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West Anglian Orienteering Club

SS3Coe FenSat 19 August, 2017

Near: Cambridge
Level of event: Local
Type of event: Race



Organiser's Comments

We hope you enjoyed your runs at Coe Fen today, and we look forward to seeing you again at our next event, at Wimpole Hall Estate on 17th September.


4.1km 0 m

Name Age Class Time
James Haynes M21 29:49
Lavalle Sylvan M18 31:49
Stephen Borrill M45 34:14
Nigel Low M45 37:05
Peter Woods M60 40:24
Giezendanner Livia W18 40:37
Camilla Darwin W45 41:12
Lorant Farkas 41:40
Greg Conway M45 43:15
Sue Woods W60 45:02
Paul Hearn 48:42
Yaroslav Shkarupa 50:07
Kerry Allen W35 53:47
Liam Fergarty M14 55:20
Sue & John Hartly 55:53
Lavallee Nathalie W45 56:45
Harriet Millward W40 58:45
Russell McDonnell M60 60:32
James Oxley & PA 82:43
Kathy Haynes W60 57:49
Ilona Lavalee (2nd run) W16 61:02
Ron Oxburgh M80 83:04


1.5km 0 m

Name Age Class Time
Daniel Hague M14 11:34
Noreen Ives W60 15:42
Hebe Darwin W10 15:48
Another part of Oliver james group 21:17
Oliver James 21:20
Neve Conway 21:34
Christian Bunke M45 21:45
Megan James 21:49
Freya Lund W14 26:57
Timothy Fishlock (group) 28:14
Elisabeth Lindemann W6 29:10
Melaninie Grenyer W50 33:12
Penny McDonnell W55 38:27
David Low M10 16:06
Ursula Oxburgh W80 43:35


0.8km 0 m

Name Age Class Time
Nigel Low 2:59
David Low M10 3:32
Alex Darwin M9 10:35

Short Long

3km 0 m

1st Edward Low WAOC M16 31:33

2nd Melanie Grenyer (2nd run) IND W50 70:00

mp Rupert Gardiner IND M16 26:15

Pre Event Info

Location Info

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Summer Series 2017 Series Info

The Summer Events are a series of low key events which have a course for all skill levels

Directions / Parking

North of Lammas Land, near junction of Newnham Road and Fen Causeway

Course Information

Short - A course aimed at children and newcomers.
Medium - Something in between (roughly orange standard).
Long - A challenging course for experienced orienteers