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West Anglian Orienteering Club

East Anglian LeagueBrandonSun 29 October, 2017

Near: Brandon
Level of event: Regional
Type of event: Race



Planner's Comments

The turnout was very good in excess of 220 finishers and we ran short of maps on some courses towards the end. Apologies to anyone who had to wait to obtain a map, and thanks to those who donated their maps at the finish.

I do hope you all enjoyed your run at Brandon Country Park, which is what the vast majority of feedback suggested. When planning I wanted to use the most runnable parts of the forest in the central part of the map, and keep you out of the areas which had been felled in recent years. I also wanted to use areas which provided navigational challenges. In the eastern part of the map there is a large amount of features on the map, which means that even if it was a short leg you should have had to think about your navigation and map reading.

The event was held just in time as early on Sunday we noticed some signs and barriers for forestry work, which must just be about to begin on the south western edge of the map. Thank you to Ben, Zuzka, Janet and Masie the dog who volunteered to collect controls. Thank you to Clive Wilkinson who was the controller for making sure all the courses were okay. Finally thank you to Peter Allen for organising the event.

Next Event: Mildenhall South 19th November – Entries now open on Fabian4.

Oliver Hague (WAOC)

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