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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Park-O and Snooker-OWimpole Hall EstateSat 15 June, 2019

Near: Arrington
Level of event: Local
Type of event: Race, Juniors, Score



Thanks for coming to Wimpole. We were amazed by the turnout and hope you enjoyed your runs. The Medium and Short courses were affected by a control having the wrong number and, as we heard that some competitors had spent some time searching for the correct one, we have voided the affected legs (1st control on Medium and 2nd control on Short).

Snooker-O results

Penalty was 4 points per minute or part-minute over 60 minutes.

After all the reds had been 'potted', colours must have been 'potted' in the correct order to count: Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink, Black. If this wasn't done, the break stopped at the last correct colour. e.g. if Pink was punched instead of Brown, then nothing after Green counted. Two people were affected by this and this is noted below.

Name Time Sum - Points Penalty Final Score Notes
David Dixon 00:57:01 69 69
Tom Beskeen 00:57:19 65 65
Richard Crabb 00:57:25 64 64
Conor O' Donovan 01:00:19 67 4 63
Chris Rampton 00:56:28 62 62
Jason Dunning 00:56:03 61 61
Rich Kerswell 00:58:58 57 57
Lorant Farkas 01:00:50 61 4 57 Pink instead of brown
Matthew Dixon 00:59:20 56 56
Rod Mansel 00:57:33 55 55
Iain Stemp 00:57:19 54 54
Russell Peters 01:00:52 56 4 52
Bob Hill 00:58:59 50 50
Sarah Mansel 00:59:43 50 50
John and Sue Hartley 00:59:59 49 49
Alexander Helme 00:57:08 48 48
Charlie Dixon 00:54:35 43 43
Bobby Bolton 00:58:48 42 42
Henry Helme 00:56:27 41 41
Michael Bickle 00:55:12 39 39
Thomas Elgood 00:57:09 39 39
Helen Bickle 00:50:11 37 37
Harriet Millward 00:59:18 37 37
David Cavero Montaner 01:00:42 39 4 35 Red (46) instead of yellow
Patrick Thouroude 00:48:28 34 34
Barbara Wysocka 00:58:45 34 34
Helen Satterthwaite 01:00:59 37 4 33
Alison Crabb 00:56:09 31 31
Sarah Dixon 00:53:10 30 30
James Chapman 00:52:34 25 25
Tina Codling 00:55:19 22 22
Dan Satterthwaite 00:58:14 20 20
Jonathan Wills 01:23:20 86 96 -10 Only one to go all way to black

Pre Event Info

Location Info

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

The Wimpole estate is owned by the National Trust, and offers beautiful open parkland combined with that rarity in East Anglia: contours.

This event combines our monthly Park-O, which offers courses for newcomers and novices, with a "Snooker-O" score course to test more experienced orienteers.

This event will also host the EAOA AGM.

Click here for Final Details available as a printable PDF.

Directions / Parking

Postcode for Sat Nav SG8 0BW.  Use the National Trust car park at Wimpole Hall.  Unless you are a National Trust member, you will need to pay £2 for parking.

PARKING - Please note this is not the parking arrangement which you may be used to at Wimpole: Please park in the field to the left of the drive.   Entry into the parking field is soon after you have turned onto the drive.  See diagram in final details.

Wimpole Hall is located close to the A603 near Orwell and is well signposted as a National Trust attraction. For travel directions by bike, car, or rail see the National Trust Wimpole Website or by bike also see BikeBus Explorer at

Registration is near the stable block.

Course Information

Park-O Courses:

Short     ~ 1km Very easy

Medium ~ 2km Easy

Long      ~ 3km Medium


A 60 minute Score course inspired by Snooker.

You and your SI card are the white ball, aiming to get the maximum break you can in 60 minutes. As with snooker, you score 1 point for every red ball, 2 points for every yellow ball, 3 points for every green ball, 4 points for every brown ball, 5 points for every blue ball, 6 points for every pink ball and 7 points for every black ball.  Each red can only be visited once to score. You will only score for a colour ball if you have visited a red immediately before, until all the reds have been visited and then you ‘pot’ all the coloured balls in ascending order of points, i.e. yellow through to black.

The colours of each non-red control are pre-marked on the map.

After punching start, 'pot' (visit) any of the ten red balls then any ‘coloured ball’, repeating the sequence of red ball followed by coloured ball until you have cleared/visited all the red balls. You do not have to visit a colour after each red but you will only gain the points for a colour where you visit a red immediately beforehand. After clearing the reds, clear the ‘table’ by ‘potting’ the coloured balls in ascending points order: Yellow, green, brown, blue , pink  and black. Total 16 controls on the course (and also start and finish), maximum break will involve visiting 25 controls (and start and finish). Penalty of 4 points for each minute (or part minute) you are late back.  Maximum score 107 points which represents each red control followed by the black control and then the run of colours after the last red control. Don't forget to punch the finish!

You may want to carry a pen/pencil to keep track of what you have potted.  Control descriptions will be on the map and also available loose.

Entry Details


Children / Students£ 2
Adults£ 4
Family Group£ 4
Second run£ 1

Park-O fees include SI card hire.


Seniors (British Orienteering members)£ 5
Seniors (non BO members)£ 7
Juniors (under 21) and full time students£ 3
S.I. card hire£ 1

Registration and Start Times

The EAOA AGM will take place at 12:30.

Park-O and Snooker-O both have registration and starts between 1pm and 3pm.

Please note that Park-O courses close at 3:30pm. If you wish to do the long course, you need to start by 2:30pm, unless you have sufficient experience that you will be able to finish before 3:30pm.

Snooker-O course closes at 4pm.

Terrain and map details

Wimpole Hall Park is naturalistic parkland with contours (!), chalk depressions, small woodland features and a former quarry.  Map is 1:10,000 scale with 5m contours, waterproof with preprinted courses, A4 sized. Control descriptions on maps. Loose control descriptions. Some seasonal paths are marked.  

Dog restrictions

Dogs are welcome but must be on leads in the parking area and in the vicinity of livestock.

There is a very nice café with toilets. Toilets are also available near the car park in the stables building.

Guidance for beginners available from Registration. First Aid will be located at Download.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser (Park-O): Andrew Henderson

Organiser (Snooker-O): Helen Hague

Planner (Park-O): Caroline Louth

Planner (Snooker-O): Sam Hague