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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Park-OTrumpington MeadowsSat 22 October, 2022

Near: Trumpington
Level of event: Local
Type of event: Race



The weather was great and we had a lot of entries on the day. Sorry that this lead to some people having to hand their maps in for re-use. To guarantee a map and save yourself form-filling, pre-entry is preferred.

Thanks to all our helpers and we look forward to seeing you at St. Neots on 12th November. There will be training for club juniors at this event.

Pre Event Info

Location Info

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.


A fun orienteering event aimed at juniors and novice adults. Held on Trumpington Meadows and also using paths in the adjacent woodland of Byrons Pool Nature Reserve. Starts will run between 1pm and 3pm.

To book a pre-entry, go to (no payment necessary until you turn up on the day). Pre-entry is now open for this event. Entry on the day will also be available.

Park-O Series Info

Our Park-O events are an easy way for juniors and adults to try orienteering. Based in parks around Cambridge, each Park-O takes place on a Saturday afternoon 1pm-3pm once a month during the school year.

What happens at Park-O? Click here to find out

Park-O How-to Guide

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Directions / Parking

For those of you coming by car, we suggest you park at Trumpington Park and Ride in the corner near the John Lewis pick-up building. Then please walk from the corner of the Park and Ride near the John Lewis building, along Kestrel Rise passing by Trumpington Meadows Primary School, and then the Sainsbury's Local. When you reach the park, turn right and head north along the edge of the park until you reach the path heading west (left) toward Byron's Pool.   You should see our banner and tents just in front of the wooded area.

There are toilets at the Park and Ride.

If you are arriving by on foot or by bike, from the main road into the Trumpington Meadows estate, follow the brown pedestrian signs to Trumpington meadows, along Consort Ave and then Charger Road. When you reach the park keep on along the path then turn left towards Byrons Pool and you should see our banner. 

Course Information

Courses available

Short     ~ 1km Very easy 

Medium ~ 2km Easy 

Long      ~ 3km Medium

Entry Details

For entry fees, See Park-O page.

In order to ensure an entry, you may pre-register to take part in this event, which you can do at WAOC entries at (Entries open one month before the event date).

You will be allocated a hire dibber, if you do not have one, which you can pick up in the "fast-track" registration lane. No payment is required until you turn up for the event.

We will also accept entries on the day, just turn up any time between 1pm and 2:45 pm, but bear in mind it make take longer to process your entry at registration.

If you haven't been before, please read the information on our Park-O page so that you know what to do - we will have officials around to help if needed.

Registration and Start Times

Starts will operate between 1pm and 3pm.

Registration will be open for entry on the day and for hire dibber collection, from 1pm to around 2:55pm. If you are planning to run toward the end of the start period please remember to give yourself time to register and get ready to start by 3pm absolute latest.

Please note that courses close at 3:30pm. If you wish to do the long course, you need to start by 2:30pm, unless you have sufficient experience that you will be able to finish before 3:30pm.

Terrain and map details

Course maps are A4 size, printed on waterproof paper.

Please park in Trumpington Park and Ride car park.


We are grateful to The Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust for allowing us to run this event at the Trumpington Meadows nature reserve, and also to Cambridge City Council for their permission to use the Byron's Pool area.