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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Armchair Course Planning Challenge

Last Updated: Fri 5 Feb 2021

Whilst we await a return to the forest, I thought it would be fun to have an armchair course planning competition for club members. This will also give those who attended the Zoom Introduction to Planning a chance to have a go at planning.

The details of the competition are as follows.

All course to be planned on the High Ash Map, which is available by emailing Helen Bickle at Helen will also give you a entry number to put on the map.

Juniors are to plan a Yellow course.

Seniors are to plan Orange and Blue courses.

Competitors must plan to the British Orienteering guidelines. There are no constraints on where you place the start and finish, and you may use all parts of the map. Entries will be judged on their adherence to the guidelines (e.g. distance, technical difficulty, safety, and correct use of control descriptions), presentation (e.g. accurate positioning of control circles and ensuring that important detail is not obscured), and providing interest to the competitor!

There is plenty advice on the British Orienteering website at - you will need to scroll down to the planning section.

You can use the course planning software of your choice, but Purple Pen software can be downloaded for free from

Entries should be submitted as a PDF of the map.

There will be two categories for the seniors: one for those who have never planned before, and one for more experienced planners. Entrants should declare what category they are in when submitting their entry.

Entries should be sent to Helen Bickle at who will then forward them to the judges without the name of who has submitted them.

The judges are Bob Hill, Mike Capper and Graham Louth, and will provide feedback on all entries.

Entries close at midnight on 14 March 2021

Please, whatever you do, DO NOT visit the area due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Actual conditions on the ground will not be taken into account when judging the courses.

Happy Planning, Bob Hill

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