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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Summer 2022 MapRun League

Last Updated: Fri 6 May 2022

A series of fortnightly events throughout the summer in or near Cambridge.

Our MapRun™ summer series is ideal for runners of all abilities who fancy trying something new. It’s a lot of fun, we’re friendly and no orienteering experience is needed! The Summer 2022 MapRun League runs from 11th May to 14 September. Run on the Wednesday evening with others (sign up from 6.30 p.m. to start by 7 p.m.) or within the following fortnight at a time that suits you.

On Wednesdays, there’ll also be an informal meet up at the host or nearby pub afterwards.

  • 11th May, Fen Ditton
  • 25th May, Milton
  • 8th June, Bar Hill
  • 22nd June, Cherry Hinton
  • 6th July, Papworth
  • 20th July, St Ives
  • 17th August, Hardwick
  • 31st August, Histon
  • 14th September, Sprint and Prize Giving in Cambridge

For your run to count in the league, you may run the course either with others, on the Wednesday evening event itself, or at any time in the fortnight afterwards (up to midnight on the second Tuesday after the event).

How each event works

Find the checkpoints using the map provided, with your smartphone telling you when you’ve reached each one.

A long and short course option available at each event (4-5km or 8-10km of running). Linear courses at some events (find the checkpoints in order as quickly as you can) and score courses at others (find as many as you can within either 30 or 45 minutes).

New to MapRun™ orienteering?

We'd love you to join in! All running abilities are welcome and you don’t need to have done orienteering before. You can just turn up on the Wednesday evening (free friendly tips!) or give it a go on your own.

Not sure what to bring for a Wednesday run? You can wear your usual trainers and running kit. Bring a debit/credit card for your entry fee. Finally, bring a well-charged smartphone - if you can, download the free app 'MapRun6' in advance, but if you arrive a bit early we can help with that. We'll have somewhere you can leave a bag while you run.


£3 senior; £2 students per event.

If you are not able to attend on the night, to take part email stating your choice of course (Long or Short). You will be sent a payment link and, after payment has been made, you will be sent a PDF of your chosen course and the PIN. Please be aware that this may take some time.

League winners

Prizes for the highest scoring man and woman for long and for short courses, based on their 4 best runs.

For your run to count, you may run the course either at the Wednesday evening event or any time in the fortnight afterwards (up to midnight on the second Tuesday after the event).


These events are not intended for juniors, but if they do run, U16's must be at least Orange standard and shadowed.


  • Check the website before each session for more information or ask to join the training email list.
  • Distances are measured on a direct line between controls and so you can expect to run a third more than advertised.
  • Please note that control kites will not be placed.
  • You can run the course traditionally without a smart phone but you will not be eligible for the league.
  • Paper maps will be available for all entering on the Wednesday evening.


For linear events, scores will be calculated based on the finishing time, assuming all controls are found. Score will be zero if controls not all visited in the correct order.

For Score events, the MapRun event will be set up to automatically calculate a score based on which controls were visited, and penalties if the time limit was exceeded. This "raw" score will be amended to boost the score of faster finishers within the time limit, who might otherwise have identical scores to slower finishers with equivalent control count.

Scores from different events will be rescaled so all events give the winner 1000. Best 4 scores are added together to give a total score for the season.