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November 2001

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To my dearest Dave, this is the edition of Jabberwaoc that you had almost completed before your shocking and untimely death. I have tried to complete it to the best of my ability, which I'm afraid is not up to your excellent standard. 
I apologise if some people sent items which are not included. I have searched through recent e-mails to Dave's Claranet account, but I cannot access his yahoo account. So if you sent something there which he had not already copied into his work in progress directory, I'm afraid it wont have made it in. 

I have written something about his death for those of you not aware, in the article about the Compass Sport Cup. 

Dave, I will always love you. This is dedicated to you. 

Julia Wotton (juliacarpenter_uk@yahoo.com) 

WAOC committee members

[This section removed from the online version of Jabberwaoc]

WAOC Membership for 2002

- a message from the Membership Secretary.

Please renew your membership as soon as possible and certainly before the end of the year. Club only members will find a renewal form with their copy of Jabberwaoc. BOF members renew through BOF and should receive their renewal forms shortly. Members who joined after September 1st 2001 do not pay a subscription in 2002.

Any Queries? Telephone Anne Duncumb on xxxxxxxxxxxx or email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WAOC Club merchandise for sale

(Excellent Christmas presents!)

WAOC Club O-tops and sweatshirts are still available at the 
bargain price of £10-00 (sweatshirts) and £14.00 (O-tops) (p&p 40p extra).

O-tops are as shown (you'll have to imagine the vibrant red, if you're reading this 
from the printed copy). Sweatshirts are black with a 7.5cm square WAOC logo 
on the left breast. All sizes of O-top are available, and all sizes except small of the sweatshirt.

To order your WAOC garments just send your cheque and size requirements to Anne Duncumb.

If you require further information about sizes etc. 
you can contact Anne by email: Duncumb@Compuserve.com

Anne Duncumb (membership secretary)


New club members

We extend a warm welcome to:

   Stephane Bauguitte and Sarah Cornell & family (Daniel Cornell M7)   from Norwich
   Annette Dowd and Simon Shaw                                         from Cambridge

In addition, we are delighted to welcome back the following, who for one reason or another have been away from the Club for a while:

   Alistair Hindle (M21)                                               from Cambridge
   Rob and Caroline Medley & family (James M4, Andrew M1)              from Bedford
   Luke and Clare Minshall & family (Alex M9, Tim M8)                  from King's Lynn
   David Abbott & family (Christopher M7, Olivia W5)                   from Burwell
   Dan and Sarah Buckley & family (Harry M8, Joe M5)                   from Waterbeach
   Gerald and Jacqueline Radford & family (Alex 8)                     from Coton
   Peter Simpson                                                       from Grafham

We hope that you will enjoy orienteering with us.


Open Country Mountain Marathon

Sherwood Forest, 14th October 2001. Event report by Jean Sinclair.

The OCMM is a 5 hour score event for teams of two, intended to test navigation, route choice, time estimation and fitness. Competitors must carry basic emergency kit, such as clothing and food. Previous events have been in the Lake District, but this year's was relocated due to Foot and Mouth Disease. Three WAOC members took part: Lin Freeman and Jean Sinclair (Veteran Women) and Russ Ladkin, with Mike Shimwell (Men). From a starting list of 61, 56 finished, lower than the 100 or so in 2000 and 1999. Lin and Jean finished 42nd overall, finishing 1st Veteran Women and 2nd Women overall. Russ and Mike finished 16th overall, with the winning list dominated by Veteran Men. All but Jean were using the OCMM as a training event for the KIMM, 27th and 28th October 2001. For this purpose, it was probably a bit tame, but it was a good introduction to longer and team events.

Which leads nicely on to ...


How I survived the 2001 KIMM

I was first approached by Lindsey Freeman back in September to compete with her as opposed to against her - in this years KIMM (which stands for Karrimor International Mountain Marathon) . She must have been desperate having seen the way I had just blundered my way around Hinchingbrooke Country Park in the Summer Galoppen , but Hally Hardie was prevented from taking part and time was running out for her to find a partner. I knew of the KIMM and was keen to "have a go" so pretty well agreed there and then.

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, it is a Two Day Mountain Survival event on the last weekend in October, usually in Scotland, involving teams of two, navigation, an overnight camp, and bad weather. From the start on Saturday morning to the finish on Sunday afternoon there is allowed no outside aid / support and everything you need (tent, sleeping bag, food, stove, kitchen sink) has to be carried by the team. There are several categories in the KIMM ranging from the Elite, the longest, to various score events (where you visit as many controls as you can in a certain amount of hours, with tough penalties to your score if you finish over your allotted time). 

Lindsey and I were in the Short Score, which consists of five hours on Saturday and a sprint for the line of only four hours on Sunday. Competition is fierce even to enter, and you are not guaranteed a place on the course of your choice. Quite why it is so popular is a bit of a mystery as its reputation almost promises you torrential rain, strong winds, cold nights, and stomach churning toilets. As you might imagine it requires quite a bit of fitness to do well, and if any of you have seen my name towards the bottom of the results sheets you're probably wondering what on earth I was thinking of. You would be right, but I'm a firm believer in the cult of the untalented amateur (ask Lindsey for confirmation of just how untalented!). Still I had two weeks hill walking in Scotland at the beginning of September, and surely I could get fit running around Burleigh Hill and Ramsey Road in St.Ives in the remaining four weeks! Suffice to say about my training it turned into one weeks rest, and three weeks carrying an ankle injury. A word of warning for those interested in next year's event, it can get expensive. I bought a new rucksac, sleeping bag, platypus watercarrier, running shoes and waterproof (hahaha) socks for the event. One forty-minute run with Lindsey with half-filled sacs around the Hemingfords confirmed that we could run together for forty minutes around the Hemingfords with half-filled sacs.

Cometh the day cometh the man ... in this case Hally with his big car ready to drive 400 miles there and the same again back. I know Lindsey and he travel quite a lot, but that is going beyond the call of duty, especially given what happened. I won't dwell on the journey up but be warned: DO NOT USE THE M66 ON FRIDAY NIGHT. (DO NOT USE THE A66 ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON EITHER!) We stayed in a B&B on a farm on Friday night and its not true, cattle do not low at night - they are turned up to full volume. Seriously, this year its good to know some farms still have cows on them, if you eat meat BUY BRITISH. Saturday dawned surprisingly clear and after driving to the event centre we shared out the tent and stove into our sacs and registered. I have to admit to being quietly anxious at this stage but not all the other competitors looked like Steve Austin. It was only a 3k uphill walk to the start, where we met with Hally again for the pre start photos. Then our start time was announced and we given our maps and were off 100m away to the planning area. We swapped a few ideas about the route then moved off following Lindsey's basic plan.

Almost immediately our shoes were soaked through, never have I known ground so wet. What wasn't sphagnum bog was ankle high, waterlogged vegetation. The wet rapidly started on my feet and soon I couldn't feel my toes. Foolishly I didn't try to wriggle them to get feeling back, and spent about 5 hours later that night in the tent trying to get feeling back into my left big toe. I knew better on Sunday. The first two or three controls were ok, then came the rain. Then came harder rain. It started to get to me big time; after about halfway I waited for Lindsey to put a jacket on then decided it might be a good idea to put mine on. We headed off for the next control (just in case you were wondering we were walking most of the time by now) Lindsey leading with me trying to keep up. The next control was difficult to find and when I caught up with her I suggested looking for a fence coming in from the side. I'm not sure how much sense I was making because we kept going. In the end we located the control by going south off the top of a hill, well almost the top. This is annoying because said hill is a Marilyn (any lump separated on all sides from other lumps by 150m height). If I had walked 20m further up I would have bagged it, but even if I had known at the time, we were competing so there you go. On the way to the next control we were following a fence. Lindsey asked if this was the fence I had mentioned. It was. Marcus 1 - Lindsey about 20.

We completed the next two controls and started heading off to the finish along a path. I felt I was letting L. down a bit so tried jogging. This felt very strange, I couldn't feel the balls of my feet at all and felt I had a big numb bump in my shoes. It was worth it in the end as we probably gained a place or two because of our run in. Another klick walk and we got to the campsite. L. was impressed, "its usually much worse than this". She hadn't tried the bogs yet. We actually found a flat grassy area set the tent, heated some water on the stove for soups drinks and food got out of our wet stuff. My own innovation in the KIMM, which I should patent is in headwear. Everyone else wears woolly hats or balaclavas; you know the kind of thing. My lightweight version is a nylon swimming cap; you may have seen me wearing it at the start of cold weather O'events. It actually did the job so don't knock it. Come up and feel how warm it is next time you see me at the start. (Not at the finish 'cos when I warm up running it goes into my shorts!)

I was expecting Sunday to be bad but wasn't expecting that after a comfortable night I was to be woken by a Piper walking down the lane into the campsite playing stirring bagpipe music. I don't know about you but I can do without that kind of thing at 6 o'clock in the morning. Still he left after a few minutes allowing us to have breakfast and pack up the gear. (Actually, L. did most of that while I was in the queue for the toilets.)

The day was quite promising, still, cool and clear. Best of all my legs felt fine I was expecting to be as stiff as a board. At 8:04 we started. At 8:07 we were wading through another stream soaking our shoes once again. The first two controls took us just less than an hour each but we were confident of picking up a few more nearer the finish. As we approached the compulsory controls near the only road crossing, I demonstrated my navigational skills once again by letting L. do all the work still we were running so my excuse is all the oxygen was being used by my legs not my brain I use this excuse a lot. We had planned the last two controls before the finish some way back, now we were being careful not to go over time but we found them both easily and were ready for the sprint to the line it was all downhill from here. We had some company for this part and acquitted ourselves well against two or three pairs of fit M20-somethings, staying with them all the way to the finish where we were provided with a roll, soup and cup of tea. I should confess to feeling quite proud of myself a this stage. We made our way back to the car park where Hally took a few obligatory victory photos.

I have been asked whether I enjoyed it. At first I wasn't sure, but as time goes by it does seem to have been kind of fun, I think I'll be trying to enter next year!

I should have stopped there but I should say a few words about L. I am sure I would still be out there if she hadn't been around. Not once did she complain about the course, me, or her sore leg. If any of you juniors ever get the chance to run with her I am sure you'll learn a great deal about navigation and more importantly, about spirit - Thanks Lindsey.

Marcus Misson


and a slightly different KIMM experience from Blanka Sengerova....

KIMM 2001....

...from the point of view of someone rather less athletic than all those people who usually do the KIMM.

Having competed in the 1999 event in Argyll&Bute, I decided it was time to have another go at the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s a big two-day orienteering event where competitors not only have to get around a course or collect as many points as possible (depending on whether they’re doing a ‘usual’ course or a score event), but also have to carry all their equipment in order to be ‘self-sufficient’ for the duration of the event, i.e. 36 hours.

This year, the event took place in the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, which is on the coast just south-west-ish of Glasgow, having moved back to Scotland again after last year in the Lakes. Notably, considering it was the last weekend in October, which usually comes with pretty wet and windy and generally horrible conditions (after all, the KIMM is meant to be challenging, isn’t it?), I have to say that this year’s weather was extremely mild (of course, speaking in relative terms!).

During the journey to Scotland, we gradually started to make jokes about one of the set karrimor rules being the need to be absolutely shattered before even starting the event, as we were stuck in traffic during a large part of the M6. Surely, there’s got to be some sort of handicap calculated in proportion with the distance travelled to get to the event!! Finally we arrived at about 1.30am on Saturday morning (of course, having to start the next morning), parked and were sent to the event camping site which is ‘just about a quarter of a mile across the road where you came from’. In fact, we ended up being pointed in the wrong direction by a strange, nevertheless interesting, individual, and eventually didn’t find the campsite (‘surely, there’s got to be some big field to accommodate so many people’) and ended up sleeping on some bit of grass next to a light house (it wasn’t the bowling green, which is reassuring).

On Saturday morning, we managed to get up (‘what have I done entering this?’), register, walk the 3km uphill (that’s how it was ‘advertised’) to the start, and finally get started. Having done the short score last time, I hoped the long score event wouldn’t be too bad. In fact, on day 1 we found ourselves going much faster than we had previously expected so by the end of the day, we thought we probably would have managed to collect more points in the seven hours we had. At the end of day 1, we found ourselves one before last with 80 points (still, it was an advance on the -2 points at the end of day 1 from last time!).


Nevertheless Sunday was a bit more successful and we got 95 points altogether, having been more confident in our speed and ability to get back to the finish in time. With 175 points in total we hardly could count ourselves as very competitive, nevertheless enjoyed the event and definitely felt great about finishing.

Oh, and just for completeness: the return journey was much quicker than the way up to Scotland!


Compass Sport Cup

The Compass Sport Cup this year was held as a single event at Ecclesall Woods just outside Sheffield. The team from WAOC consisted of the following people:

Men's Open: Ian Renfrew, Ian Jones, Rolf Crook

Open 20-/35+: Rob Campbell, Neil Humphries, Dave Wotton

Open 18-/45+: Mike Bickle, Adrian Taylor, Chris Brown

Women's Open: Julia Wotton, Jenni Barclay, Penny Bickle, Nicola Gardner

W45+/M60+: Chris Morley, Lindsey Freeman, Hally Hardie, Noreen Ives

W18-/M16-: Helen Gardner, Peter Gardner

W14-/M14-: Simon Gardner, Jamie Taylor, Martin Humphries

I am afraid that I know very little about the results of this event as I never made it to the finish due to the fact that I found Dave collapsed in the forest. I want to tell you what happened because some of you will not know, although of course it is exceedingly painful for me to do so as it reminds me of the most horrific day of my life. I am sure people would have enjoyed their runs although the news that greeted them later was an enormous shock.

The first part of my course was fun - the terrain was fast. I had a start time of 12:15pm - quite early for the WAOC starts. Dave's start time was 12:39pm. I was about 3/4 the way round when I saw some one lying on the ground with a couple of people gathered around. Having done a 1st aid course a couple of years ago, I went over to offer assistance. I realised they were doing CPR, but it was only when I got very close that I realised that it was Dave on the ground. Apparently a competitor called Caroline saw him fall over and never get up. She went over to check he was ok but he was unconscious. She had had 1st aid training before and did all she could for him, calling an ambulance straight away. The ambulance arrived shortly afterwards. They worked on him for sometime but were never able to start his heart again. The post mortem has not shown any reason for this sudden death. Apart from a bad cold earlier in the week, Dave was as fit and healthy as ever, having run the Grizzly (a 18+ mile cross country in Devon) only 3 weeks before. Caroline stayed with me all afternoon and evening until my sister arrived from Bath - thankyou Caroline.

Thankyou also to those of you who have written letters and sent cards. I will need your support. I will miss him terribly, he was such a lovely person. I was very lucky to marry someone so special and I know Dave meant a lot to many people.

Julia Wotton

Fixture list: Local, regional and selected national events

Colour Coded events normally have registration from 10:00 to 12:00 with starts from 10:30 to 12:30. Full Colour Coded events include courses from Yellow to Brown and will normally have a White and/or String course. Limited Colour Coded events will normally omit the longer courses although in some areas the more technical courses may be omitted.

Badge events provide age related courses and normally require pre-entry. If entry on the day (EOD) is possible it will normally be restricted. A limited range of Colour Coded courses may also be available; these will normally be entry on the day. Club members are welcome at Badge events although they are expected to become BOF members after attending 3 events outside their region. SEF indicates that a standard BOF entry form is acceptable.

National events are only open to BOF members. Details of BOF membership can be obtained from the membership secretary, Anne Duncumb (Duncumb@compuserve.com).

Night event details vary considerably; it would be advisable to check with the event organiser.



Stepping up further

This is a follow on from Blanka's article in the last edition which described the skills and techniques required at the technical difficulties TD1, TD2 and TD3. This article describes the technical difficulties TD4, TD5 and TD5*. Most terrain in the South East of England (and particularly in our area) is of little more than TD4 standard. Those of us who venture to events in Scotland, the Lake District, Wales and the South West get to experience more TD5 and occasionally TD5*.

Technical Difficulty 4 (Light Green, M/W14A, M/W16B)


Technical Difficulty 5 (Green,Blue,Brown, M/W 16A, M/W18A/B)


Technical Difficulty 5* (most terrain in Britain does not provide this)



One of the skills in orienteering is knowing when to use which technique and spotting good attack points and catching features on the map. This only comes with practice but looking at your course after your run and spotting your mistakes and finding alternative attack points and route choices can help. Also talking to other people who did the same course/leg can help point out a different route which you would never have spotted yourself.

Julia Wotton

British Orienteering Championship

Before Foot and Mouth, the 2001 British Orienteering Championships were to be held near Limavady and Newton Stewart, in north-west Northern Ireland. The event was cancelled, but our flights were nonrefundable so we went anyway. Driving through the relay area, it looked very runnable and open, but be warned, most of the features were rocks and contours. It's a beautiful part of the world with lakes, castles, pubs, and good surfing on the west coast. We met some other orienteers at the Giants Causeway, which if you haven't been before, is a magical place. The event has been rescheduled for the 2002 British Championships.

A few weeks ago a handful of WAOC members made the long trek to the Newborough National Event in Anglesey. The event had also been deemed the 2001 British Championships, but there were no relays. Newborough is covered in small intricate sanddunes. They are evidently old stable sanddunes as the area is also covered in forest. It is mostly runnable, and there is a useful network of distinct path. Looking at the 1:10000 2.5 m map you may think navigation would be near impossible, but on the ground things weren't so bad. The features are fairly shallow, and on this occasion the kites were hung high. I must concede that I nearly always saw the control before the feature. It almost seemed like cheating to follow a compass bearing while completely ignoring all those wiggly brown lines the mapper had so carefully drawn.

Helen Gardner had a consistent run to finish 8th in a competitive class. Martin Humphries and Peter Gardner ran fast to finish 11th and 13th. Ursula came 5th and almost won a mug, and Hally had enough energy left to run back to the car park after the finish. A few others, myself included, couldn't quite match the pace, but bear in mind that this was the British Championships.

I came back in the middle of the night to discover fire-engines, the BBC, and the River Cam, all at the bottom of my road. Apparently it had been raining.



2001 events

WAOC event organisers are always on the look out for helpers to take on jobs on the day of their events. As well as contributing to the success of these events you will get to meet colleagues in WAOC. Go on - make their day with a phone call to volunteer your services.

9th December       Santon Downham       Ian Renfrew        xxxxxxxxxxxx



2002 events

In 2000 the Club put on 10 events of colour-coded status or greater. In 2001 we will have put on 6 events of similar status, plus another 13 informal events - that in a year when the calendar was curtailed by foot and mouth disease. It's not too early to think about event officials for 2002.

Date Venue Type Planner   Organiser
19th Jan, 2002 Therfield Heath (near Royston) Night Event
24th Feb, 2002 Bush Heath (near Mildenhall) Colour-coded
21st Apr, 2002 Chicksands    Colour-coded
12th May, 2002 Rowney Wood (near Saffron Walden) Colour-coded
8th Sept, 2002 Wimpole Hall (near Royston) Colour-coded
26th Oct, 2002 Rowney Warren Colour-coded
24th Nov, 2002    Maulden (near Bedford) Colour-coded

Each of these events is going to require an Organiser and a Planner so that's a minimum of 14 members we require. If you wish, we can consider appointing joint organisers and planners for events.

The Therfield Heath night event on a Saturday night would be a good event for those who feel daunted by the bigger events. We'll be using manual punches, there's only 4 shortish courses to be planned, you get to use the golf course and you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn! The last two night events have been planned by our junior females.

Previous organisers can tell you that each position comes with support from the Events Convenor including a bumper resource pack telling you what, when and how to do it!

If you would like to volunteer for any of theses positions then contact me, Bruce Marshall, Events Convenor, xxxxxxxxxxxx


SI training - we're now experts!

The weekend before the Mildenhall event 6 members had some training on using the SportIdent equipment we jointly own with the other East Anglia clubs.

So congratulations to ...

Cath Pennington    Ursula Oxburgh     Maria Marshall
Anne Duncumb       Hally Hardie       Roger Horton

Well done! You are now accredited SPORTident administrators!

SportIdent - a cautionary tale

A number of competitors at Mildenhall were almost disqualified because they didn’t clear and check their SI-cards before starting.

Remember that each SI-card only has the capacity to store 30 split times. After this you are graciously allowed to record 6 more controls without times. Beyond this your dibber will play dead! This happened to Fred Northrop who was actually disqualified. He last used his dibber for an event at Rowney Warren with 25 controls, so at Mildenhall his dibber gave up after the first eleven controls.


WAGAL 2001 Results

The results from Mildenhall:
Name              Age  Time      min/km  Course    min/km  points
---------------   ---  --------  ------  --------  ------  ------
C Morley          M60  01:03:14  08:13   Blue      05:49    1091
I Renfrew         M21  00:55:49  06:04   Brown     06:04    1083
N Humphries       M40  00:54:06  07:02   Blue      06:31    1069
R Crook           M21  01:01:07  06:39   Brown     06:39    1065
Tweedledee        M40  01:10:51  07:42   Brown     06:51    1059
J Ryall           W45  01:24:57  11:02   Blue      07:08    1050
C Brown           M45  01:02:35  08:08   Blue      07:07    1050
R Horton          M55  01:13:35  09:33   Blue      07:22    1042
M Bickle          M50  01:10:28  09:09   Blue      07:32    1037
S Woods           W40  01:26:06  11:11   Blue      07:48    1029
I Smith           M45  01:10:14  09:07   Blue      07:59    1023
N Gardner         W45  01:35:34  12:25   Blue      08:01    1022
U Oxburgh         W65  01:13:06  17:00   Green     08:03    1021
M Bright          W60  01:09:17  16:07   Green     08:19    1013
P Woods           M40  01:28:17  09:36   Brown     08:32    1005
T Wilson          M50  01:21:17  10:33   Blue      08:41    1001
Tweedledum        M40  01:30:34  09:51   Brown     08:46     998
S Louth           W10  00:24:58  11:21   Yellow    08:48     997
M Palmer          W60  01:14:01  17:13   Green     08:53     995
G Louth           M35  00:38:21  08:55   Green     08:55     994
M Humphries       M14  00:37:21  10:06   Lt Green  08:58     992
D Jones           M50  00:46:11  10:44   Green     09:07     987
P Ryall           M50  01:27:56  11:25   Blue      09:24     978
B Marshall        M45  01:25:38  11:07   Blue      09:44     968
P Howsam          M50  01:31:29  11:53   Blue      09:47     966
H Christopher     W21  01:31:09  11:50   Blue      09:52     964
J Howsam          W50  01:09:11  16:05   Green     09:52     964
J Beadle          M50  01:33:49  12:11   Blue      10:02     959
A Palmer          M65  01:08:46  16:00   Green     10:19     949
S Speller         W40  01:02:14  14:28   Green     10:26     946
C Woods           W14  00:53:43  14:31   Lt Green  10:29     944
O Brown           W45  01:08:22  15:54   Green     10:36     941
C Louth           W40  01:05:25  15:13   Green     10:58     929
S Baugitte        M21  01:24:04  10:55   Blue      11:22     916
I Lawson          M45  01:41:38  13:12   Blue      11:33     911
John Hadler       M45  00:45:59  12:26   Lt Green  11:36     909
J Garner          M35  01:33:50  12:11   Blue      11:48     903
I Clayton         M35  02:00:07  13:03   Brown     12:09     892
M Marshall        W45  01:19:43  18:32   Green     12:22     885
A Dowd            W21  01:02:39  14:34   Green     12:32     880
S Gardner         M14  01:02:51  14:37   Green     12:34     878
W Owen            M40  00:47:16  12:46   Lt Green  12:38     876
Hazel Bickle      W50  01:15:31  20:25   Lt Green  12:56     867
M Collins         M35  00:49:39  13:25   Lt Green  13:52     838


Name              Age  Time      min/km  Course    min/km  points
---------------   ---  --------  ------  --------  ------  ------
Lewis Hadler      M14  01:01:01  16:29   Lt Green  14:40     813
Alan Milne        M50  01:15:23  17:32   Green     14:54     805
E Louth           M12  00:54:42  16:35   Orange    15:10     797
A Smith           M14  00:31:38  14:23   Yellow    15:20     791
A Harries         M50  01:05:18  17:39   Lt Green  15:29     786
Alex Bell         M40  02:11:06  17:02   Blue      15:47     777
Alexander Milne   M16  01:15:48  17:38   Green     15:55     773
P Towers          M14  01:07:28  18:14   Lt Green  16:12     764
R Gibbens         M35  01:13:53  17:11   Green     17:11     733
B Bailey          W40  01:29:51  24:17   Lt Green  18:05     705
J Pennington      W18  01:10:02  21:13   Orange    18:07     704
A Duncumb         W70  02:14:57  40:54   Orange    19:29     661
S Staines         W40  01:23:35  25:20   Orange    20:42     622
C Page            M50  01:40:37  27:12   Lt Green  23:52     522

and the overall results......

Pos  Name                   Age  2001  Brandon  M'hall
---  --------------------   ---  ----  -------  ------
  1  I Renfrew              M21  2186   1103     1083
  2  N Humphries            M40  2177   1108     1069
  3  J Ryall                W45  2127   1077     1050
  4  R Crook                M21  2120   1055     1065
  5  R Horton               M50  2088   1046     1042
  6  M Bickle               M50  2086   1049     1037
  7  N Gardner              W40  2050   1028     1022
  8  P Woods                M40  2038   1033     1005
  9  S Woods                W40  2016    987     1029
 10  M Humphries            M14  2001   1009      992
 11  U Oxburgh              W65  2000    979     1021
 12  H Christopher          W21  1962    998      964
 13  P Ryall                M50  1961    983      978
 14  G Louth                M35  1915    921      994
 15  C Woods                W14  1870    926      944
 16  S Speller              W35  1845    899      946
 17  John Hadler            M45  1793    884      909
 18  A Duncumb              W65  1730   1069      661
 19  I Clayton              M35  1689    797      892
 20  Hazel Bickle           W45  1654    787      867
 21  I Lawson               M45  1637    726      911
 22  Alex Bell              M40  1601    824      777
 23  S Gardner              M14  1546    668      878
 24  E Louth                M12  1529    732      797
 25  J Pennington           W14  1365    661      704
 26  Lewis Hadler           M14  1310    497      813
 27  L Freeman              W45  1105   1105        0
 28  H Gardner              W16  1103   1103        0
 29  R Harrison             M50  1093   1093        0
 30  C Morley               M60  1091      0     1091
 32  I Jones                M21  1079   1079        0
 33  C Curtis               M60  1077   1077        0
 34  Adrian Taylor          M45  1066   1066        0
 35  Tweedledee             M40  1059      0     1059
 36  D Peregrine            M60  1057   1057        0
 37  C Brown                M45  1050      0     1050
 38  A Fox                  W21  1031   1031        0
 39  T Mulcahy              M45  1028   1028        0
 40  I Smith                M40  1023      0     1023
 41  H Hardie               M55  1018   1018        0
 42  N Ives                 W45  1015   1015        0
 43  M Bright               W60  1013      0     1013
 44  J Carpenter            W21  1009   1009        0
 45  S Thomas               M45  1004   1004        0
 46  T Wilson               M45  1001      0     1001


Pos  Name                   Age  2001  Brandon  M'hall
---  --------------------   ---  ----  -------  ------
 47  Tweedledum             M40   998      0      998
 48  T Howie                M35   998    998        0
 49  S Louth                W10   997      0      997
 50  M Palmer               W60   995      0      995
 51  D Jones                M45   987      0      987
 52  B Sengerova            W20   986    986        0
 53  D Wotton               M35   984    984        0
 54  P Gardner              M16   977    977        0
 55  J Sengerova            W40   973    973        0
 56  B Marshall             M45   968      0      968
 57  P Howsam               M45   966      0      966
 58  J Howsam               W45   964      0      964
 59  Brian Williams         M50   961    961        0
 60  J Beadle               M50   959      0      959
 61  C Pennington           W45   958    958        0
 62  M Misson               M21   954    954        0
 63  A Palmer               M60   949      0      949
 64  O Brown                W45   941      0      941
 65  C Louth                W35   929      0      929
 66  J Taylor               M14   922    922        0
 67  S Baugitte             M21   916      0      916
 68  M Senger               M45   911    911        0
 69  J Garner               M21   903      0      903
 70  M Marshall             W45   885      0      885
 71  A Dowd                 W21   880      0      880
 72  W Owen                 M40   876      0      876
 73  Vince Bowdren          M21   873    873        0
 74  M Pinnock              M40   872    872        0
 75  M Collins              M21   838      0      838
 76  Maurice Capper         M75   816    816        0
 77  Alan Milne             M50   805      0      805
 78  A Smith                M10   791      0      791
 79  Helen Taylor           W40   787    787        0
 80  A Harries              M45   786      0      786
 81  Alexander Milne        M16   773      0      773
 82  P Towers               M14   764      0      764
 83  R Gibbens              M35   733      0      733
 84  B Bailey               W35   705      0      705
 85  Katrina Taylor         W10   643    643        0
 86  Angeleen Hinshelwood   W21   623    623        0
 87  S Staines              W40   622      0      622
 88  C Bell                 M45   616    616        0
 89  Colin Bowditch         M21   526    526        0
 90  C Page                 M45   522      0      522
 91  Susan Campbell         W21   480    480        0

WAOC's next events ...



Santon Downham Colour-coded

Sunday 9th December 2001

Registration: 10:30-12:00
Start times: 11:00-12:30
Fees: Adults £4.00 (independents +£1),
Juniors/Students £1.50 (independents +50p)
E-card hire 50p
Courses: White to Brown
Location: Santon Downham, near Brandon
Grid Ref: TL820990
Directions: 2 miles NE of Brandon on NE side of river
Organiser/Enquiries: Ian Renfrew


Boxing Day Fun Event

Wednesday 26th December 2001

Registration: 10:30
Mass Start: 11:00
Location: Port Holme Meadows, Godmanchester
Grid Ref: TL238714
Directions: From the A14 take road to Huntingdon, go over bridge, take 1st left off 1-way system
Organiser/Enquiries: Hally Hardie

Junior Jabber

Follow this link to Junior Jabber, November 2001 edition


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