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West Anglian Orienteering Club

2018 Evening League final results

Last Updated: Thu 21 Jun 2018

Here are the final standings for the 2018 Evening League all 4 events.

Individual event results are here:


PosNameTotalWest CambridgeJesus GreenRoystonImpington
1Iain Stemp3618378100100
2Stephen Borrill35685789598
3Hou Tin Chau32281648988
4Rowan Lee256877990
5Helen Bickle250595767 (h)67
6Emma Crickmore1567878
7Lily Alger1497871
8=Aidan Rigby100100
8=Pavel Prochazka100100
10James Haynes9898
11James Ackland88088
12=Helen Ockendon8787
14Dan Safka8686
15Russ Ladkin8484
16Chris Rampton8282
17Evan Tebbutt8080
18Rachel Pocock7979
19Ingrida Olendraite7676
20Heather Muir7474
21=Peter Haynes7272
21=Jeremy Knott7272
23Ana Hernandez6767
24=Julie and Duncan Warner6363
24=Elizabeth Bedwell6363
26=Liam Ives6161
26=Amanda Gauge and Amy Clark6161
28HIRE 4355035858
29=Jonathan Mortlock00
29=James Kendall00
29=Ben Windsor00
29=Paul Pruzina00


PosNameTotalWest CambridgeJesus GreenRoystonImpington
1Sue Hartley1426082
2=James Kendall100100
2=Stephen Kyle100100
2=Tessa Strain100100
2=Jeremy Knott100100
6Emma Crickmore82082
7Jonas Svedas8080
8Isabel McNulty7171
9=Catherine Curtis4242
9=Noreen Ives4242
11=Liam Fegarty00
11=Helen Hague00
11=Janet Cronk00


PosNameTotalWest CambridgeJesus GreenRoystonImpington
1Peter Allen300100100 (h)100
2Jamie Fegarty100100
3Jemima Borrill8282
4Megan Wilkinson7979
5Holly Walker7676
6Lauren Hamilton & family6363
7Ursula Oxburgh3838
8=Helen Ockendon00
8=Isabel McVicty00
8=Iain Stemp00

(h) = helper (planner, controller or non-competing organiser gets a score that matches their highest score from other events)

(d) = dropped score (not counted towards the total as only best 4 scores from 1 events count)

Mispunches and non-competitives runs get a score of 0, but are still displayed

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