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WAGAL scoreboard updated Bury Urban and CompassSport Trophy FinalScores now include results from two October events

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  • WAGAL scoreboard updated Bury Urban and CompassSport Trophy Final
Last Updated: Thu 31 Oct 2019

The Wagal Scoreboard for 2019 has been updated with points awarded for performance in the Bury St Edmunds Urban race held on 6th October, and also the CompassSport Trophy Final held at Pippingford Park on 21st October.

We did not imagine, when setting up the WAGAL league at the beginning of the year, that we could count on being in the CompassSport final. But it seems appropriate, especially given the excellent turnout and excellent result(!), this has should also count as a WAGAL event.

This replaces the Ferry Meadows event which was much lower key and which had too few members running for us to generate meaningful scores.

The final WAGAL event for 2019 is Maulden Woods on 17th November. There have been five WAGAL events so far this year. Your Best 4 scores count out of a total of 6 events this year.

What's WAGAL? Find out here.