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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Milton AGM - Score Course results

Last Updated: Mon 19 Mar 2018

Thanks to all who braved the wintery conditions on Saturday to go out on a lamppost safari (or marker post safari for the junior course).

The results do depend somewhat on luck, as I did not reveal which of the original control sites had the maps showing the locations of the extra controls. In retrospect I should probably have added that information.

The results are are as follows:

Junior 30 minute score

Daniel Hague 28:50 210 points (including extras), no penalty Score 210

Caitlin Dunning 28:16 100 points, no penalty Score 100

Senior 45 minute score

Stephen Borrill 42:44 290 points (including extras) no penalty Score 290

Bruce Marshall 42:32 180 points (including extras) no penalty Score 180

Sean Blanchflower 33:56 160 points no penalty Score 160

Sue Woods 44:49 150 points (including extras) no penalty Score 150