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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Park-O and Colour coded eventPriory ParkSat 12 November, 2022

Near: St Neots
Level of event: Local
Type of event: Race



It was a beautiful day, people really seemed to enjoy Richard's courses and it was great to see so many new and familiar faces at this larger event. Thanks to all the volunteers for your hard work.

Pre Event Info

Location Info

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Latest News

6 Nov: Closing date for on-line entry (Fabian4) extended to 10th November.

31 Oct: Final details now available.

22 Oct: Pre-entry open for Park-O courses and colour-coded courses.

13 Oct: Preliminary Details are now available in PDF format.


A range of color-coded courses available in addition to the usual Park-O choice of courses.

Park-O Series Info

Our Park-O events are an easy way for juniors and adults to try orienteering. Based in parks around Cambridge, each Park-O takes place on a Saturday afternoon 1pm-3pm once a month during the school year.

What happens at Park-O? Click here to find out

Park-O How-to Guide

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Directions / Parking

Assembly is in the Longsands Academy Sports hall, adjacent the car park. This will include registration, dibber hire and collection, download. Anybody who has hired a dibber will need to collect their dibber from registration on the day.

Toilets and showers are available at the Sports hall.

Course Information

This is a combined colour coded event with Park-O.  

Park-O Courses

White, Yellow and Orange courses correspond to Park-O Short, Medium and Long.

White course corresponding to Park-O "short" course - about 1km, technically Very Easy

Yellow course corresponding to Park-O "medium" course - about 2km, technically Easy

Orange course corresponding to Park-O "long" course - about 3km, technically Medium

These courses will start from 12.30 until 3pm, with courses close at 3:30pm- you must finish and report to Download by this time. If you wish to do the Park-O Long course, you need to start by 2:30pm, unless you have sufficient experience that you will be able to finish before 3:30pm. 

Advanced Courses

Light Green, Short Green, Green and Blue colour-coded courses will be available for starts from 12.30 until 2.30pm, with courses close at 3.30pm.

Courses White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Short Green are kept within the park and are suitable for all. Green and Blue include road crossings and are only suitable for those over 16.


Start times

No. of controls

Length (km)

White/Park-O Short

12.30 to 3.00



Yellow/Park-O Medium

12.30 to 3.00



Orange/Park-O Long

12.30 to 3.00



Light Green

12.30 to 2.30



Short Green

12.30 to 2.30



Green (over 16s only)

12.30 to 2.30



Blue (over 16s only)

12.30 to 2.30



Course controls will be in beacon mode, so that those with SIAC dibbers can use contactless punching.  Start and Finish controls must be punched by both ordinary SI and SIAC dibbers.

Entry Details

Park-O courses

Pre-registration for Park-O courses Long, Medium, Short and Colour-coded courses White, Yellow and Orange (these are the same as the Park-O courses) is at with payment taken at the event. You will be allocated a hire dibber, if you do not have one, which you can pick up at registration. No payment is required until you turn up for the event. (Entry fee for these courses includes dibber hire where required). Last entries are 10th November 2022.

Advanced courses

Pre-entry for Colour-coded courses Light Green to Blue will be via Fabian4:

For these courses, hire of an SI-card is in addition and you can choose to hire either a standard SI card (dibber), or a SIAC dibber, which allows contactless punching. Closing date for entries has been extended until end of Thursday 10th November 2022.

We will also accept entries on the day for all courses.


Park-O courses and White, Yellow, Orange:

Light Green, Short Green, Green and Blue:

Children/ Students £3 (includes dibber hire)

Children/ Students £3 (excludes dibber hire)

Adults £5 (includes dibber hire)

Adults BOF member £8 (excludes dibber hire)

Adults non-BOF member £10 (excludes dibber hire)

Groups £5 (includes dibber hire)

Groups £10 (excludes dibber hire)

Extra runs (when available) £1

SI dibber hire: £1 SIAC dibber hire: £3

Registration and Start Times

Registration will open at 12 noon. If you are new to orienteering or require assistance, then please enquire at registration.

Start times for Park-O courses expected to be 1pm to 3pm, with earlier starts available for longer and technical courses.

Terrain and map details


Priory Park is predominantly parkland.
You may encounter some undergrowth and nettles in the park so full leg cover is recommended. The urban terrain included within the advanced courses is mostly of tarmac and paving, with some grass, and Priory Park is mostly grass. Trainers (or rubber studded shoes if you prefer, or if it is very wet) are recommended. There is no clothing dump at the start.


Courses White, Yellow Orange, Light Green, Short Green are kept within the park with the map on A4 at 1:4000 scale. Green and Blue have an A3 map at 1:4000 scale.

Maps are printed on waterproof paper with the map including text control descriptions for White and Yellow and pictorial control descriptions for the remaining courses. Loose control descriptions will be provided in the start lanes.


We would like to thank the following for their contributions to the event:

  • Longsands Academy for use of the sports hall and parking.
  • Huntingdonshire County Council for permission to use the park and urban areas.
  • Everyone who has volunteered to help at the event.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Helen Hague WAOC

Assistant organiser: Kez Latham WAOC

Planner: Richard Powell WAOC

Controller: Mike Capper WAOC

Controller on-the-day: Bob Hill WAOC/RAFO