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West Anglian Orienteering Club

MapRunSolo Orienteering using a Smartphone

Last Updated: Fri 18 Jun 2021

MapRun is a fantastic way to enjoy orienteering in your own time which has increased in popularity in the absence of organised events. To take part you just need to print a course map and download a free app onto your smartphone. It’s perfect for social distancing and great fun!

For MapRun orienteering you follow the map you’ve printed. There aren’t actual orienteering controls on the ground, but your smartphone app will use GPS to track that you have visited each checkpoint – your phone beeps to let you know when you’ve reached a control. You can see your result once you have finished, and compare your time with others.

You can find lots of different MapRun courses using the MapRun6 app (select ‘UK’, then ‘West Anglia’). To download and print out a map in advance, visit which also shows you the different courses available and full details about the start location and parking. You can see courses from other orienteering clubs as well using the drop down menu.

Here’s an easy step by step guide on how to try MapRun orienteering:

  1. Download the free MapRun6 to your smart mobile phone, open up the app and click on Name to enter your details, including the Club ‘WAOC’. Be careful to avoid spaces at the end of each line
  2. Visit here in advance to find the right course, download and print the map to take with you. Take a note of the start location on the same information page
  3. When you want to head out, make sure your phone has a good amount of charge
  4. When you arrive, open the app, click ‘Events near me’ and select the course you want to do
  5. When you’re ready to run, click ‘Go to start’. Wait for the GPS indicator at the bottom of the screen to go green and then head towards the start location. When you get to the start location, your phone will buzz and the clock will start running, so off you go!
  6. As you reach each control, your phone will buzz to tell you you’ve got there. It will also do so at the finish and automatically upload your results

Owners of Garmin GPS watches can use an app called MapRunG on their watches instead of having to carry a phone while running. MapRun6 on your phone will upload your chosen course onto your watch and then retrieve your results and upload them afterwards. For full details, see the MapRunG website.