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Jabberwaoc - April 2000





The proposals by Andrew Kelly to change the format for juniors at Badge events from age related courses to a Colour Coded format appears to be more than was first envisaged. The replies to the WAOC juniors about their concerns about the format change appears to have the added comment that he would also like the senior courses to be Colour Coded rather than age related. If this were to happen would this be the death of badge events as we know them as there will be no difference in their format from Colour Coded events? Dave Wotton provides more details on page 6 It appears that Andrew Kelly has been getting comments from other juniors in the region so he is planning to hold a meeting in the near future with them. We'll try and keep you posted on any further developments.

Neil & Pauline Humphries


Chairman's Chat (Ursula's Utterings)

March was quite a busy month for WAOC, starting with the AGM and going on to the CompassSport Cup Regional Round at Wakerley Great Wood. Lets deal with the latter event first. We were unfortunate to be in the group that contained both the first and second favourites for the Cup, so it is fair to say that our chances of winning were not too good! Many thanks to all of you who turned out to run for us at what turned out to be a considerably over-priced event, but it was disappointing that once again we were missing a number of our key runners. Congratulations to Neil Humphries, Chris Morley and Noreen Ives among the seniors and Peter Gardner, Blanka Sengerova, Helen Gardner and Martin Humphries among the juniors. Thank you for running your socks off for us - you deserved better than the last place we achieved.

Which brings me to the AGM. This seems to be developing into quite a family event, which is tremendous. We had very few takers for the Street-O this year (one pair, who shall be nameless, got lost/diverted via the chip shop, which was different), and a number of our younger attendees got very hungry waiting for the meeting to end and the eating to begin, so I think we need to tweak the format for next year. As always, Hally Hardie produced an array of O puzzles, so that those who were not standing around gossiping, were co-operating in pitting their brains against Hally's. Thanks, Hally; a WAOC AGM would be a sorry affair without your brain teasers.

The meeting itself, well lubricated with mulled wine, was a lively and good-natured affair. Alan Milne, now standing down as Treasurer and Equipment Officer because his work has moved him away from WAOC Land, reported that we had made a slight profit on the year, despite having provided overprinted maps at no extra cost at all our colour-coded events since October. Now that the maps are commercially printed and the cost has doubled he warned that we shall have to monitor our event budgets and adjust entry fees and costs to avoid making a loss.

Highlight of the meeting came in the discussion of the Treasurer's report when Hally Hardie suggested that the club apply for Millennium Award lottery funding for a SportIdent electronic punching system. This suggestion provoked an enthusiastic response, in particular from the juniors present, some of whom have had considerable experience of the SportIdent system at inter-regional and international events. There was consideration of how to attach hired e-cards to young juniors so they did not lose them in the forest at club expense, and a suggestion that it might be possible to continue to use pin punches on White and Yellow courses, which might be less confusing for young orienteers and also less stressful for club treasurers! A show of hands at the end of the discussion showed all but one to be strongly in favour of pursuing the application.

Now that the Committee has considered it in more detail, it seems that a system with 50 controls, which would be enough for a full colour coded event but not for a badge event, and 150 e-cards (for hire by those who have not yet bought their own), together with the associated hardware, software etc. would cost in the order of 7000, so we should be applying close to the maximum 5000 from the Millennium Award and planning a club contribution of around 2000 in cash and some 15,000 in the first year in volunteers' time, which we can also take into consideration. Let us know what you think - write, e-mail or phone me: information below.

It is very important that we continue to make a small profit on our events, as your subs only cover EA levy and Jabberwaoc costs: other costs are covered by event profits. At its last meeting, the committee decided that to cover the increased BOF levy from 1 May we would have to increase adult entry fees by 50p to 3.50. In addition, because of the cost of providing overprinted maps, we shall have to charge the true cost (40p) for hard copy results, while reminding people that they can access complete results on the WAOC web site.

Ursula Oxburgh


Captains Report

CompassSport Cup

Midland Regional Round, 19 March 2000, Wakerley, Stamford

     Club    A       B       C       D       E       F       G       Total
     NOC     39      50      50      56      62      29      29      315
     WCH     60      43      44      42      53      25      10      277
     DVO     46      41      29      55      32      19      18      240
     OD      29      49      54      34      46      6       21      239
     LEI     34      46      44      49      20      8       18      219
     HOC     47      23      45      18      40      15      14      202
     NOR     24      19      26      40      6       19      11      145
     WAOC    21      29      8       6       41      15      14      134

WAOC Scorers

     Course  Points  Name               Class   Time
     A       8       Ian Jones          M21     80:53
     A       7       Jeff Green         M21     83:33
     A       6       Rolf Crook         M21     84:07
     B       20      Neil Humphries     M40     69:26
     B       5       Mark Wadeson       M35     83:25
     B       4       Dave Wotton        M35     89:29
     C       5       Mike Capper        M45     64:03
     C       2       Colin Brown        M45     68:04
     C       1       Mike Bickle        M55     70:56
     D       3       Julia Carpenter    W21     72:22
     D       2       Caroline Louth     W21     85:31
     D       1       Helen Christopher  W21     85:49
     E       20      Chris Morley       M60     50:53
     E       12      Noreen Ives        W45     54:26
     E       5       Lindsey Freeman    W45     60:44
     F       10      Peter Gardner      M16     30:45
     F       5       Blanka Sengerova   W18     36:39
     G       10      Helen Gardner      W14     28:38
     G       4       Martin Humphries   M14     35:41

Midland Champs, NE1 Brown Clee, 26 March 2000.

The following attained top 3 finishes in the Midland Championships.

     2nd   M10   Philip Humphries
     1st   M18   Neil Northrop
     3rd   W14   Helen Gardner
     1st   W18   Leonie Brown

also Graham Watson was 3rd overall in M21L

Ian Jones



The Radio-O is confirmed for 28 May. Please let me know in advance if you wish to take part so that I can hire a suitable number of radios. There is also a limit to the number of people who can do this event so book your place in advance by phoning me, writing to me or sending me an e-mail, or turn up early on the day. This year there will be an orange standard and a green standard radio-O course.

The latest training schedule is:

28 May, 10:00am Rowney Warren Radio-O, multi-technique including control picking
Summer Galloppen TBD Therfield Heath Brown only, Line event
2/3 September Windermere Lakes Training Weekend
October TBD Bush Heath Map memory, control hanging

Lakes Training Weekend

The training weekend is booked for 2/3 September. Accommodation has been booked at Great Tower Scout Camp for the nights of 1 and 2 September. There are 16 places available in this bunk bed accommodation with hot showers, wash basins, toilets, heating and full self catering kitchen facilities. There is also a shop at the site and a good pub a couple of miles away. You will need to provide your own breakfast and lunch and we will eat at the pub on Saturday night. You will need to provide your own transport there (we can arrange lift sharing), but once there, we have minibus transport for the 16 staying in the camp.

Training will be all day Saturday and until 2-3pm on Sunday. One of the areas will be Great Tower Wood. There may also be the opportunity to try canoeing if there is enough demand.

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, but more people can attend if they can find their own accommodation. The cost of the weekend for those requiring accommodation will be approximately 30 for adults and 15 for children. If you wish to attend the training but find your own accommodation there will be a charge on the day to cover the cost of maps.

To reserve your place please return the form below with a deposit of 15 per person (payable to WAOC) if you require accommodation. Please return the form also if you wish to attend but don't require accommodation so that I can determine the number of maps required. Please send the forms to me at: [address deleted from online edition]

Julia Carpenter


Proposed changes to Colour-coded and Badge events.

"particularly for juniors ... and now seniors as well!!!"

Following the article in the previous edition of Jabberwaoc, WAOC's juniors, led by Blanka Sengerova (W18), have replied to Andy Kelly, the BOF Junior Development officer, voicing their concerns about the proposals.

In general, the juniors were not enthusiastic about the proposals (to replace age-related classes at Badge events by colour-coded courses, and to adjust the lengths of some of the colour-coded courses.)

A common complaint was that Badge events are seen as more challenging than colour-coded events and provide a tiered competitive structure (colour-coded, badge, national) which would be eroded by changing the structure of badge events.

In his reply Andy Kelly stoutly defended his proposals, claiming that for every voice supporting the status quo, he was aware of many more who wanted change. Neil Northrop challenged Andy with the observation: "If the colour-coded format is so good that you want it to replace age-related competition for juniors, why don't you do the same for adults?" The reply was illuminating (adult readers take note): "I would if I could", said Andy, "but my remit is to review junior courses. I hope that adult badge events will be restructured along similar lines in a few years".

Another aspect of Andy's proposals which would have an impact on adult as well as junior competitors is his belief that the Light Green course is generally planned too easy and that in a TD4 (*) area, Light Green should be of the same difficulty as Green, just shorter. Clare Woods pointed out that many juniors (and perhaps some adults) would find the jump from an Orange standard course to a (short) Green standard course too hard. However, Andy is not sympathetic to this point of view and continues to argue that a Light Green course planned correctly at a TD4 level is a suitable advance from an Orange course planned at TD3. Planners and Controllers might like to consider Andy's proposals carefully, as their implementation would imply that Light Green courses in East Anglia should be harder than they typically are at present.

I think our juniors did an excellent job of articulating their concerns. Andy has gone some way to answering their questions and clarifying his proposals, but I'm not sure that he fully understands why they are concerned: the response tends to be "trust me".

Well done to Blanka, Neil, Steven, Helen, Peter, Helen, Clare, Martin, and Philip (hope I've not forgotten anyone).

Dave Wotton

(*) TD stands for Technical Difficulty. Courses are graded by Technical Difficulty, with White = TD1, Yellow = TD2, Orange = TD3, Light Green = TD4, Green, Blue and Brown = TD5. But areas are also graded by technical difficulty and East Anglia, in general, does not have sufficiently complex areas to plan genuinely TD5 courses, so Green, Blue and Brown in East Anglia are often only at TD4. The October 1998 edition of Jabberwaoc contained an article describing the Technical Difficulty guidelines in more detail.


Chicksands Wood

Chicksands, on the edge of Shefford, has a long history of military involvement stretching back to the Civil War in the 17th Century. Its history, however, stretches further back with a mention in the Domesday Survey of 1086 of a manor at Chicksands.

The Priory originally consisted of a pair of adjacent cloisters - one for men and one for women - with a dividing wall. Thomas a Becket, as Archbishop of Canterbury, took refuge in Chicksands in 1164 disguised as a canon. He later went into exile in France, after which a Pope's intervention led to his return to England and his subsequent murder in Canterbury Cathedral prior to his canonisation in 1173.

In 1531 Henry VIII proclaimed himself head of the church in England and set about dissociating all churches from Rome. He then dissolved all religious houses and their lands in favour of the Crown. Following a visit of the King's lawyers and a report that two nuns were pregnant, the Prior of Chicksands signed a deed of surrender in 1538, thus bringing the religious era to an end. There is a story, dating to the lawyer's report of a walled-up disgraced nun whose ghost (called Rosetta) still haunts the Priory to this day.

Following ownership by the Crown, the Priory and lands were sold to Richard Snowe whose son, Daniel, bequeathed it to Mary Osborne. In 1598 title to the Chicksands estate passed to the Osbornes who held it in the family until 1936. Sir Peter Osborne was born in 1585, married Lady Dorothy Danvers in 1609 and was later appointed Royal Governor of Guernsey. Of their eight children one of the five survivors was a daughter called Dorothy after her mother.

In 1643 with the Civil War raging, Sir Peter left Chicksands for Guernsey to support his king, financing the operation personally. Sir Peter abandoned Guernsey in 1645 and joined his wife who had previously moved to France. It was during a Channel crossing that William Temple (of a prominent Roundhead family) met Dorothy Osborne (Sir Peter's daughter) and fell in love. Both families disapproved of the relationship and the couple did not meet again for two years. After the beheading of the King and the virtual surrender of Sir Peter he returned to Chicksands where, after the death of his wife, he was nursed by his daughter Dorothy until he died in 1653 when Dorothy's brother John inherited the eastate. During this time Dorothy had established a clandestine correspondence with William Temple. The Temple family finally relented and the pair were married on Christmas Day 1654. Lady Dorothy died in 1695 and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

In 1753 with help from his brother-in-law the Earl of Halifax, Sir Danvers Osborne, became Governor of New York. Following a hostile reception, Sir Danvers, in a fit of depression hanged himself. A monument to the Earl of Halifax is situated on the main path through Chicksands Wood.

The 6th Baronet, Sir George Robert, built the three Chicksands lodges and his initials "GRO" with family crest can still be seen on their walls. In 1889 his son Henry was lost at sea in the collision of the steamer "Comtesse de Flandres" with the steamer "Princess Henriette". A monument commemorating the accident can be seen towards the South East of Chicksands Wood. Sir George Robert's grandson Algernon, saved in the shipwreck, became heir and subsequently 7th Baronet in 1892. He married Beatrice Greenfield of Haynes Park who, as Lady Beatrice, was hostess to wounded soldiers at the Priory during the 1914-1918 war.

In 1936 the estate was bought by the Crown with the Air Ministry as executive custodians. After a brief leasing to private tenants the Air Ministry began developing Chicksands as a secret service station and played a large part in the reception of signals for transfer to Bletchley Park in the breaking of the German Enigma code. There are also still remains of old rail workings in the wood, a relic of World War II when ammunition was stored in the here.

In 1950 the US Air Force required a permanent Security Service base in Britain and the 6940th Radio Squadron was formed at RAF Chicksands. The base continued to be operated by the US Air Force until 30 September 1995 when the combination of modern technology and the lessening of East-West tension made the function redundant. The circular AN/FLR-9 antenna, known affectionately locally as the "Elephant Cage", and providing a landmark of doubtful aesthetic appeal was dismantled during 1996. Chicksands has now been acquired by the Ministry of Defence as a Joint Services Base.


Schools League 2000

This is a list of the events that will make up the Schools League this year:


3 May   WAOC TL032487   KEMPSTON RIVER MEADOWS,  Bedford

	Car Park is on the north side of Hillgrounds Road some
	750m from its junction with B531 ( Traffic Lights - may be signed
	'Addison Centre Hillgrounds Leisure' ).  This junction is midway
	between Kempston and Bedford ( south bank ).

        Contact:        Steve Williams

10 May  SMOC SP362891   CALDECOTTE, Ouzel Valley, Milton Keynes

	Car Park at Caldecotte Arms (Big Windmill), off H10, 200m from A5.
	From West : turn off A5 at Caldecotte, Junction A4146. Follow
	signs. From East (Jct 13, M1 ) follow A421 Buckingham Road
	(becomes H8 in MK) until 'Open University' sign. Turn Left down
	V10, then turn right on H10. Follow signs.

        Contact:        Colin Nicholson

17 May  HH TL228113     STANBOROUGH PARK, Welwyn Garden City

	From the roundabout adjacent to junction 4 of A1(M), follow A6129
	towards Welwyn Garden City for 1km. Turn left into car park
	(signed 'Swimming Pool')

        Contact:        John Currie

24 May  SMOC SP920294   STOCKGROVE PARK, Heath and Reach

	Follow A418 SW for 1.8 km from A5 then turn right - signed to
	Stockgrove Park.

        Contact:        Colin Nicholson

7 June  WAOC TL124404   ROWNEY WARREN, Shefford

	From roundabout at junction of A507 / A600 (1km west of Shefford)
	follow A600 for 2.5km towards Bedford then turn left (signed
	'Chicksands'). Car Park is 250m on left.

        Contact:        Steve Williams


14 June HH TQ080983     WHIPPENDELL WOOD, Watford

	From the large roundabout (Junction of A41 with M25 spur road and
	A411) follow A411 (signed 'Watford') for 0.9km, turn sharp right
	into Grove Mill Lane, and after a further 1.3km turn left into Car
	Park (concealed entrance).

        Contact:        John Currie  

General Information

WANTED: Helpers.

Helpers are required to assist in the running of these events. It is normally possible to get a run yourself if you wish. If you are able to assist in any way please contact:

Steve Williams

About Schools League Events

Format: The courses are aimed at children of 11 years and older, but younger children may take part. At the individual events, there will be three courses of differing length and technical difficulty, corresponding to Yellow, Orange and Light Green. Children would normally run the course appropriate for their age (see details in table below) and would normally run singly. Those lacking experience may run a simpler course. Runners on the same course would start at one-minute intervals: runners from the same school and on the same course would start four minutes apart. Staff, helpers, and older pupils (aged 19 or over) may compete on the longest course. At the last event there are team relays. Teams of three compete on a long or short course according to age and experience. A single runner runs each leg of the relay. Further details of the relay evening, including entry forms, will be made available at one of the earlier events.

Scoring: An 'Ideal Winning Time' will be estimated for each class. Points will be awarded to each competitor according to the formula: Points = 100 [ (Ideal Winning Time) / (Competitor's Time) ] (The longer you take to complete the course, the fewer points you will score) Competitors running as a pair would share the normal points between them; those lacking experience and wishing to run a simpler course would be awarded half points. Those running in groups of three or more, or with adult help, do not score. For those attending all the first five events their 1999 league score will be the aggregate of their four best scores (maximum 400 points): for those attending four or less events all points will count. A shield, to be held for a year, is awarded to the boy and the girl winner of each age group. Medals will be awarded to the first three in each class. A Schools Shield is awarded to the school with the most points, calculated thus: at each of the individual events a school's team score is the sum of its six best individual scores; the school's score for the season is the sum of the four best team scores achieved at the first five events or, for those not attending all five events, the sum of all the team scores at the individual events.

A runner should commit him/herself to a class at the start of the series and will be eligible for a medal or the shield in only that class.

Which Course Should I Be Running?

                              BOYS                        GIRLS
Your School Year    Your Class      Course      Your Class      Course
Up to 4 / 5          B 4 / 5 *        C          G 4 / 5 *       C
6 / 7                B 6 / 7          C          B 6 / 7         C
8 / 9                B 8 / 9          B          G 8 / 9         B
10 / 11              B 10 / 11        A          G 10 / 11       B
12 / 13              B 12 / 13        A          G 12 / 13       A
14 +                 STAFF            A          STAFF           A

* These additional classes for boys and girls, years 5 and below, are being introduced this year.

eXplorer challenge

This is an award scheme introduced by The British Schools Orienteering Association. It is designed to encourage young people, by using maps, to venture into the outdoor world. It is a four stage incentive scheme based on participants successfully locating checkpoints. The four stages are as follows:

Tree award      25 checkpoints          Copse award     50 checkpoints
Wood award      75 checkpoints          Forest award    100 checkpoints

At each stage a multi coloured woven badge and / or A4 certificate is awarded. Achievement is monitored by recording checkpoints on a progress card (Explorer's Personal Logbook). The results will show the number of checkpoints to be awarded at each event (each control correctly visited will be worth one checkpoint - a competitor who retires or miss-punches will be awarded checkpoints for any controls correctly visited). Schools will be responsible for keeping the logbooks, and for obtaining and presenting the awards. Further details of the scheme, and where the logbooks, certificates and badges may be obtained, will be available at the Schools League events.


A Grizzly Experience - How I Survived

What is "The Grizzly"?

"Two thousand muddy, hilly centimiles of edge of sanity running at its best - The multiest-terrain running experience"

Axe Valley Runners put on 'The Grizzly' every year. The main race is between 18 and 20 miles and there is a Cub run of 8-10 miles. It is based around Seaton in Devon although the course is never exactly the same as a previous year. It is certainly multi-terrain - there's beach, tarmac road, coastal footpath (at a wide range of gradients), muddy farm track, steep grassy slopes, mud and streams.

I had never done anything like it before. I had once (2 years ago) run 10 miles up the river bank in Cambridge and I have run 10 km quite a few times. Dave Wotton has run the main Grizzly race for the last 6 years, and somehow persuaded me (did you get me drunk Dave?) that it would be a good idea for me to partake of the Grizzly Experience by running the Cub run (8-10 miles up and down lots of hills was quite enough of a challenge).

So at the beginning of this year I tried to make the effort to run once a week at lunch times during the week as well as orienteering most Sundays. I only get time to run 3-4 miles at lunch time. Occasionally I also managed to get a 2nd run in one evening or on Saturday that was slightly longer. Running round Milton Country Park or the streets of Cambridge however doesn't really give you the kind of hill training you need for the Grizzly. One weekend at the beginning of March Dave and I went to Therfield Heath. I ran 2 laps (7 miles) and Dave ran 3 laps. Two weeks later we went back and I did 3 laps and Dave did 4. For the next week my calf muscles ached but I felt good that I had managed to run the distance and I was noticing that my breathing was easier when running uphill. The week before the race I did no running at all. My only exercise was cycling to work.

On 1 April we drove down to Devon. On the Sunday over 1500 adrenaline buzzing people arrived in Seaton to run either the main race or the Cub race. Aerobic Rob calmed us down and warmed us up before the race started. The main race started on the Esplanade at 10:30am and almost immediately turned on to the beach. The Cub run started on the beach and merged with the main race 3 minutes after their start and after the really good people (Dave included!) had passed. For the 1st mile of the race lots of people were overtaking me at high speed. After a tough start along the beach we did a loop of street running in Seaton before heading west out of Seaton up the cliff road. My shins started hurting early on and I was thinking, "thank goodness I'm not running 20 miles!" After a few steep ascents we were mainly on flatter coastal footpaths and farm tracks by which time I had warmed up and was feeling good, particularly when I overtook lots of people going downhill. It was down into Beer then up again for a while before a very steep descent to the beach at Branscombe where they took us through some water to cool our feet down. At this point the Cub run turned back east along the beach and the main run carried on west along the beach. That bit of beach running for the Cub run did not last long but I found it very draining. It was a scramble off the beach and then immediately back up the steep slope we had come down earlier. Even the really good people don't run up these slopes.

Once at the top of the cliff I found renewed energy somehow and got running well again. I had been with a woman from the start - she would overtake me on the uphills and I would overtake her on the downhills. We had a bit of a chat and spurned each other on. I found the running just flowed as the slopes were much more gentle here and the scenery was very pleasant. I kept with this woman all the way to the finish although she finally beat me across the line by about 40 seconds.

There were spectators at various points along the course, particularly in Seaton and Beer and their cheering really encouraged me along. There are also lots of signs along the course some with words of encouragement to help you along too. 1 hour and 35 minutes after starting I crossed the finish line, shattered but very pleased with my time. All the pain was forgotten and there was a great sense of achievement.

I found it very interesting that although lots of people could overtake me on the uphill and on the flat, I overtook lots of people including lots of men going downhill. I was also in my element when the track was fairly flat but muddy and bumpy. I am quite sure this was due to my orienteering experience.

So may be this time next year I will be telling you about my experiences of running 20 miles! Now I've just got to keep up the fitness!

Julia Carpenter


WAOC Summer Galoppen 2000

1999 events proved that this event is increasing in popularity and I'm hoping that, like previous years, the organisers will volunteer. This is a list of provisional dates that are available so that anyone willing to have a go can pick and choose what date and venue suits them.

List of (provisional) available dates:

24 May
7 June (possibly at Rowney in conjunction with the schools event).
21 June Julia Carpenter at Therfield Heath.
5 July
19 July
2 Aug
16 Aug
30 Aug
13 Sep

Suggested starts would be from 1830 hrs through to 1930 hrs. However, if courses can be set up to allow for starts earlier than this organisers should publish this as widely as possible as early as possible. The reason behind the later times is that some organisers are having to take excessive time off work to be able to set up for earlier starts, thus deterring some would-be organisers. However, the downside is the probability that controls may have to be collected in the dark at some events if competitors take too long.

There should be at least two courses, one roughly Orange level, and the other at roughly Green level. However, organisers/planners should be encouraged to offer more interesting deviations from the normal x-country events should they wish to experiment, but in so doing bear in mind that some Club members cannot cope with the excessive/convoluted mental activity sometimes needed (whereas others of us positively revel in it - many of our areas just don't offer much of a challenge). Also bear in mind that average attendance is only about 20, but organisers could be caught out with double this number (exceptionally), or fewer than half.

Entry fees at all Galoppen events will now be fixed at 1.50 for adults and 50p for juniors.

These are all very light hearted and low key, anyone unsure about their abilities to either plan or organise will find them ideal to cut their teeth on! The more experienced folk seem to enjoy doing them simply as a change from the usual event. If someone is unsure about doing one on their own then I will willingly give them a hand.

Please call and put your bids in.



Fixture list: Local, regional and selected national events

Please note, the fixtures shown on this page are the same as the ones in the printed edition of Jabberwaoc, but they have been extracted from the official BOF fixture list on 28th April 2000, rather than being a straight copy from the printed Jabberwaoc. This means there may be some minor changes in format or content. Where changes in content occur, it is likely that this version is more accurate than the printed version, as it will be slightly more up to date.

Colour Coded events normally have registration from 10:00 to 12:00 with starts from 10:30 to 12:30. Full Colour Coded events include courses from Yellow to Brown and will normally have a White and/or String course. Limited Colour Coded events will normally omit the longer courses although in some areas the more technical courses may be omitted.

Badge events provide age related courses and normally require pre-entry. If entry on the day (EOD) is possible it will normally be restricted. A limited range of Colour Coded courses may also be available; this will normally be entry on the day. Club members are welcome at Badge events although they are expected to become BOF members after attending 3 events outside their region. SEF indicates that a standard BOF entry form is acceptable.

National events are only open to BOF members. Details of BOF membership can be obtained from the membership secretary, Anne Duncumb (Duncumb@compuserve.com).

Night event details vary considerably; it would be advisable to check with the event organiser.

Event Year Planner

Whilst every effort is made to ensure this list is accurate, these events are liable to alteration or cancellation. Please check with the organiser closer to the event date.


1/2     EA   EAOA    JIRC                       Ind:  Beeston Regis (NOR)
                                                Relay:  Brandon Park (WAOC)
8/9     NW   SELOC   Night Relays    SD912182   Harvester:
                                                Watergrove, Rochdale.
16      EA   SOS     Relays          TL790306   Broaks Wood,
16      EM   LEI     CC              SK766115   Burrough Hill


6-11         WOA     Badge   CD: 18 Jun         Croeso 2000, Dolgellau
27/9    YH   EBOR    Badge                      White Rose, Cawthorne


10      EA   SOS     Badge           TL990210   Roman Valley, Colchester
10      EA   NOR     Try-O                      tba
16/7    SW   DEVON   National        SS463351   Caddihoe Chase, Barnstaple.
17      EA   SUFFOC  Try-O                      Nowton Park
24      EA   WAOC    Try-O                      Priory Park, Bedford
23/4    SE   SLOW    Peter Palmer               Frith Hill, Dorking
                     Junior Relays


1       EA   NOR     CC                         tba
1       SE   CROC    Badge                      Long Valley, Aldershot
1       SE   HH      Try-O                      Whippendell Woods
8       EM   LEI     CC                         Fineshade
15      EA   SOS     Millenium Trio  TM001262   High Woods, Colchester
15      EM   DVO     Badge                      Longshaw
15      SE   HH      CC                         Verulamium
22      EA   WAOC    CC & EAGAL                 Rowney Warren 
28      EA   NOR     Night                      tba
29      EA   NOR     Relays                     tba
29      WOA          National        SN724197   Pen-Rhiw-Wen, Brynamman
29      SE   HH      CC                         Cassiobury/Whippendell


5       SC   SOC     Badge   CD:                New Forest
11      EM   LEI     Night                      Beacon Hill
12      EA   SOS     CC                         Marks Hall
12      EA   NOR     CC                         tba
12      SE   SN      Badge   CD:                Alice Holt, Hindhead
12      EM   LEI     Score                      Beacon Hill
19      EA   SUFFOC  CC                         Knettishall Heath
26      EA   WAOC    CC                         Maulden Wood


3       EA   WASH    CC                         tba
3       YH   SYO     National        CD:        Burbadge
10      EA   SOS     CC              TL830920   Hockley Woods, Rochford
10      SE   SLOW    Badge   CD:                Winterfold
17      EA   WAOC    Ltd CC                     Therfield Heath
17      EA   NOR     CC                         tba


WAOC Events and Officials 2000

This is a list of the WAOC events and officials for 2000. If you would like to volunteer for any of the 'vacancies' then contact the Events Convenor, Bruce Marshall [phone number removed from online edition]

The Organiser always requires help to run an event, so if you have an hour to spare on the day why not make the Organisers day with a phone call to volunteer your services.

7 May 2000
Chicksands Wood         Organiser:      Neil Humphries (01462) 434859
Ltd Colour Coded        Planner:        Jeff Green

25 June 2000
Ampthill Park           Organiser:      Ursula Oxburgh (01223) 357199
Relays                  Planner:        VACANT

2 July 2000
Brandon Park            Organiser:      Steve Hinshelwood (01223) 843907
Junior Inter Regional   Planner:        Neil Humphries

24 September 2000   (Date Changed)
Priory Park             Organiser(s):   VACANT
Try-O                   Planner(s):     VACANT

22 October 2000   (Date Changed)
Rowney Warren           Organiser(s):   Ian Jones  01223-894053
Colour Coded            Planner:        Peter Woods

26 November 2000
Maulden Wood            Organiser(s):   VACANT
Colour Coded            Planner(s):     VACANT

17 December 2000
Therfield heath         Organiser(s):   VACANT
Ltd Colour Coded        Planner:        Graham Louth

13 January 2001
Ampthill Park           Organiser(s):   VACANT
Night Colour Coded      Planner:        VACANT

27 January 2001 (provisional)
Brandon Park            Organiser(s):   VACANT
Badge (Thetford Thrash) Planner:        VACANT

Events so far 2000

                    Organiser(s)    Planner(s)    Controller(s)   String
Bush Heath Woods    Anne Duncumb    Tim Mulcahy                   Linda Gash

Therfield Heath     Richard Gibbens Chris &       Bruce Marshall
                                    Leonie Brown

Thetford Warren     Bickle Family   Fred & 
                                    Neil Northrop

Event helpers and officials

The club is always looking for members to organise our events, either as the main officials or helping on the day. If you would like to be an official but lack the experience or confidence, then please speak to me. I can arrange for you to be 'apprenticed' at an earlier event, or I can pair you up with someone else to share a role.

I supply each Organiser with a Resource Pack which I know past organisers have found absolutely invaluable. For those wanting to plan, the Club has guidelines and the BOF Course Planning Book.

Most of the events listed will also require a person to organise the string course. These are fun to plan and very rewarding for the organisers and the young participants.

If you would like to volunteer for any of the vacancies then contact me as the Events Convenor on [phone number removed from online edition] Those leaving nearer Bedford would be particularly welcome!

The Organiser always requires help to operate an event, so if you are planning to go why not make the Organiser's day by volunteering your services in advance. All helpers get a run on the day, so you won't miss out on the orienteering.

Bruce Marshall


Fixtures and Fittings

Ever wondered why our fixtures are distributed across the year the way they are? Thought not, but I thought I'd tell you anyway. A sub-group of the WAOC committee, consisting of myself (the Fixtures Secretary), Bruce Marshall, (Events Convenor) and Ursula Oxburgh, (Club Chairman) has just mapped out our 2001 calendar, so it's all fresh in my mind.

The first thing to notice is that the calendar has to be planned almost a year ahead. In fact, we're probably already a bit late: Looking at February and November of 2001, they're both already full of near-by badge events, but more of that later.

Next, there are various constraints: Chicksands has a shooting tenant, which means we can't use it between the end of September and the end of January (so does Rowney Wood near Saffron Walden, but that's too small to feature a full colour-coded event). Rowney Warren, Mildenhall and Thetford Warren suffer from excessive bracken during the summer months (i.e. from May/June to October) making them difficult to use during this time. Bush Heath, although it's not our area (we borrow it from CUOC) is also unusable most of the year because of ferocious brambles which only die back in winter. Maulden Woods are an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and English Nature are reluctant to let us in there except during November and December. Use of Therfield Heath has to be co-ordinated with the golf club. Ampthill is generally available all year round, but is too small to run a full colour-coded event on.

There are other constraints: attendance drops quite sharply towards Christmas, so generally we don't want to stage a colour-coded event past the first week of December. Likewise the first couple of weeks in January are difficult because it would mean the planner and organiser having to do their stuff over the Christmas period. July and August are also difficult because a lot of people are on holiday. Bank Holidays generally aren't a good idea, partly because people are doing other things, and partly because those who spend their bank holidays orienteering are usually at the bigger events: the JK (Easter), Springtime in Shropshire/the South (May bank holiday), White Rose (August bank holiday).

Finally, we don't want to clash with other East Anglian events (if we can help it), or near-by colour-coded or badge events in SEOA or other neighbouring regions. Even if there would be sufficient local orienteers who wouldn't consider it a clash, as they wouldn't travel outside the region, most of our planners, organisers, controllers and helpers are drawn from our keen members who will travel a long way to "near-by" badge events. So we try to avoid clashing with the Chiltern Challenge (Oxfordshire) and Concorde Chase (Berkshire). We also avoid clashing with the British Orienteering Championships, wherever they are, and most of the National events.

So, looking at next year: HH have a badge event on 21 Jan, CUOC have one on the 28th, and we don't really want to hold an event on or before the 14th. So we decided to propose another "Thetford Thrash" double-badge event with CUOC, using Brandon on the 27th. February was already full: Badge events in Berkshire and Nottingham on the 4th; a National event at Cannock on the 11th; WASH have booked a colour-coded on the 18th; TVOC have a badge event on the 25th. Going into March, there's a badge event somewhere in SEOA on the 4th (details TBA) and there's also a National event (possibly coupled with a badge event) in Wales that weekend, SMOC are holding a badge event on the 11th. The CompassSport Cup first round is on the 18th, WASH and NOR are holding the "Double Dumpling" double badge event on the 24th/25th.

You can see the problems. It turned out to be a real struggle to fit our events in. It took over 2 hours for us to juggle our calendar into something that would work, and even then we have to clash with a National event on 1 April 2001. And this is before many of the East Anglian clubs have proposed their calendars. It's possible that they'll be forced into unavoidable clashes with our events, although they may be able to use slots which we didn't use to avoid clashing with badge events in neighbouring regions: As we're closer to the edge of the region than most other EA clubs, we're affected most by these sorts of clashes.

And finally, once all this has been achieved, you often find that some of the events we've tried so hard to avoid clashing with are either cancelled or moved, leaving gaps in the calendar! This happened this year. When we planned our 2000 calendar, February and March were already full so we were forced to clash our Thetford Warren event with a SUFFOC event and a National event, but by the time that March came round, three of the events which were on the fixture list at the time we set our calendar had been cancelled. C'est la vie.

So the proposed schedule of WAOC colour-coded events for 2001 is:

    Date      Location         Notes
    13 Jan    Ampthill         (Night event)
    27 Jan    Brandon          (Badge event, Saturday, with CUOC Icenian 
                                on Sunday)
    1 Apr     Mildenhall Woods
    29 Apr    Santon Downham   (area loaned by CUOC) (EAGAL)
    20 May    Rowney Wood      (we'll squeeze something in)
    15 Sep    Wimpole Hall
    21 Oct    Rowney Warren
    18 Nov    Maulden Wood

Subject to change, but hopefully not! (In particular, the proposal for the 'Thetford Thrash' hasn't yet been agreed by CUOC so shouldn't be seen as 'set in stone')

Dave Wotton


Congratulations .....

To Richard Gibbens and Helen Stokes, who were married in Caius College Chapel on 3 April. Helen is a professional musician, previously a member of the Halle Orchestra, and has now moved to Cambridge. She's been seen at one or two O-events, and maybe that will now increase. Richard, of course, is well-known to many of us in WAOC. We wish them both well for the future.


WAOC email list

Just a reminder that I (Dave) maintain a mail-list of WAOC members with email addresses which is used to broadcast event reminders, requests for lifts, corrections to Jabberwaoc and late-breaking news. If you've got access to email, it's a good way of keeping up with the news.

The mail-list is fairly low-volume, only two or three emails per month and email addresses are kept confidential: I don't divulge them to anyone else without permission. However, after a survey, many people on the list have said that they would be happy for their email addresses to be published in the WAOC membership list, and this will be happening shortly.

If you're not already on it, email me and I'll add you to the email list, or answer any questions you may have about it.

Dave Wotton


WAOC Club merchandise for sale

WAOC Club O-tops are now available @ 14.00 (p&p 40p extra). A complete range of sizes (1 - 7) is now available.

Club sweatshirts @ 12.00 (p&p 1.00 extra) are plain black with a 7.5cm sq. WAOC motif. Sizes: S,M,L,XL.

To order your WAOC garments just send your cheque and size requirements to Anne Duncumb.

If you require further information about sizes etc. you can contact Anne by email: Duncumb@Compuserve.com

Anne Duncumb (membership secretary)


New club members

There are four new WAOC members since the last issue of Jabberwaoc.

Welcome to:

Andy and Sue Owen from Hitchin
Stuart and Lynda Robertson & family
(Angus M4, Cameron M3 and Fraser M1)
from Bassingbourn
Juliet Vickery & David Thomas from Reach
St Christopher School Letchworth

We wish you all a warm welcome to WAOC and hope you enjoy your orienteering with us.


WAGAL 2000

Results from Bush Heath Woods

30 January 2000

Thanks to CUOC for loaning us the use of Bush Heath Woods (again). It's a bit unfortunate that the southern area is being taken over by brambles.

Name            Class   Time    min/km  Course  min/km  Points
C Morley        M60     1:00:41 08:19   Blue    05:53   1090
N Humphries     M40     1:06:04 06:44   Brown   06:00   1087
C Thorne        M65     0:42:16 10:04   Green   06:30   1070
Mike Capper     M45     1:16:45 07:50   Brown   06:35   1067
N Northrop      M18     1:13:31 07:30   Brown   06:36   1066
L Freeman       W45     1:17:49 10:40   Blue    06:53   1056
P Humphries     M10     0:16:37 07:33   Yellow  07:03   1050
C Brown         M45     0:58:52 08:04   Blue    07:03   1050
F Northrop      M50     1:27:32 08:56   Brown   07:03   1050
U Oxburgh       W65     1:03:57 15:14   Green   07:12   1045
N Ives          W45     1:21:49 11:12   Blue    07:14   1044
S Woods         W40     0:42:51 10:12   Green   07:21   1040
V Pap           W20     1:12:37 09:57   Blue    07:21   1040
R Saxl          W55     0:54:34 13:00   Green   07:24   1038
R Crook         M21     1:13:13 07:28   Brown   07:28   1036
M Bickle        M50     1:06:54 09:10   Blue    07:32   1034
R Oxburgh       M65     0:50:45 12:05   Green   07:48   1025
N Gardner       W45     1:28:30 12:07   Blue    07:50   1024
S Gash          W16     0:45:41 10:53   Green   07:50   1023
B Hill          M40     1:02:50 08:36   Blue    07:59   1018
G Louth         M35     1:02:07 08:31   Blue    08:15   1009
P Bickle        W20     0:45:48 10:54   Green   08:20   1007
J Beadle        M50     1:13:59 10:08   Blue    08:20   1006
C Judd          W21     0:26:27 08:49   Orange  08:36   997
P Woods         M40     1:35:25 09:44   Brown   08:40   995
D Wotton        M35     1:31:45 09:22   Brown   08:42   993
J Carpenter     W21     1:16:29 10:29   Blue    08:44   993
B Marshall      M45     1:13:12 10:02   Blue    08:46   991
M Brackpool     M50     0:43:33 10:22   Green   08:48   990
L Gash          W45     0:56:37 13:29   Green   08:59   984
P Howsam        M50     1:19:45 10:55   Blue    08:59   984
J Saxl          M50     1:20:43 11:03   Blue    09:06   980
M Humphries     M14     0:44:36 10:37   Green   09:08   979
T Wilson        M50     1:21:34 11:10   Blue    09:12   977
H Christopher   W21     0:45:59 10:57   Green   09:25   969
B Williams      M50     1:25:40 11:44   Blue    09:39   961
M Batten        W50     0:47:45 15:24   Lt Grn  09:45   957
P Collins       M35     1:14:30 10:12   Blue    09:53   953
M Misson        M21     1:36:56 09:53   Brown   09:53   953
C Pennington    W45     0:44:36 14:23   Lt Grn  09:55   952
G Mayley        M40     0:43:45 10:25   Green   09:58   950
Helen Bickle    W18     0:55:51 13:18   Green   10:01   949
E Louth         M10     0:35:29 11:50   Orange  10:06   946
C Woods         W12     0:40:46 13:35   Orange  10:16   940
M Pinnock       M45     0:48:06 11:27   Green   10:21   937
B Newton        M45     1:28:05 12:04   Blue    10:33   930
J Pennington    W16     0:44:35 14:23   Lt Grn  10:42   925
J Howsam        W45     1:07:39 16:06   Green   10:44   924
M Marshall      W45     1:08:05 16:13   Green   10:48   921
C Page          M50     0:54:01 12:52   Green   10:56   917
J Batten        M50     0:55:19 13:10   Green   11:11   908
Hazel Bickle    W45     0:50:27 16:16   Lt Grn  11:13   907
P Kovari        M21     1:22:44 11:20   Blue    11:48   887
A Eves          M40     1:36:00 13:09   Blue    12:12   874
C Bell          M50     0:43:05 13:54   Lt Grn  12:12   873
I Brennan       M21     0:49:14 11:43   Green   12:36   860
B Bailey        W40     0:52:48 17:02   Lt Grn  12:41   857
S Matthews      W35     0:51:15 16:32   Lt Grn  13:03   844
P Pennington    M50     1:06:53 15:55   Green   13:32   828
I Scott         M35     0:40:39 13:07   Lt Grn  13:33   827
A Wright        M14     0:48:31 15:39   Lt Grn  13:55   815
S Gardner       M12     0:52:20 16:53   Lt Grn  14:04   809
M Gardner       M40     1:57:03 16:02   Blue    14:52   782
A Harries       M50     1:19:02 18:49   Green   15:59   743
W Newton        W45     1:18:59 25:29   Lt Grn  17:33   689
S Louth         W10     1:17:45 25:55   Orange  18:23   661
J Newton        W18     1:17:48 25:06   Lt Grn  19:31   622
S Bickle        W18     0:47:04 21:24   Yellow  19:58   606
E Brown         M14     0:42:45 19:26   Yellow  20:44   580
S Wright        W40     1:30:16 29:07   Lt Grn  21:41   548

Mean Points: 988, Mean Time: 08:35, Std Dev: 01:27, Ideal Mean Time: 08:31

Where the runners came from ...

        WAOC    Ind     EA      SE      SC      EM      SW      Total
String                                                          0
White   1               1                                       2
Yellow  3       2       3                       1               9
Orange  6       4       4                       1               15
Red             4       3                                       7
Lt Grn  13      10      6       1                               30
Green   22      11      27      1       1                       62
Blue    21      3       20      1       1       2               48
Brown   8               8       1       1       1       1       20
        ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
        74      34      72      4       3       5       1       193

Results from Thetford Warren,

26 March 2000

Estimating the number of maps required appeared to be the biggest problem at this event. Thanks to all the people who gave back their maps so that others may orienteer.

The number of WAOC competitors was down compared to previous events but overall there was a good turnout despite the clash with the National event.

Name            Class   Time    min/km  Course  min/km  Points
U Oxburgh       W65     1:02:14 12:58   Green   06:08   1074
I Renfrew       M21     0:57:42 06:20   Brown   06:20   1067
D Peregrine     M60     1:25:25 09:23   Brown   06:23   1065
D Wotton        M35     1:04:14 07:04   Brown   06:34   1058
I Jones         M21     0:48:06 06:46   Blue    07:03   1040
S Woods         W40     1:12:07 10:09   Blue    07:05   1039
M Marshall      W45     0:52:22 10:55   Green   07:16   1032
S Peregrine     W55     1:33:34 13:11   Blue    07:17   1032
Maurice Capper  M75     1:10:46 14:45   Green   07:18   1031
R Oxburgh       M65     0:54:27 11:21   Green   07:19   1031
C Pennington    W45     0:39:26 10:39   Lt Grn  07:21   1030
G Louth         M35     0:36:12 07:33   Green   07:33   1022
P Woods         M40     1:17:56 08:34   Brown   07:37   1019
M Batten        W50     1:02:05 12:56   Green   07:56   1008
M Pinnock       M45     0:42:10 08:47   Green   07:56   1008
I Smith         M40     1:01:14 08:37   Blue    08:00   1006
R Horton        M50     1:10:37 09:57   Blue    08:11   999
A Duncumb       W65     1:23:55 17:29   Green   08:16   995
C Woods         W12     0:39:40 11:01   Orange  08:20   993
T Wilson        M50     1:11:53 10:07   Blue    08:20   993
J Beadle        M50     1:12:18 10:11   Blue    08:23   991
B Marshall      M45     1:08:59 09:43   Blue    08:30   987
M Misson        M21     1:21:03 08:54   Brown   08:54   972
B Williams      M50     1:20:20 11:19   Blue    09:19   957
J Batten        M50     0:52:48 11:00   Green   09:21   956
S Speller       W35     1:01:18 12:46   Green   09:45   941
C Louth         W35     1:35:36 13:28   Blue    09:57   933
A Eves          M40     1:46:24 11:42   Brown   10:24   917
J Carpenter     W21     1:29:21 12:35   Blue    10:29   914
P Fenton        W40     0:53:03 14:20   Lt Grn  10:40   907
J Byford        M40     0:54:23 11:20   Green   10:51   900
M Pride         M40     1:54:19 12:34   Brown   11:11   888
J Garner        M35     0:54:03 11:16   Green   11:16   885
R Thomas        W45     1:24:41 17:39   Green   11:46   866
B Newton        M45     1:03:16 13:11   Green   11:54   861
C Bell          M50     0:50:19 13:36   Lt Grn  11:56   860
R Fenton        M16     0:50:02 13:31   Lt Grn  12:37   835
J Fenton        W16     1:13:04 19:45   Lt Grn  14:42   758
S Orpin         W21     1:08:48 18:36   Lt Grn  16:32   690
G Cole          M50     1:10:08 18:57   Lt Grn  16:38   686
C Fenton        M55     1:14:59 20:16   Lt Grn  16:40   686
A Harries       M50     1:04:49 18:00   Orange  17:21   660
P Wright        M10     0:57:33 22:08   Yellow  20:40   538

Mean Points: 985, Mean Time: 08:13, Std Dev: 01:21, Ideal Mean Time: 08:09

Where the runners came from ...

        WAOC    Ind     EA      SE      EM      YH      Totals
String          6                                       6
White   1       1       8       1                       11
Yellow  1       7       9                               17
Orange  2       18      6                               26
Red             4       1       1                       6
Lt Grn  9       4       18      2       1               34
Green   14      7       35      2               1       59
Blue    12      4       25      2               1       44
Brown   7               17      3       1       1       29
        ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---     ---
        46      51      119     11      2       3       232

Totals so far

The following list shows the scores after the first 2 WAOC events of 2000.

Pos     Name            Class   Total   Bush    Thet
1       N Northrop      M18     2132    1066    1066
2       U Oxburgh       W65     2119    1045    1074
3       F Northrop      M50     2100    1050    1050
4       S Woods         W40     2079    1040    1039
5       R Oxburgh       M65     2056    1025    1031
6       D Wotton        M35     2051    993     1058
7       G Louth         M35     2031    1009    1022
8       P Woods         M40     2014    995     1019
9       J Beadle        M50     1997    1006    991
10      C Pennington    W45     1982    952     1030
11      B Marshall      M45     1978    991     987
12      T Wilson        M50     1970    977     993
13      M Batten        W50     1965    957     1008
14      M Marshall      W45     1953    921     1032
15      M Pinnock       M45     1945    937     1008
16      C Woods         W12     1933    940     993
17      M Misson        M21     1925    953     972
18      B Williams      M50     1918    961     957
19      J Carpenter     W21     1907    993     914
20      J Batten        M50     1864    908     956
21      B Newton        M45     1791    930     861
22      A Eves          M40     1791    874     917
23      C Bell          M50     1733    873     860
24      A Harries       M50     1403    743     660
25      C Morley        M60     1090    1090    0
26      N Humphries     M40     1087    1087    0
27      C Thorne        M65     1070    1070    0
28      Mike Capper     M45     1067    1067    0
29      I Renfrew       M21     1067    0       1067
30      D Peregrine     M60     1065    0       1065
31      L Freeman       W45     1056    1056    0
32      P Humphries     M10     1050    1050    0
33      C Brown         M45     1050    1050    0
34      N Ives          W45     1044    1044    0
35      V Pap           W21     1040    1040    0
36      I Jones         M21     1040    0       1040
37      R Saxl          W55     1038    1038    0
38      R Crook         M21     1036    1036    0
39      M Bickle        M50     1034    1034    0
40      S Peregrine     W55     1032    0       1032
41      Maurice Capper  M75     1031    0       1031
42      N Gardner       W45     1024    1024    0
43      S Gash          W16     1023    1023    0
44      B Hill          M40     1018    1018    0
45      P Bickle        W20     1007    1007    0
46      I Smith         M40     1006    0       1006
47      R Horton        M50     999     0       999
48      C Judd          W21     997     997     0
49      A Duncumb       W65     995     0       995
50      M Brackpool     M50     990     990     0
51      L Gash          W45     984     984     0
52      P Howsam        M50     984     984     0
53      J Saxl          M50     980     980     0
54      M Humphries     M14     979     979     0
55      H Christopher   W21     969     969     0
56      P Collins       M35     953     953     0
57      G Mayley        M40     950     950     0
58      Helen Bickle    W18     949     949     0
59      E Louth         M10     946     946     0
60      S Speller       W35     941     0       941
61      C Louth         W35     933     0       933
62      J Pennington    W16     925     925     0
63      J Howsam        W45     924     924     0
64      C Page          M50     917     917     0
65      Hazel Bickle    W45     907     907     0
66      P Fenton        W40     907     0       907
67      J Byford        M40     900     0       900
68      M Pride         M40     888     0       888
69      P Kovari        M21     887     887     0
70      J Garner        M35     885     0       885
71      R Thomas        W45     866     0       866
72      I Brennan       M21     860     860     0
73      B Bailey        W40     857     857     0
74      S Matthews      W35     844     844     0
75      R Fenton        M16     835     0       835
76      P Pennington    M50     828     828     0
77      I Scott         M35     827     827     0
78      A Wright        M14     815     815     0
79      S Gardner       M12     809     809     0
80      M Gardner       M40     782     782     0
81      J Fenton        W16     758     0       758
82      S Orpin         W21     690     0       690
83      W Newton        W45     689     689     0
84      G Cole          M50     686     0       686
85      C Fenton        M55     686     0       686
86      S Louth         W10     661     661     0
87      J Newton        W18     622     622     0
88      S Bickle        W18     606     606     0
89      E Brown         M14     580     580     0
90      S Wright        W40     548     548     0
91      P Wright        M10     538     0       538

Basic Rules


Committee: WAOC & EAOA

If anybody would like to comment on any of these issues or has any other issues that they would like to bring to the committee's attention then please contact us. A list of committee members is on page 2.


AGM 2000

Under AOB it was mentioned that it would be a good idea for the club to purchase, with the help of the Millennium Award lottery funding, its own supply of electronic punching (SportIdent) equipment. This would enable the club to use smaller areas more efficiently. As mentioned in the Chairman's Chat, any opinions (for and against) should be directed to Ursula in the first instance.


A publicity officer is required. If you would like to volunteer for this post or would like more information then please contact one of the committee members (contact details on page 2).



The will be on 4 June 2000 at High Lodge with probably a Score event. This event will also include the EA Schools Championships.

JIRC 2000

Mildenhall Upper School had agreed to provide beds and meals and the PTA are planning to hold a barbeque on the Saturday evening.


The region is intending to put on an intermediate mapping course in November.


There are currently vacancies on the EAOA committee for the following positions: Vice Chairman, Secretary, Points East Editor, Forest liaison Officer


For Sale

Polar Heart monitor for sale with bike mount, new battery just fitted


ring Lindsey Freeman on 01480 465331


Next Events:


Grid Ref:   TL105411
Date:       7 May 2000
Courses:    White to Blue
Directions: O signed off A600 North of Shefford.
Organiser:  Neil Humphries (01462 434859)

Schools League

3 May   WAOC    TL032487     KEMPSTON RIVER MEADOWS, Bedford
10 May  SMOC    SP362891     CALDECOTTE, Ouzel Valley, Milton Keynes
17 May  HH      TL228113     STANBOROUGH PARK, Welwyn Garden City
24 May  SMOC    SP920294     STOCKGROVE PARK, Heath and Reach
7 June  WAOC    TL124404     ROWNEY WARREN, Shefford
14 June HH      TQ080983     WHIPPENDELL WOOD, Watford


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