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West Anglian Orienteering Club

East Anglian Urban League 2023 - Our class winners

Last Updated: Tue 2 Apr 2024

The class winners from the 2023 East Anglian Urban League were rewarded with medals, at a brief ceremony at the Kings Forest event on 18th February.
A pleasingly large number of WAOC club members were recipients.

Congratulations to all the WAOC class winners:

MYJEric Biernacki-JablonskiWYJAlys Powell
MJChun Yan Alistair Fu
WJHebe Darwin
WOJenny CarlssonWVEmma Jarrett
MSVDil WetherillWSVSue Hartley
MHVChris Morley

Full results of the 2023 league, along with details of the 2024 league, are available via the EAOA website, here.

The first EA urban league event will be the Thetford Urban on 30th April.

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