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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Day 1 winners at Scottish 6 Days

Last Updated: Thu 5 Aug 2021

Congratulations to Alex Wetherill who won his M18A race on Day 1 of the Scottish 6 days. Congratulations too to Dil Wetherill who was 1st in M55S, and Elysia Cowe who was 1st in W10B, and Alys Powell who was 2nd in her W10A class.

The Scottish 6 Days this year has been split into two 3-day events to limit numbers attending at any one day. Runners from WAOC will run on days 1, 2, and 5 along with around 50% of the total entries, whilst the remainder will run on days 3, 4 and 6.

The event at Ardchattan today was very low-key compared with previous 6-days. As we ran into the finish there was no roar from the stadium crowd (because there was no stadium or crowd, not that we did not deserve a roar), nor live commentary on the PA system: no club tents are allowed and the finish was just a couple of SI boxes on canes without even a Finish banner. However we are here for the Scottish terrain rather than the razzamatazz, and this was no disappointment with clear blue skies above the open moorland on which the courses were set.

Tomorrow however, we will have to run in woodland...