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Colour Coded BadgesAwards for progress in Orienteering

Why not try to collect the set?

Why not try to collect the set?

Last Updated: Fri 19 Jan 2018

Colour coded badges are intended to give Orienteers of all ages a target to aim for. This article explains more about the scheme and how to earn a badge.

You’ve probably heard of colour coded badges, but have you got one ?

Colour coded badges are intended to give Orienteers of all ages a target to aim for during the annual cycle.

To qualify for a colour coded badge you need to complete three events at that colour level within the ‘colour standard’ time within a 12 month period. The ‘colour standard’ times are usually shown in the event results. They are calculated as either the winner’s time plus 50% or the time which includes 50% of the competitors who finished. The time that embraces most people is the one used. For White courses, all competitors who successfully complete the course unaided are eligible, irrespective of time taken.

So why not set yourself the target of getting the colour coded badge for your preferred course?

For juniors the colour badge scheme is a great way to chart your progress through the range of colour coded courses. If you’re making great progress you can collect more than one badge in a year, but don’t be put off if it takes a few years to master a given course, it will make the final success more satisfying.

Adults can use it as a way of confirming that they are still as competitive as they would like to be as the years pass by.

To claim you colour coded badge simply sent me, Ian Smith, an email to telling me which three events you’ve done and I’ll send you your badge, no charge, no fuss, but you have to sew it on yourself!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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