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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Anne Braggins RIP

Last Updated: Fri 3 Dec 2021

Anne Braggins, former chair of WAOC and "Mother of TrailO", passed away on 27th November. Our best wishes go to her friends and surviving family.

British Orienteering have published a detailed obituary summarising Anne's lifetime contribution to the sport of orienteering, most notably her success in making TrailO an established discipline in the UK and internationally.

Anne was a peerless organiser, overseeing the 1986 JK held in Thetford Warren, and until relatively recently continuing to organise Pre-O and TempO activities at the annual JK competitions, and roping in WAOC members to assist.

Anne was possibly unique in having her own (large) garden mapped as an orienteering area, which she used to lay on informal events as part of summer get-togethers when she was chair of the club.