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West Anglian Orienteering Club

2018-2019 Evening League winnersCongratulations to Stephen, Sam and Janet

Last Updated: Thu 4 Jul 2019

The results from the 2018-2019 Evening League have now been calculated and the winners were announced (and prizes given out) at Milton Country Park on Wednesday 3rd.

WAOC evening league winners for 2018-2019

LongStephen BorrillIain StempAlex Markham
MediumSam HagueNoreen IvesHelen Hague
ShortJanet CronkPeter AllenAmelie Crawford
John Hartley

As per evening league rules, if you ran multiple course types throughout the year, you will only get a podium position for one of them at most. if you achieved a top-three for multiple course type, the podium will be awarded for the course which you ran most frequently (if it was evenly split, it will be the longer course).

Event results

Full league results

Full results below for all clubs (only CUOC, WAOC and DRONGO counted for the Epping event). The best 3 scores counted out of 5 events (as an aside, well done to Stephen Borrill for being the only person to attend all 5 events).


PosNameTotalScience ParkWest CambridgeImpingtonPriory ParkEpping
1Paul Pruzina2888810010079 (d)
2James Ackland265898789 (h)
3Rowan Lee26381 (d)858593
4Stephen Borrill26266 (d)729010057 (d)
5Aidan Rigby200100100
6Iain Stemp1919398
7Alex Markham1678582
8Helen Bickle166505858
9Helen Ockenden1547678
10Emma Crickmore1406476
11Dil Wetherill1397861
12Jeremy Knott1348153
13=Larry Fong12968610
13=Benjamin Beringue1296069
15Jonathan Mortlock11055 (h)55
16Connor O'Donovan9999
17Duncan Coombs9898
18Marius Kaiser9797
19Dai Wilson93093
20Robin Bourne8686
21=Simon Warrener7474
21=Chloe Haines7474
23=Fiona Llewellyn-Beard7373
23=Caroline Louth7373
25Helen Ockendon7272
26Hou Tin Chau7171
27Dan Safka7070
29Andrew Henderson6565
30Fong Tsz Lo6060
31Nick Mills5858
32Conor O'Donovan5454
33Heather Corden4646
34Hou Tin Chou4343
35Mike Bickle4040
36Robin McKenzie3939
37=Murray Strain00
37=Kerria Rowan00


PosNameTotalScience ParkWest CambridgeImpingtonPriory ParkEpping
1Fiona Bunn28294 (h)9494 (h)
2Iain Stemp19310093
3Sam Hague17777100
4Emma Crickmore1587979 (h)
5Noreen Ives1306961
6Helen Hague12747800
7Tina Codling1115259
8=Andy Barker-Pilsworth100100
8=Tessa Strain100100
11Erik Rosenberg9292
12Adam Leaf8787
13Sue Hartley8585
14Oliver O'Brien8181
15John Hartley7878
16Jason Dunning7777
17Lucy Jarman7474
18Phil Hague7171
19Robin Bourne6969
20=Chris Morley6666
20=Lucy Jarmin6666
22Jonathan Woods6464
23Sam Crawford5959
24Eric Rosenberg5656
25Amelie Crawford +24444
26=Zhipu Zhao00
26=Fiona Peterson00
26=Oliver Hague00


PosNameTotalScience ParkWest CambridgeImpingtonPriory ParkEpping
1Janet Cronk200100100
2Peter Allen1106644
3=Amelie Crawford100100
3=Hou Tin Chau100100
3=John Hartley100100
6Hazel Bickle7575
7Joseph Masters6060

(h) = helper (planner, controller or non-competing organiser gets a score that matches their highest score from other events)

(d) = dropped score (not counted towards the total as only best 3 scores from 5 events count)

Mispunches and non-competitives runs get a score of 0, but are still displayed