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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Coe Fen Photo-OAnswers now available

Last Updated: Mon 20 Apr 2020

While we are in lockdown, Bruce has been thinking of ways we can practice our orienteering skills while observing the coronavirus restrictions.

Can you identify the control points for this 1.4km course around Coe Fen using the aerial photos and the control descriptions on the 'blank' map?

You will need to download these two PDF files (last updated 15th April):

Rules and hints:

  • The Start triangle points in the direction of the first control so that's a big hint to get you started
  • The control numbers are the bearing from the CAMERA to the flag. This is not the direction of the leg!
  • Distances are “as the crow flies” making no allowance for road crossings, buildings and rivers
  • The distance from the last control to the Finish is 50m. You will need that figure

Answers can be found here. How did you do?