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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Autumn in Anglia - Day 2NewmarketSun 08 October, 2023

Near: Newmarket
Level of event: Regional
Type of event: Race, Urban


Pre Event Info

Location Info

  • Postcode: CB8 0EA *
  • Lat,Lng:
  • Grid Ref:

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Latest News

29th September: Final Details now available in PDF format.

21st September: DOBBIN ALERT!

On the day of the event there may be horse riders out in the area covered by our courses. All competitors should be aware they must give way to horses if they come across any riding activity.

6 September: Advance entry is now open using Racesignup. A discount is available via Racesignup if you pre-enter both days, and 50% discount to club members offering to help on the day.


We welcome you to Day 2 of our two-day event Autumn in Anglia 2023 - held jointly with our friends at SUFFOC. For those of you in the EAOA region, this event also forms part of the EA Urban League, and for WAOC members this is part of the club league competition WAGAL.

This is a chance to experience a brand new location for Urban orienteering, Newmarket, with an event featuring 6 courses from 9.1 km to 3.5 km.

Regrettably due to the nature of the area it is not possible to create a suitable course for children aged under 12 (M/W 12-). Juniors over 12 and under 16 years of age may enter the M/W16- course [course 6].

Information on Day 1 at Kings Forest, West Stow can be found on the SUFFOC website.

Directions / Parking

Assembly and parking at: Newmarket Leisure Centre, Exning Road, Newmarket

Postcode: CB8 0EA 

What3words: /// stapled.stitch.steam 

The leisure centre is a 15 min walk from Newmarket bus station.

Driving Directions

Parking will be in the Leisure centre car park.

If travelling Eastbound on A14, leave at Junction 37 and turn left in direction of Fordham/Exning. Take next left signposted Exning, down Windmill Hill, and turn left at junction by The White Horse pub, then travel along B1103 to Newmarket for about 1.5 miles and the leisure centre will be on your right just before Aldi.

If travelling Westbound on A14, leave at Junction 37 and turn left in direction of Newmarket A142. After about 2 miles take next right at traffic lights just before Premier Inn into Fred Archer Way B1103. Continue onto Mill Hill/B1103 for about 0.5 mile and the leisure centre will be on your left just after Aldi.

Course Information

Course details to be confirmed, but due to the nature of urban orienteering, those aged under 16 on the day of the event can only enter course 6 and much to our regret there is no course available for those under 12.

In line with British Orienteering policy, we cannot accept entries for courses 1 to 5 from juniors younger than age 16 on the day of the event as these courses involve an unmarshalled crossing of a road with fast moving traffic. Otherwise, anyone may enter any course, but most entrants are expected to enter the course corresponding to their age class, as indicated in the table below. In order to be competitive in the EAUL league you must enter the correct course for your class.

Electronic punching will be used.  All numbered controls will operate in beacon mode to enable non-contact punching with SIAC dibbers.  Conventional (contact) and non-contact (SIAC) “Dibbers” will be available to hire.

SI card capacity on courses 1 and 2

Courses 1 and 2 have over 30 controls. This will be a problem for those with series 8 dibbers, which have insufficient capacity to record that many punches. Series 5 dibbers are alright as they can save 36 timed punches in total although if you use a dibber of this type you won't get splits for controls 31 onwards, and there is limited capacity for unintended additional punches - you should make sure you check your control number before punching so as to avoid running out of capacity.

If you are hiring a dibber for these courses, we will provide you with a suitable dibber. If you don't usually hire but are affected by this, then please contact the organiser who will provide a free replacement dibber for the event. 

If you are not sure what type of dibber you own, you can find out from the dibber number, using this chart.

Course Length*(km) Controls Male classes Female classes
1 9.1 34 M Open -
2 7 32 Mens Veteran MV (40+) Womens Open
3 5.8 26 M Supervet MSV (55+) Womens Veteran WV (40+)
4 4 20 M Ultravet MUV (65+) W Supervet WSV (55+)
5 3.5 15 M Hypervet (M75+) W Ultravet WUV (65+);  W Hypervet (W75+)
6 4.2 17 M Junior MJ 16- W Junior WJ 16-

Note on course lengths: Distances in the table above are straightline distances, with competitors likely to run around 25% further on an optimal route avoiding impassable features.

Entry Details

On-line advance entry using is now open, and will remain open until 5th October 2023.

In addition, entry on the day will be available for all courses, subject to availability of maps.

We are offering a discount for entering both Autumn in Anglia events in advance: the discount is £2 off adult entry and £1 per junior/student entered.

Helper's discounts are available for WAOC and SUFFOC club members, set at 50% of the entry fee. Please contact for the helper discount code before entering. You can help on either or both days- we are aiming to have mixed teams of helpers from both clubs across the two days.

If you require an extra map, this costs £1.

Advance entry Late entry and Entry on the day
Adult BO member £9 £11
Adult non-member £11 £13
Junior (U21) £3 £4
Student in FTE £3 £4
SI dibber hire £1 £1
SIAC hire £3 £3

Registration and Start Times

Registration will open at 10:00 am for on the day entry, enquiries, and hired dibber collection. Starts will run from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Courses close at 2:30 pm.

Assembly is in the Leisure centre adjacent to the car park. This will include dibber hire and collection, and download. There will not be race bibs. Anybody who has hired a dibber through racesignup will need to collect their dibber on the day, before going to the start.

Terrain and map details

Course maps are printed on waterproof paper.


Toilets are available in the leisure centre.


Grateful thanks go to Newmarket Town Council and Newmarket Leisure Centre for the use of their facilities and all at WAOC and SUFFOC who have helped in putting on this event.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Helen Hague (WAOC)

Planner: Andrew Elliot (SUFFOC)

Controller: Mike Bickle (WAOC)