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West Anglian Orienteering Club

​2021 Summer MapRun League winnersCongratulations to Dil, Harriet, Stephen and Sue!

Last Updated: Sat 14 May 2022

It was wonderful to see over 50 taking part in the summer training and Summer MapRun League this year. Thank you to each and everyone of you that took part.

Special thanks go to all the people that made the League possible: planners Iain S, Stephen B, Caroline L, Bruce M, Ian S, Helen B, Jenny H and Jason D; Bob H for registering the events; Stephen B for uploading all the courses to MapRun and finalising the results; Harriet M for collecting the money and Dil W for determining the scoring system.

Now the results …

On the Night League

Male Champions:Female Champions:
1. Stephen Borrill1. Harriet Millward
2. Greg Foot2. Kez Latham
3. Iain Stemp3. Kate Donovan

Anytime League

Male Champions: Female Champions:
1. Dil Wetherill1. Sue Hartley
2. Stephen Borrill2. Harriet Millward
3. Greg Foot3. Kez Latham

On The Night - Women

PosNameClassTotalHiston/ImpingtonMiltonNewmarketCherry HintonStandonShelfordsCambourneHuntingdon
1Harriet MillwardW452704593761547 (d)698516 (d)652
2Kez LathamW502485632620554679
3Kate DonovanW212227783632812
4Kate JarrettW121802550651601
5Nicki DarvillW211207738469
6Heather CordenW21836836
7Stephanie ComteW40696696
8Sue HartleyW65659659
9Andrea PageW45639639
10Rachel ThomasW65518518
11Thomas RachelW65506506
12Hazel BickleW70363363
13Jennifer HuntW40358358
14Jemima BorrillW16201201
15Johanna PowellW45188188
16Helen BickleW3500 (d)0000

On The Night - Men

PosNameClassTotalHiston/ImpingtonMiltonNewmarketCherry HintonStandonShelfordsCambourneHuntingdon
1Stephen BorrillM503940910 (d)100010001000940
2Greg FootM35381782099710001000
3Iain StempM553494843907822812 (d)690 (d)922819 (d)
4Jason DunningM453347818829798902
5Stuart HatfieldM403266797731 (d)863784822724 (d)
6Richard PowellM453123648 (d)795512 (d)766811736 (d)751
7Jonathan WardM452864692732824616
8Adam RileyM402735542642783768
9Pete CosgroveM212482739838905
10Matthew EatonM352137694694749
11Russ LadkinM55200010001000
12Lucas LeungM2119999991000
13Mike BickleM701448642806
14Bruce MarshallM651393690703
15David DixonM45931931
16Mike ChapmanM40839839
17Adam LeafM55738738
18Peter HaynesM60701701
19Tim KeadyM35698698
20Ken ErringtonM21510510
21=Alistair FuM14433433
21=Addy FuM45433433
21=Andre FuM14433433
24Nigel SutcliffeM60402402
25Jack DunningM16281281

Anytime - Women

PosNameClassTotalHiston/ImpingtonMiltonNewmarketCherry HintonStandonShelfordsCambourneHuntingdon
1Sue HartleyW653236648 (d)894769754819632 (d)
2Harriet MillwardW452693582760541 (d)698493 (d)653
3Kez LathamW502453631590554678
4Kate JarrettW122280539577563601
5Kate DonovanW212086693619774
6Nicki DarvillW211679737418524
7Heather CordenW211612777835
8Emma CrossW21756756
9Andrea PageW45635635
10Stephanie ComteW40616616
11Thomas RachelW65506506
12Rachel ThomasW65460460
13Nicola HoodW55374374
14Hazel BickleW70363363
15Jennifer HuntW40357357
16Caitlin DunningW20311311
17Jemima BorrillW16210210
18Johanna PowellW45188188
19Helen BickleW3500 (d)0000

Anytime - Men

PosNameClassTotalHiston/ImpingtonMiltonNewmarketCherry HintonStandonShelfordsCambourneHuntingdon
1Dil WetherillM554000981 (d)1000100010001000
2Stephen BorrillM503950892 (d)996937 (d)942 (d)10009541000935 (d)
3Greg FootM353848815 (d)9968919611000
4Chris RamptonM553614804 (d)890882734 (d)937871 (d)905
5Iain StempM553393842805 (d)809 (d)812657 (d)922817
6Jason DunningM453338803828805714 (d)798 (d)902
7Stuart HatfieldM403229796715 (d)863748822724 (d)
8Pete CosgroveM213206737744830895
9Richard PowellM453146642 (d)794456 (d)752811702 (d)751 (d)789
10Matthew EatonM352930638 (d)820619 (d)0 (d)694667749
11Adam RileyM402929445 (d)710700 (d)526 (d)642 (d)748768703
12Jonathan WardM452909758692650809616 (d)
13=Russ LadkinM551978980998
13=Lucas LeungM211978997981
15Mike BickleM701418612806
16Bruce MarshallM651360657703
17Jonas DieteM3510001000
18David DixonM45931931
19Mike ChapmanM40839839
20Adam LeafM55738738
21Tim KeadyM35697697
22Peter HaynesM60679679
23Ken ErringtonM21513513
24=Addy FuM45433433
24=Andre FuM14433433
24=Alistair FuM14433433
27Nigel SutcliffeM60382382
28Ned SmithM14375375
29Benjamin CottinghamM10304304
30Jack DunningM16284284
31David CottinghamM35276276
32Warren SmithM45220220

(d) = dropped score (not counted towards the total as only best 4 scores from 8 events count)

Mispunches and non-competitives runs get a score of 0, but are still displayed

Note, the events are all still available for you to do, they just won't count in the league. You will still get results though, so you can compare yourself to previous runners. Links to each event are listed below and you can view the live results from there too:

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