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Jabberwaoc - September 2001





Well, in most parts of the country, orienteering is beginning to pick up again after the Foot and Mouth crisis, which decimated the fixtures list earlier in the year, and still threatens to cause disruption until it is fully eradicated. The fixtures list for the coming months is packed solid with events. Wearing my other hat, as Fixtures Secretary, the rearrangement of postponed events has caused some headaches and there are some unavoidable clashes.

Junior Jabberwaoc is packed with reports from our junior members on training camps which they attended during the summer: Martin Humphries, who went to Lagganlia, Helen Gardner who went to Glenmore Lodge, and Peter Gardner, who travelled to Sweden for a training camp, followed by the opportunity to compete in the Swedish O-ringen. Congratulations to all of them for being selected for these training tours, and for writing reports for Junior Jabberwaoc about them.

Blanka Sengerova has contributed an article on the skills required to tackle White, Yellow, Orange and Red courses. This was originally intended for Junior Jabberwaoc but has overflowed into the main Jabberwaoc instead, together with a report of her summer holiday orienteering at the Czech 5-days.

A few weeks ago, I sent out a broadcast email, asking for Jabberwaoc contributions, and suggested that the GCSE and A-level results of our juniors would be of interest to the wider membership. Blanka responded: "Doesn't feel right you see, telling people about one's own results if they are good: Can make it look too much like showing off" which is perfectly understandable. So I won't mention that one of our juniors achieved six grade A's in her A levels. In a (not entirely unrelated) vein, we are very fortunate that Blanka will be able to continue her association with WAOC when she starts university in October, as she'll be studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge.

Congratulations to all our juniors who did well in their exams in the summer.

Dave Wotton (dwotton@clara.co.uk)


WAOC committee members

[This section removed from the online version of Jabberwaoc]


Chairman's Chat (Ursula's Utterings)

First of all, many thanks to Neil and Pauline Humphries who did such a marvellous job editing Jabberwaoc and keeping the news and views coming out to you, and a big welcome to Dave Wotton who edited the last Jabberwaoc and who has been waiting patiently for the past 4 days for the Chairman's Chat for this one.

It was particularly unfortunate that Dave's slightly curt e-mail, asking for this at my 'earliest convenience' should have arrived a couple of hours before I set off for the Twin Peaks 2-day event. We were warned that it would be tough, and it was, with man-eating brambles, woman-swallowing bogs, deep brashings and long walks in and out, but it was well worth the scratches, filthy socks and exhaustion to be back orienteering in England. There were 1,300 there on the Saturday and 1,100 on Sunday, so orienteering is up and running again after the Foot and Mouth epidemic, although there will be areas of the country where we shall not be able to O for some time yet.

WAOC had 35 members at the Scottish 6-Days. We enjoyed remarkably good weather, nearly completely dry and not too hot, and some absolutely fantastic areas. Junior successes will be noted in Junior Jabber and the rest elsewhere. On the evening of the 'rest' day, Hally Hardie organised a very well attended club dinner, which was noted more for excellence of the company and the quality of the food than the speed of its service, but everyone seemed to have a good time and it was a good chance to catch up with old friends. The highlight of the week for me was Day 5 when we went out west from Fort William along the road to Mallaig, to Arisaig. We had a long walk in from the Assembly area, with a lot of height gain, and were rewarded with stunning views out to Rhum, Muck, Eigg and Skye where we could see the southern part of the Cuillin ridge and Blaven. At one point we saw the steam train that runs daily from Fort William to Mallaig, and the whistle and plume of steam over the fields reminded me of walking with my father years ago when all the trains that we looked down on sounded and looked like that. Oh, and the area was fantastic too.

Now the word is that orienteering is in full swing in East Anglia and also in much of the rest of the country. WAOC, in common with other EA clubs, is putting on a full programme of events this season. As always, the organisers are looking for helpers, so please ring them up and offer to help - you always get a run as well as helping, so it is just a matter of a couple of extra hours at the event, and it's a good way to get to know club members. Bruce Marshall, our Events Convenor, is now looking for planners and organisers for our 2002 events, so please give him a ring on xxxxxxxxxx and talk to him. Bruce has lots of organising, planning and controlling experience so he can give you lots of help if you need it and he has an organiser's pack with all you need to organise an event. If you are not sure that you can manage the whole planner's or organiser's job, why not offer to be an assistant planner/organiser the first time to get an idea of what is involved?

Our juniors travel to Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield in a couple of weeks' time to run in the Peter Palmer Relay, an 8 person relay starting at 4:30 am. Good luck to Helen Gardner, Clare Woods, Martin Humphries, Simon Gardner, Edward Louth, Jamie Taylor, Lewis Hadler and Peter Gardner, our acting junior captain as Blanka Sengerova is too old to compete. Have fun in the 5-a-side football, sleep well in the sleep-over and then run your socks off the next morning.

Ursula Oxburgh.


New club members

We extend a warm welcome to:

   David Abbott and family (Christopher M7, Olivia W5)     from Burwell
   Dan and Sarah Buckley and family (Harry M8, Joe M5)     from Waterbeach
   Gerald and Jacqueline Radford and family (Alex 8)       from Coton
   Peter Simpson                                           from Grafham

We hope that you will enjoy orienteering with us.


The SOS relays 2001

Ursula, hotly pursued up the hill by Philip Humphries
Every year the Essex Stragglers organise a rather unusual relay event. Teams of four are given only three maps; a yellow, orange, and light green. All four team members must run the yellow course, three must run the orange, and two the light green. Given that there is only one map for each course, only one team member can be out on a particular course at one time. This means there will always be at least one team member hanging around near the changeover area. If you're thinking that this sounds like a challenging logistics problem, then you would be right. I spent the previous evening trying to find the optimum running order for our team. To add excitement, a handicap scheme determines each teams start time, taking into account age and gender. The first team to complete all courses wins the event.

This year the SOS relay was held at Highwoods Country Park near Colchester. The area is part open grassland, and part forest. There is little undergrowth making for very pleasant running. The abundance of paths and other line features should make navigation straightforward. The start and finish area was positioned on one side of an open valley, providing great views of runners mistakes.

Five WAOC teams entered this years SOS relays. Our club entered the most teams. Simon, Helen, Peter, and Nicola Gardner formed a team called SHNAP. They all had superb runs run for a very impressive second overall, beaten by only one and half minutes by the West family from SOS. Peter had a particularly good run on the orange course to come fourth. Neil Humphries from The Frumious Bandersnatch came second on the orange course, beaten only by David West from SOS. I was in a team with Ursula, Dave Wotton, and Roger Horton called waoc.com. We came seventh overall. I came second on the light green course beaten only by Mark Johnson from SOS. Dave ran without rests between courses for an impressive top eight finish on all three courses. Other WAOC runners I haven't mentioned were Mike Gardner, Mark and Anthony Wadeson, Julia Wotton, Mark Collis, Annette Dowd, Simon Shaw, Philip, Martin, and Pauline Humphries. Full results can be found on the SOS web page http://cordle.net/sos/event/20010715.htm but I must point out that there is a mistake on my yellow time (I ran faster than that!).

Myself, Ursula, and Dave squeezed into the start box with a team from SUFFOC who also had the same 30 minute handicap. I was running light green, and had to pass the map to Dave who was running orange. Ursula was running yellow and had to pass the map to Roger. A few last minute stretches and we were off. I glanced at my map and saw that the first control was somewhere on the other side of the valley. There is a small lake at the bottom of the valley. I ran around the left of the lake while everyone else ran to the right. Running to the right was evidently slightly quicker. A bunch of us crossed the style together plunging from sunny grassland into dank forest. I navigated carefully as I hadn't been orienteering for months, and this was the dreaded first control. The SUFFOC runner beat me to the earth wall, but I pulled away on the next leg. Something went wrong on my way to control five, as it wasn't where I was hoping it would be. I started running down the gully, but it wasn't there either. I could hear lots of runners thrashing through the forest higher up so I turned around and retraced my steps. Upon reaching an unexpected path I realised I was in the wrong gully and needed to go a bit further. Half way around the course we emerged back into the sunlight for a couple of spectator controls in view of the finish. From this point on the navigation was straightforward, as much of the running was on paths. I tried to run fast to make up for time I'd lost on my mistake, always worried that there would be queue of runners waiting for me at the changeover!

There may have been a small mistake in our strategy, because myself and Ursula were back at the changeover with no one to run the light green course. But we used our time wisely and Ursula told me the entire yellow course without a map. I presume we were allowed to do that! It was very useful to know which direction the first control was in as the taped route was a bit confusing. Ursula was due to run the orange, but she was busy talking when it came in and had to be fetched from the crowd. I handed the green to Dave and received the yellow from Roger. We had previously identified the yellow as the bottleneck course, the one we had to run hard at and change over without gaps. The course started out along paths. Some of the controls were hidden round corners, so we had to be careful not to overrun and lose time. Later on the route went uphill diagonally across a field, where I was pleased to overtake Julia running for waoc.org. From the last control it was an uphill sprint to the finish.

The rest of my team were out on other courses, so I borrowed Dave's new digital camera (we had permission), and drained the batteries taking pictures of others on the uphill sprint. We all enjoyed our runs, and found it excellent preparation for the Scottish Six Days.




Bohemia 2001 - the Czech 5-days

Like in the previous years, I found myself in the Czech Republic during the summer holidays, which meant I had to give the Scottish 6-days a miss once again. Nevertheless, we had entered the Bohemia 2001 orienteering event (Czech 5 days), organised by OK Novy Bor this year. The event took place in the Labe sandstone rocks area, a region where the World Orienteering Championships had taken place some years ago (sometimes during the 1970's I suspect). This year the event was entered by very few other competitors from British clubs, probably because of the clash between this event and the Scottish 6-days.

On arrival, we found the campsite almost full to the brim (and that was only the afternoon), which meant that we eventually left the car before a ford that crossed a stream/river, which meandered around the campsite (the campsite owner said that when the storms came on Friday, we'd be much better off than everyone else as we'd probably be flooded - fortunately, there were no floods in the end...).

The events all took place within very rocky terrain, involving quite a large amount of climb on most days. Nevertheless, day 1, to the event centre of which we were taken by a bus as it was further away, included an intial section of running, followed by intricate searching for controls within sandstone pillars and rocks on most courses. The remaining four days were centred about 3 kilometres from the event campsite, which did not even include the walk to the start (a typical feature of Czech orienteering events, perhaps due to a lesser accessibility of the start sites, is that some of the younger juniors probably have a shorter run out on the course than the distance walked to/from assembly area/start). Days 2-5 were all run on 1:7,500 maps (a pain with pacing, I have to say) to give greater detail.

Blanka Sengerova


BSES Expeditions

Since 1932, BSES (British Schools Exploring Society) has been organising expeditions to remote areas in arctic and tropical regions - often with inadequate maps! In summer 2002, expeditions are going to Amazonia, Norway and Tien Shan (central Asia). Young people aged 16 to 20 are invited to apply to be young explorers (YEs) and older people to apply to be leaders. YEs need some experience in outdoor activities eg backpacking, fell walking, canoeing, kayaking, and interest in field sciences eg biology, botany, zoology, ornithology, glaciology, geomorphology, geology, surveying, archaeology, photography, art etc. Leaders need extensive science and/or outdoor leadership experience and/or medicine/nursing.

For application form, send SAE to BSES Expeditions, at RGS, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR. Tel 020 7591 3141. Email: bses@rgs.org, website: http://www.bses.org.uk/ Closing date for YEs 15th Oct 2001. For informal information, contact Jean Sinclair xxxxxxxxxxxx or email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, (YE in Greenland 83, leader in Svalbard 87, Greenland 92 & British Columbia 93)


Stepping up

This is aimed especially at the younger juniors who may not necessarily feel confident enough to step up through the colour coded courses and eventually go on to start running badge events. My aim is to provide a summary of the techniques involved in each technical difficulty to help you see what is expected at each level and perhaps consider specific techniques when out there orienteering. So what should you be able to do/what should you learn?

Technical Difficulty 1 (TD1 - this is white, and M/W10B)

moving towards yellow

Having introduced the techniques that are necessary to compete successfully at the white (TD1) level, I have now tried to explain the skills and techniques involved that are added when you move on from white to yellow.

Technical Difficulty 2 (TD2 - this is yellow, and M/W10A as well as M/W12B)

and finally to orange

Technical Difficulty 3 (TD3 - this is orange or red, and M/W12A as well as M/W14B)

Blanka Sengerova



Compass Sport Cup

The Compass Sport Cup, an inter-club competition which normally takes place over several rounds during the orienteering year, takes a different format this year as a result of the cancellation of earlier rounds due to the Foot and Mouth disease crisis.

Instead of regional heats, there will be just a single event, which all clubs are invited to attend. Because of this, there will be some variations to the existing CSC and Trophy rules. In particular, clubs may only enter the number of points scorers per course + 1 (ie. 4 competitors on course A, etc.). Also the rule that Course C must have 1 M50+ finisher and Course E 1 W45+ finisher will not apply. So for say Course A in the Cup, a club sends 4 nominated runners.

This means that we can enter a team of 26 runners. The event will be at Eccleshall Woods, Sheffield on Saturday 11th November. Sport-ident electronic punching will be used. There is a badge event at Burbage West (Sheffield) the following day.

WAOC is planning on sending a team, and if you are interested in going please contact Ian Renfrew, Club Captain, by email or phone. There is a good chance we will be going either by coach (for the day) or via two minibuses (perhaps one for the day and one for Saturday and Sunday, to cater for those wishing to compete in the badge event as well). Could you please indicate if you want to travel with the club, and whether you want to go for just the Saturday, or both days. The bus will be partly paid for from club funds. Please let Ian know availability by 30 September.

Obviously, as entry is restricted, the actual selection of runners to represent the club, if any particular class is over-subscribed, will be left to the club captain's judgement. But if you don't let him know you're interested, you won't be in the frame at all!


Fixture list: Local, regional and selected national events


Apologies for the lack of training events this year. I was hoping to organise a training weekend during the summer but due to Foot and Mouth it was not possible to get any commitment from any area. Also work commitments and moving house have mean't I have had limited time to even think about orienteering. However, having been inspired at the Scottish 6-days by excellent terrain, I am looking forward to the next season and hope to arrange a training weekend for summer 2002 plus hopefully one or two local training events.

The National Orienteering Centre near Aviemore in Scotland provides facilities for orienteering training on some of Britain's best areas. They can provide full board or self-catering accommodation and have excellent facilities. I realise this is a long way from Cambridge but I could arrange a weekend there for WAOC if enough people were prepared to travel that distance. We should be able to get cheap flights ( 35-00 return!) if booked far enough in advance. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Julia Wotton (club coach).



Summer Galoppen 2001

These are the final totals for the WAOC 2001 Summer Galoppen.


Junior Women

                               CoC     MCP     CoeF   Hinch   Rowney  Total
 1  Blanka Sengerova         303.55  266.48    0.00    0.00  223.15   793.18
 2  Katy Woods               170.00  161.68  170.00  166.23    0.00   667.91
 3  Helen Gardner              0.00  312.46    0.00    0.00  293.42   605.88
 4  Clare Woods              150.00    0.00  190.00    0.00    0.00   340.00
 5  Katrin Sengerova         180.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  100.00   280.00
 6  Helen Bickle               0.00    0.00    0.00  248.48    0.00   248.48


Junior Men

                               CoC     MCP     CoeF   Hinch   Rowney  Total
 1  Jamie Taylor               0.00    0.00    0.00  319.54  229.87   549.41
 2  Martin Humphries           0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  273.91   273.91
 3  Simon Gardner/D. Gresham   0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  183.96   183.96
 4  Fraser + Anne              0.00    0.00    0.00  158.31    0.00   158.31
 5  Duncan Taylor              0.00    0.00    0.00  144.00    0.00   144.00
 6  Thomas Hemingway           0.00    0.00    0.00  133.76    0.00   133.76


Senior Women

                               CoC     MCP     CoeF   Hinch   Rowney  Total
 1  Jean Sinclair            202.20   91.95    0.00  188.03  137.31   619.49
 2  Penny Bickle               0.00    0.00  167.50    0.00    0.00   167.50
 3  Sue Woods                  0.00    0.00  155.00    0.00    0.00   155.00
 4  Catherine Goldsmith        0.00    0.00  142.50    0.00    0.00   142.50
 5  Alice Crook              120.00    0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00   120.00
 6  Julia Wotton               0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  100.00   100.00
 7  Helen Gibbens              0.00  100.00    0.00    0.00    0.00   100.00


Senior Men

                               CoC     MCP     CoeF   Hinch   Rowney  Total
 1  Rolf Crook               300.00  264.74  310.00  273.71    0.00  1148.45
 2  Mark Collis              232.10    0.00  400.00  243.68  191.41  1067.19
 3  Russ Ladkin              284.00    0.00  340.00  239.47  184.39  1047.86
 4  Peter Woods              258.90  264.34  280.00  227.06    0.00  1030.30
 5  Ian Jones                  0.00  232.45    0.00    0.00  209.17   441.62
 6  Marcus Misson              0.00    0.00    0.00  230.21  155.59   385.80
 7  Simon Freytag              0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  170.82   170.82
 8  Margus Lukk                0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  159.24   159.24
 9  Richard Gibbens            0.00  156.98    0.00    0.00    0.00   156.98
10  Gary Byrne                 0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  156.40   156.40
11  Peter Goldsmith            0.00    0.00  142.50    0.00    0.00   142.50
12  Andy Merritt             135.00    0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00   135.00
13  Simon Green                0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  100.00   100.00


Veteran Women

                               CoC     MCP     CoeF   Hinch   Rowney  Total
 1  Lindsey Freeman          303.10  262.82    0.00  100.00  223.15   889.07
 2  Hazel Bickle             201.70    0.00  250.00  123.81  159.03   734.54
 3  Maria Marshall           170.00    0.00  280.00  204.02    0.00   654.02
 4  Jitka Sengerova          180.00  152.97    0.00    0.00  100.00   432.97
 5  Noreen Ives              255.10    0.00    0.00    0.00  157.82   412.92
 6  Nicola Gardner             0.00  152.39    0.00    0.00  163.59   315.98
 7  Ursula Oxburgh             0.00    0.00    0.00  192.59  100.00   292.59


Veteran Men

                               CoC     MCP     CoeF   Hinch   Rowney  Total
 1  Bruce Marshall           269.35  300.00  355.00  269.68  199.67  1393.70
 2  Ian Lawson               263.80  256.73  280.00  238.12  180.91  1219.56
 3  Maurice Hemingway        190.00  265.00  325.00  237.87  160.36  1178.23
 4  Roger Horton             310.50  254.32  370.00    0.00  207.60  1142.42
 5  Hally Hardie             210.00    0.00  340.00  200.00  221.06   971.06
 6  Mike Bickle                0.00    0.00  355.00    0.00  197.98   552.98
 7  Bob Hill                   0.00    0.00    0.00  289.63    0.00   289.63
 8  Tony Bishop                0.00    0.00    0.00  275.03    0.00   275.03
 9  Adrian Taylor              0.00    0.00    0.00  274.83    0.00   274.83
10  Chris Morley               0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  228.97   228.97
11  Paul Hill                  0.00    0.00    0.00  213.90    0.00   213.90
12  Mike Gardner               0.00  152.39    0.00    0.00    0.00   152.39



Jabberwaoc online

Jabberwaoc is now available online. It can be found on the WAOC website in two different formats: As a web-page, and as a PDF file. The web-page version differs from what you see here in the printed version in two significant ways: Firstly, the page breaks, font sizes and font styles are all dependent on how your browser is set up and will therefore vary from user to user. This means that two printouts of the same Jabberwaoc web-page will look different when printed by two different people.

Secondly, to comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act I have removed some personal data, such as addresses and telephone numbers from the web-page version. (Except for those addresses and telephone which appear in the Fixtures List section and so are published elsewhere on the Internet, or those where I have been given explicit permission from the people involved to publish them.) Such addresses and telephone numbers are in the printed edition.

However, the PDF version is identical to the printed version in your hand, and we hope that as many of you as possible will take advantage of the ability to download Jabberwaoc so that we reduce our printing and postage costs.

The printable version of Jabberwaoc requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (or something compatible to it) to be installed before you can download, view or print it. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software, specifically designed and widely used for this purpose. It is available for most types of computers and is easy to install. Full instructions are given on the website. (For Windows plaforms the download file is approximately 8.6Mb.)

I said that the PDF version is identical to the printed version. Well, not quite: It has one advantage over the paper edition - it is in colour, so for online viewing, and if you have a suitable printer, you can see the photos and other images in their full glory!

Since the PDF version contains names, addresses and other "personal" data which we don't want to publish to the whole world, there isn't a link to this version of online Jabberwaoc: I will let members know how to access the file via the WAOC mail-list.

Give it a go, and if you like receiving Jabberwaoc in this way, let me know, and we'll stop sending you paper copies. If you change your mind, we can always put you back on the paper copy distribution list.

Dave (Jabberwaoc editor).


2002 events

In 2000 the Club put on 10 events of colour-coded status or greater. In 2001 we will have put on 6 events of similar status, plus another 13 informal events - that in a year when the calendar was curtailed by foot and mouth disease. It's not too early to think about event officials for 2002.

19th January, 2002      Therfield Heath (near Royston)          Night Event
24th February, 2002     Bush Heath (near Mildenhall)            Colour-coded
21st April, 2002        ROWNEY WARREN and CHICKSANDS            BADGE EVENT
12th May,2002           Rowney Wood (near Saffron Walden)       Colour Coded
8th Sept, 2002          Wimpole Hall (near Royston)             Colour Coded
26th October, 2002      Rowney Warren                           Colour-coded
24th November, 2002     Maulden (near Bedford)                  Colour-coded

Each of these events is going to require an Organiser and a Planner so that's a minimum of 14 members we require. If you wish, we can consider appointing joint organisers and planners for events. This would be entirely appropriate for our Badge Event in April which will be using two adjacent forests.

Previous organisers can tell you that each position comes with support from the Events Convenor including a bumper resource pack telling you what, when and how to do it!

If you would like to volunteer for any of theses positions then contact me, Bruce Marshall, Events Convenor, xxxxx xxxxxx


2001 events

From the event officials for 2001 events:

WAOC event organisers are always on the look out for helpers to take on jobs on the day of their events. As well as contributing to the success of these events you will get to meet colleagues in WAOC. Go on - make their day with a phone call to volunteer your services.

28th October       Mildenhall           Cath Pennington    xxxxx xxxxxx
18th November      Maulden              Anne Duncumb       xxxxx xxxxxx
9th December       Santon Downham       Ian Renfrew        xxxxx xxxxxx

Also wanted - string course organiser for Maulden.

This space reserved for your contribution to the next Jabberwaoc


Scottish 6-days results

Below is a table showing all the WAOC results at the Scottish 6-days, in descending order of overall points scored:

Name              Day 1   Day 2   Day 3   Day 4   Day 5   Day 6   Total
----------------  ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
Helen Gardner     1221.67 1249.39 1222.50 1246.23    0.00    0.00 4939.79
Hally Hardie      1128.88 1252.01  984.19 1160.25 1216.51 1158.79 4787.56
Robert Campbell   1157.12 1106.19 1091.79 1134.88 1026.83 1169.80 4567.99
Lindsey Freeman   1077.98 1231.05 1045.40    0.00  922.29 1169.86 4524.29
Neil Humphries    1025.76 1116.86 1066.93 1115.48  914.70 1101.78 4401.05
Penny Bickle       966.74 1109.08  995.57 1103.24  868.86 1149.94 4357.83
Michael Bickle     910.19  975.30 1061.36 1062.71 1062.26 1124.71 4311.04
Bruce Marshall    1002.80 1101.98 1071.72 1088.13  964.84  984.73 4264.63
Peter Gardner      994.91 1151.93 1122.87  946.23    0.00    0.00 4215.94
Helen Bickle      1068.77  868.39 1084.18  992.29 1014.73  903.99 4159.97
Rolf Crook         995.91 1011.45 1078.33  877.63 1004.48 1018.85 4113.11
Martin Humphries   948.24 1123.12  899.90  785.53  979.96 1033.43 4084.75
Katy Woods         967.03 1018.23 1134.14    0.00  945.69    0.00 4065.09
Hazel Bickle       799.72  961.67  954.10 1037.80  748.78 1049.58 4003.15
Ursula Oxburgh       0.00    0.00  908.22  901.81 1115.12 1061.97 3987.12
Mary Palmer        920.71 1013.60  730.06  910.49 1013.53    0.00 3858.33
Alice Campbell     878.92  804.97  778.22  796.72 1003.47 1164.47 3851.83
Noreen Ives       1115.59 1065.15  754.32    0.00  886.30  719.89 3821.36
Anthony Palmer     540.53 1056.43  898.82  974.59  822.80    0.00 3752.64
Tim Mulcahy        901.03  923.53  994.43  817.72  930.96    0.00 3749.95
Philip Humphries   676.96 1148.01  756.46  956.37  502.98  786.73 3647.57
Peter Woods        895.19  917.28  906.01    0.00    0.00  926.02 3644.50
Simon Gardner      844.21  891.39 1038.45  809.08    0.00    0.00 3583.13
Clare Woods        793.28  949.28  909.49  900.45  652.28  549.89 3552.50
Nicola Gardner     636.95  936.52  833.05  993.63    0.00    0.00 3400.15
Dave Wotton        902.88  953.28  543.36  689.71    0.00  806.64 3352.51
Sue Woods          625.25  622.52  873.90  899.61  605.32  903.14 3301.90
Colin Curtis       939.95  874.31    0.00  839.54    0.00  566.17 3219.97
Maria Marshall     507.83  809.65  613.40 1023.06  542.94  731.66 3177.77
Julia Carpenter    926.06  740.01    0.00  563.90    0.00    0.00 2229.97
Adam Mulcahy         0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  841.58    0.00  841.58
Lucy Mulcahy         0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  840.89    0.00  840.89
Anne Duncumb         0.00    0.00  682.92    0.00    0.00    0.00  682.92
Mike Gardner         0.00  639.68    0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00  639.68

Mike Bickle, at the final control, on the final day
Points were scored along the same lines as for the BOF ranking points, and WAGAL points: using a standard deviation formula. Consequently, the points scored represent your relative position amongst all those taking part in your age class (as opposed to relative to the winner's time.) The overall total is the sum of the competitor's 4 best results, so people who competed in less than four events will have an artificially low result.

Special commiserations must go to Tim Mulcahy, who missed the Silver standard Lochaber 2001 badge by 5/100ths of a point.

Apologies to Mark Collis (WAOC/DRONGO), and any other WAOC member who registered under their alternative club at the event: It's been too hard to integrate your results with the rest of the WAOC results.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in Scotland. If you've never orienteered in Scotland, you're probably not aware of the quality of the terrain and the orienteering challenge it presents. I speak from experience: Although I've competed at every Scottish 6-days event since 1992, I was totally flummoxed by Arisaig (Day 5). I got completely lost on three out of the first 5 controls and only found them by more luck than judgement. When I got lost for the fourth time, I realised I didn't have a clue how to tackle this sort of terrain (open fell, with lots of rock features, and no line features) and retired. Looks like I'll need to consult the club coach for advice!

Dave Wotton

WAOC's next event

Mildenhall Colour-coded (and EAGAL)

Sunday 28th October 2001

Registration: 10:00 - 12:00 (Entry on the day only)
Fees: Adults: 4-00, Juniors/students: 1-50

Independent runners (ie. not a member of a recognised orienteering club): +1-00 (adults), +50p (juniors)
E-card hire: 50p (if you don't have your own e-card)
Courses: White to Brown, + string
(Courses suitable for all ages and abilities. Beginners welcome.)
Location: Mildenhall Woods, Mildenhall.
Grid Ref: TL735752
Organiser/Enquiries: Cath Pennington

Copy date for next edition

Is November 2nd. Please send any articles or reports to me by then for inclusion in the next edition of Jabberwaoc. Remember that Jabberwaoc isn't just about orienteering: It's about WAOC members who orienteer. So any news about what you're doing will be welcome.

Articles submitted by email are preferred (email: dwotton@clara.co.uk), but I'll also accept articles on floppy disc or even hand-written. If submitting articles electronically, plain text or HTML is best, as I reformat it anyway to include in Jabberwaoc. But I can handle most other formats, including the ubiqitous Microsoft Word files.


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