular event, then an EA league event, then the SUFFOC Club Championships and then the regional RAFO ATC championship. As its stature grew, so did our doubts about the quality of the area. As soon as we parked up on our first site visit, it was clear from the wide-open areas to the south that there had been significant forestry work and that a lot of remapping would be required throughout the whole area. The bracken and nettles grew with a vengeance over the summer and never really died away. Having to wade through hundreds of metres of shoulder-high bracken would be both unpleasant and unfair on the earlier runners. This led to late adjustments to all the courses except White which may have reduced the technical difficulty somewhat if you’d stuck to the paths. However, RouteGadget shows you were a hardy bunch, gamely fighting undergrowth, so hopefully you enjoyed your runs. A lot of forest blocks in Mildenhall are much less runnable than other East Anglian woodland and the ones that are runnable have no useful features for control sites. We acknowledge the Finish was not ideally-placed nor was the approach to it obvious enough; there was less justification for its location after courses were modified late on and we had nagging doubts about it even when laying out controls. We would both like to thank Paul for his good-natured controlling that raised our spirits when we were particularly depressed about depressions and in the pits about pits. We’d also like to thank the ATC people who helped collect in controls in the rain.

We stubbornly tried to stick with our original plan to have the start and finish south of the access road to break with last couple of events at Mildenhall. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that while there were some lovely paths and the White and Yellow courses would be good, all other courses would need to cross the road. Because of the way parking works, we discounted this for safety reasons. In the end only the Blue and Brown courses went over there; we hope competitors on the other courses don’t feel cheated about missing out on what was the most runnable part of the woods.

Stephen Borrill (WAOC) and Jason Dunning (WAOC)



8.6km 45 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Paul Pruzina CUOC M20 52:41
2nd Edward Dickins BAOC M21 55:38
3rd James Haynes WAOC M21 59:59
4th Glen Richardson NOR M35 63:41
5th Brian Cowe WAOC M40 70:45
6th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 71:49
7th Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 72:47
8th Gjermund Vingerhagen WAOC M35 72:52
9th Ric Brackenbury SMOC M21 74:33
10th Oliver Tomlinson SMOC M21 75:04
11th Pieter De Koning WAOC M45 75:14
12th Ella Gilbert NOR W18 76:06
Par Time 79:02 - winner's time + 50%
13th Katerina Skarkova NOR W18 79:29
14th Daniel Cowley NOR M35 79:51
15th Chris Hawkins HAVOC M50 84:28
16th Diane Mitson POTOC W40 84:41
17th Bert Park IND M50 86:03
18th Nina Tant SOS W21 86:22
19th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 98:35
20th Michael Brooke IND M65 104:16
21st Helen Lloyd NOR W55 111:06
22nd Mark Glover SMOC M35 111:18
mp Goff Hill IND M70 88:24



6.9km 45 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Robert Campbell WAOC M50 46:27
2nd Tim Harrison SUFFOC M18 48:52
3rd Duncan Harrison SOS M45 53:05
4th Andrew Henderson WAOC M50 54:01
5th Matthew Clarke SUFFOC M16 55:12
6th John-Henry Love SOS M18 56:47
7th Will Harrison SUFFOC M55 57:06
8th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 58:56
9th Paul Price NOR M50 59:00
10th Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W35 60:49
11th Ruth Vingerhagen WAOC W21 62:44
12th David Cronk WAOC M55 64:16
13th Gareth Radcliffe IND M21 64:18
14th Alan Spidy NOR M50 65:51
15th John Clarke SUFFOC M45 65:51
16th Nigel Low WAOC M45 65:56
17th Andy Gayford NOR M21 66:41
18th Philip Halford SUFFOC M60 66:50
19th Ian Shephard NOR M60 67:39
20th Jacob Sharpe HH M40 68:00
21st Peter Duthie WAOC M55 68:07
22nd Michael Bickle WAOC M65 68:34
23rd Ben Holland WAOC M35 70:58
Par Time 70:58 - 50% of starters
24th Edwin Banks SOS M60 71:34
25th James Kendall CUOC M20 71:58
26th Chris Edwards NOR M50 72:07
27th Isoldt Harris HALO W55 72:26
28th Robert McNab RAFO M50 72:48
29th Mike Bennett HH M60 73:56
30th Adam Leaf HH M50 76:15
31st Alice Hodkinson WAOC W45 78:50
32nd David Riches CLOK M50 80:09
33rd Tom Bartram NOR M16 80:15
34th Freya Askham SMOC W40 81:27
35th Simon Hooton SUFFOC M60 82:50
36th Rinat Akhmetov M21 82:59
37th Rakesh Chandraker WAOC M50 83:35
38th Kevin Smith NOR M60 84:30
39th David Humphrey WAOC M50 86:52
40th Adrian Moseley RAFO M45 86:59
41st Ann Mills SOS W40 87:16
42nd Helen Bickle WAOC W21 88:03
43rd Katherine Bartram NOR W40 88:17
44th Andrew Vanbeck SMOC M50 89:51
45th Simon Brockington WAOC M45 97:17
46th Leanne Bailey NOR W35 158:21



5km 30 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
nc Paul Pruzina CUOC M20 27:30
1st Daisy Partridge Hedingham W16 38:57
2nd Peter Warland SOS M50 40:24
3rd Martin Hore SUFFOC M65 47:24
4th Chloë Cracknell SUFFOC W16 47:26
5th Janet Cronk WAOC W55 47:35
6th Louise Walker SUFFOC W50 48:22
7th Kirill Tretiakov START M21 49:39
8th Stephen Nobbs NOR M60 50:05
9th Kim Eden NOR W55 51:08
10th Bob Hill RAFO M60 51:25
11th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 52:19
12th Camilla Darwin WAOC W45 52:27
13th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 52:39
14th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M70 52:45
15th David Vinsen NOR M50 53:49
16th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W18 54:26
17th Ian Smith WAOC M60 55:51
18th George Normand LEI M70 56:57
19th Miranda Leaf CUOC W21 56:59
20th Jonathan Houseago SUFFOC M55 57:33
21st Laurie Rudling NOR M65 57:57
22nd Aleksey Matykhin START M21 58:25
23rd Ollie Smith Hedingham M18 58:52
24th Jennifer Liston RAFO W40 59:43
25th Sue Woods WAOC W55 59:43
26th Tim Eden NOR M60 60:19
27th Laura Smith Hedingham W18 60:28
28th Susan Waller-Toyne SOS W50 60:37
29th Sam Parkinson SUFFOC M18 61:25
30th Archie Read SUFFOC M18 61:28
31st Max Harrold SUFFOC M18 61:34
Par Time 61:34 - 50% of starters
32nd Peter Gay SUFFOC M70 61:37
33rd Sam Gilder SUFFOC M18 61:44
34th Jamie Austin NOR M35 63:12
35th Peter Cheetham HH M55 63:29
36th Colin Jackson HAVOC M55 64:02
37th Helen Nisbet SMOC W55 64:41
38th Charlotte Cheetham HH W55 64:42
39th Josh Partridge HEDINGHAM M18 65:11
40th Mark Benfold IND M45 67:54
41st Lindsey Malone CUOC W21 70:55
42nd Philip Gager SROC M70 72:54
43rd Shona Fairchild NOR W60 72:59
44th Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 73:07
45th Noreen Ives WAOC W60 73:38
46th Janet Biggs HAVOC W60 74:32
47th John Ward OD M70 75:39
48th Bill Butcher NOR M65 76:25
49th Ceri Renouf SOS W40 78:15
50th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 78:46
51st Jeffrey Baker LOG M65 78:52
52nd Sandra Fulcher NOR W65 79:31
53rd Rachel Thomas SMOC W60 81:11
54th Barbara Beckett HAVOC W60 82:15
55th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 83:11
56th John Rushmer NOR M65 84:35
57th Robin Campbell CHIG M75 87:10
58th Dean Blackburn NOR M45 92:21
59th Bernice Benfold IND W45 101:39
60th Paul Garton NOR M65 124:38
mp Pauline Smith NOR W55 84:51

Short Green


3.5km 30 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Martin Walker SOS M40 48:35
2nd Sue Hooton SUFFOC W50 57:28
3rd Alison Cowe WAOC W40 57:42
4th John Harvey NOR M75 61:13
5th John Webb SUFFOC M80 62:29
6th Chris Morley WAOC M75 65:05
7th Barbara George NOR W80 65:51
8th John Mills SOS M40 65:58
9th John Harris WAOC M70 66:22
10th Michael Dudley WAOC M80 66:42
11th Chris Gay SUFFOC W65 68:46
12th Jacky Pett NOR W60 72:35
13th Sharon Warland SOS W50 75:20
Par Time 75:20 - 50% of starters
14th Alan Bedder NOR M70 78:16
15th Seonaid Dudley WAOC W75 80:02
16th Peter Leverington NOR M80 87:22
17th Patricia Bedder NOR W70 92:48
18th Margaret Moody SUFFOC W50 95:08
19th Patrick Thouroude WAOC M50 95:19
20th Ruby Campbell CHIG W75 98:24
21st Alan Coddington NOR M80 103:48
22nd Sue Vine NOR W75 131:13
23rd Colin Curtis WAOC M80 136:42
mp Pat Martin NOR M70 69:40
mp June Webb SUFFOC W80 147:23

Light Green


3.9km 35 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
nc Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 42:17
1st Jeremy Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M45 44:30
2nd Emile Zsak WAOC M14 45:07
3rd Oliver Liston RAFO M16 49:49
4th Lucy Edwards SOS W16 51:01
5th Tom Martin Hedingham M12 54:10
6th Abi Duncan Hedingham W16 55:02
7th Martin Brown IND M45 58:47
8th Victoria Love Hedingham W16 58:49
9th Edward Low WAOC M14 59:35
10th Daniel Donovan Hart RAFO M21 60:39
11th Lucy Warland SOS W14 61:10
12th Rachael Donovan Hart IND W21 61:39
Par Time 66:45 - winner's time + 50%
13th Diane Williamson IND W50 67:16
14th David Carter IND M60 67:21
15th Peter Lund WAOC M55 69:02
16th Vanessa Ward IND W35 70:18
17th Anne Northfield HEDINGHAM W18 88:56
18th Tony Tuite IND M45 122:56
mp James Price NOR M14 53:07



3.1km 25 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
nc Helena Wace 2nd run IND W21 23:32
1st William Chew RAFO 1406 M16 24:42
2nd FS Ian Mansion RAFO 22 (Sandy) M18 25:34
3rd FS Peter Hessey RAFO 22 (Sandy) M18 25:56
4th Barney Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M12 27:45
5th William Bartram NOR M12 29:45
6th Maisie Waller-Toyne SOS W14 29:52
7th Ben Clarke Barnardiston M12 30:28
8th Oliver Prince StAndrews M10 30:45
9th Flt Lt Kirsty Burnham RAFO 1220 (March) W18 32:37
10th Stevie Harrison W40 33:35
11th FS Cameron Duff RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M18 34:49
nc Theo Steventon Barnes 2nd run SUFFOC M10 36:07
12th Jack Dunning WAOC M12 36:23
13th FS Harry Wareham-Kirk RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M18 36:38
14th Caitlin Dunning WAOC W14 36:43
15th FS Katie Mowatt RAFO 1220 (March) W18 37:00
16th Cpl Rory McGowan RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M18 37:47
17th Sgt William Sharp RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M18 38:28
18th Alison Cracknell SUFFOC W50 41:05
19th Sgt Ewan MacRae RAFO 1220 (March) M18 42:37
Par Time 42:37 - 50% of starters
20th FS James Cutting RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M18 43:05
21st Emily Williamson IND W25 43:21
22nd Cpl Kay Walker RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) W18 43:32
23rd Lucy Walker SOS W14 45:05
24th Rosie MacDonald 46:18
25th Hugh Shacklton + 1 IND M12 47:28
26th Sgt Chris Beevor RAFO 511 (Ramsey) M18 48:40
27th Cdt Daniel Jennings RAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL) M18 49:02
28th Beth Lucas Ramsay Academy W14 49:13
29th Anne Gager SROC W55 49:48
30th Tara McNab IND W21 49:48
31st Manda McNab RAFO W50 50:42
32nd Hannah Peters Ramsay Academy W14 52:03
33rd Cdt Amie Redrup RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) W18 53:29
34th Erica Fox WAOC W14 54:38
35th Philip Bartram NOR M40 55:38
36th Jemima Borrill WAOC W12 61:33
37th Poppy Liston ( & Richard) IND W10 63:58
38th Lindsey Rae IND W45 116:05
mp,nc Amy Skeet 2nd run SOS W12 48:51



2.7km 10 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st William Hicks Barnardiston M14 16:54
2nd Helena Wace IND W21 18:56
3rd Archie Tweed Barnardiston M14 19:58
4th Jamie Hartnup StAndrews M10 20:08
5th Cdt Charlie Taylor RAFO 134 (Bedford) M16 21:01
6th Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M10 21:20
7th Thomas Hunns RAF1406 M16 22:00
8th Cdt Sam Harrison RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 22:13
9th Ben Partridge StAndrews M12 23:04
10th Cdt Joe Bryan RAFO 22 (Sandy) M16 24:44
11th Cpl Callum Hitchings RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M16 25:14
12th Cdt Michael Burgess RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 25:42
13th Cdt Elliot Bierton RAFO 1985 (FLITWICK) M16 26:08
14th Cpl Holly Bicknell RAFO 511 (Ramsey) W16 26:35
15th Alastair Brown Barnardiston M10 26:49
16th Cdt Gill RAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL) M16 27:11
17th Cdt Blaine McCaig RAFO 511 (Ramsey) M16 28:46
18th Hebe Darwin WAOC W10 28:46
19th Cdt Joseph Gair RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M16 29:05
20th Cdt James Duxbury RAFO 134 (Bedford) M16 29:42
21st Daniel Nash RAFO73 M14 29:56
22nd Cdt Ben Smith RAFO 134 (BEDFORD) M16 31:04
23rd Matthew Thompson RAFO 73 M14 31:10
24th Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W12 33:16
nc Thomas Walker + 1 SOS M10 33:57
25th Cdt Ewan Jackson RAFO 22 (Sandy) M16 36:10
Par Time 36:10 - 50% of starters
26th Izzy Peters Ramsay Academy W12 36:45
27th Cdt Hayley Bidgood RAFO 2331 (ST IVES) W16 38:14
28th Dominic Brown Barnardiston M14 40:22
29th Cdt Samuel Lee RAFO 511 (Ramsey) M16 41:16
30th Matthew Arnold RAFO 73 M16 42:39
31st Edward Hicks and Max Egan Barnardiston M12 43:11
32nd Amy Skeet Ramsay Academy W12 43:49
33rd Cdt Dean Walker RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 46:38
34th Cdt Rhys Jones RAFO 22 (Sandy) M16 47:44
35th Cdt Isabel Mealing RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) W16 47:47
36th Ethan Pearson RAF1406 M16 48:33
nc Amelie Patterson STANDRE W10 50:12
37th Cdt Dylan Knight RAFO 2331 (St Ives) M16 51:39
38th Cdt Jamie Gardner RAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL) M16 54:31
39th Sofie Lawrence RAFO 1451 (HAVERHILL) W16 57:37
40th Cdt Megan Asher RAFO 511 (Ramsey) W16 59:51
nc Jessica Thomas and Katy-May Blower RAMSEY W12 60:00
41st James Arnold RAFO73 M16 60:36
42nd Josh Bones LOG M10 64:57
43rd Cdt Sky Brooks RAFO 1220 (March) W16 65:18
44th Cdt Cloe Cowell RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) W16 71:16
45th Cdt Blaire Duff RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) W16 75:47
46th Cdt Marion Goddard RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) W16 85:36
47th Cdt Shea Kennedy RAFO 511 (Ramsey) M16 92:16
mp Cdt Josephine Williams RAFO 511 (RAMSEY) W16 52:53
mp Alfie Coupland RAF1406 M16 72:47



1.5km m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Thomas Walker SOS M10 8:35
2nd Alice Hopewell-Plant Barnardiston W10 9:55
3rd Benjamin Martin SOS M10 11:04
4th Abigail Prince StAndrews W8 11:22
5th Alexander Darwin WAOC M10 12:07
6th Jessica Thomas Ramsay Academy W12 12:08
7th Amelie Patteson StAndrews W10 12:28
8th Katie-May Blower Ramsay Academy W12 12:49
9th Corbyn Hamilton-Miller StAndrews M8 13:40
10th Lottie Plant Barnardiston W10 20:51
11th Harriet Millward IND W40 21:51
12th Isaac& Emma Rosewell IND M5 26:42
13th Simon Vingerhagen WAOC M4 31:46
14th Elysia Cowe WAOC W3 36:37
15th Hugo and Edward Ward IND M2 44:53
Par Time 44:53 - all finishers