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West Anglian Orienteering Club

SEOUL Urban LeagueSt Neots Sprint DoubleSat 12 May, 2018

Near: St Neots
Level of event: Regional
Type of event: Race, Urban



Organiser's Comments

Thanks to everybody who came along today and helped raise money for Headway, the brain injury charity. I had been like a weather-focussed Goldilocks hoping for not too sunny, not too wet, and the overcast weather was exactly as I wanted and hopefully worked for you all. I had some very positive comments about the courses and I hope all the urban aficionados amongst you enjoyed the Love's Farm area. Sorry for those of you who had to encounter missing controls 60 and 61 (or rather didn't encounter). Unfortunately these things happen and as the kites remained we are hoping it didn't inconvenience anybody too much. Competitors with the missing 60 and 61 will be considered to have completed the courses. Thanks to our planner Stephen and to Simon for all his efforts in controlling and thanks to all at WAOC for their efforts today- as always it wouldn't happen without the assistance of you all.

More details on the lost controls

We lost two controls to vandalism on the Loves Farm race (The wire rope threaded through the fixing holes was found intact, meaning that the controls, still not recovered, will have been badly damaged, as was at least one control cane). We were able to set out substitute controls, but unfortunately these controls were common to several courses and many runners found the control boxes missing. However, the kites were not removed, and so competitors would have known they had reached the control site.

On this basis, the controller has advised setting the two affected controls, 60 and 61, as "optional", but not to void any legs. This is what has been done to obtain the results shown here.

Otherwise, the event seemed to run smoothly and we hope you enjoyed your two contrasting runs in Priory Park and the Loves Farm estate.

If you live locally, please remember we have an event at Hinchingbrooke Country Park, near Huntingdon, on 23 June - part of our Summer series for 2018.

Pre Event Info

Location Info

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

FINAL DETAILS are now available. CORRECTION - Those who pre-enter and request a hire dibber will not need to pay the hire fee on the day, payment will be taken through Fabian4.

This sprint event is part of the 2018 SEOUL league and offers a full range of courses for seniors as well as courses suitable for juniors.

The format is a double sprint with a combination of parkland and urban terrain. Your result for the day, for BO ranking points and SEOUL league, will be based on the sum of your finishing times for the two races.

On-line pre-entry is now closed, but Entry on the day is available for all courses. This is subject to map availability, but we have printed plenty of extra maps for all courses. Start block times for the first race are displayed on the Fabian4 site, for those who have pre-entered.

We will be donating profits from this event to the local Headway charity - more details on this can be found here.

Directions / Parking

Registration will be at Longsands Academy School.    This is a 10 minute (0.5 mile) walk from St Neots railway station. Please follow tapes to avoid entering the competition area.

Course Information

Run one sprint race, then the second - your overall result will be based on the total time for both runs. This is not a chasing sprint so you can choose whether to have a shorter or longer gap between your two outings. The winning times for each course will be expected to be approx 15 minutes. One course (Priory Park) will be predominantly parkland, the other (Love's Farm) will be predominantly urban. While it would technically be possible to run the Love's Farm race before the Priory Park (if you were very quick), it is anticipated that all competitors will complete the Priory Park race before embarking on the Love's Farm race.

The Priory Park start is just outside the school grounds, it is a 350m walk across the playing fields. The finish is adjacent to the assembly area.

The Love's Farm start is 1000m from the assembly area. The finish is 800m from the assembly area. Please allow suitable time for the journey. The route will be taped. It involves a main road crossing, a station car park and a bridge across the railway lines. Under 16s should be accompanied by a responsible adult between Love's Farm and the assembly area.

To be competitive in the SEOUL league you should enter the course indicated for your age class. All courses are relatively short, as this is a sprint event.

CoursePriory ParkLove's FarmClasses
Distance (km)ControlsDistance (km)Controls
3.5192.918Men's Open
23.1192.416Womens' Open, Male Vets (M40+)
32.7152.314Female Vets (W40+), Male Supervet (M55+)
42.4131.912Female Supervet (W55+), Male Ultravet (M65+), Newcomers
52.1121.511Female Ultravet (W65+), Female Hypervet (W75+), Male Hypervet (M75+)
2.3141.813Juniors (M/W16-)
1.4111.211Young Juniors (M/W12-)

We cannot accept entries to senior courses 1-5 from anyone under the age of 17 since these courses involve unmarshalled road crossings.   All distances are "as the crow flies".  Actual distance run on an optimal route will typically be about 50% longer than the distance shown for the Love's Farm courses (urban). You must enter the same course for both races.

All courses use Sportident electronic punching (contactless enabled).   

Entry Details

Start time blocks for pre-entered runners will be shown on the Fabian 4 start list. Online entries are now closed.

Entry on the day will be available for all courses subject to availability of maps, but we have allowed for plenty of entries on the day on all courses.

Online Entry before 28 April
Entry on line after 28 April 2018 up to 9th May
Entry on the day
Seniors (BO members)
Seniors (non members)
Juniors (Under 21) and full time students
SIAC hire
Contact SI card hire£1£1£1

This is a mixed punching event: controls will be set into beacon mode so that SIAC SI cards can be used in non contact mode. Ordinary SI cards can also be used by punching in the normal way. SIAC dibbers will be available to hire for £3. If you want to take advantage of this then you will need to indicate this when you enter. We also offer standard SI cards to hire for £1. In both cases, loss of a hire dibber will incur a charge equivalent to full replacement cost: £30 for a standard SI card, and £60 for a SIAC.

Those who have pre-entered and requested a SIAC hire dibber will be asked to pay the hire fee via an additional payment to the fabian4 system - in this case please follow the instructions in the email from Fabian4.

Enquiries to

Registration and Start Times

Registration and enquiries 10:00 - 12:00

Start times (first race - Priory Park) 10:30 - 12:00

First race courses close 13:00 You must report to download by this time

Start times (second race - Love's Farm) 11:30 - 13:00

Second race courses close 14:00 You must report to download by this time

Terrain and map details

The two races will be on separate areas with different non-overlapping maps.  One course (Priory Park) is predominantly parkland, the other (Love's Farm) is predominantly urban. Both maps are at 1:4000 scale and are newly drawn to the ISSOM 2007 standard. Control descriptions are pictorial on all courses and are to 2018 standards. Control descriptions are on the map. Loose control descriptions will in the start lanes.

There should be little to no undergrowth, so shorts are acceptable. While Priory Park is gently sloping, the climb is small enough to be negligible.

If you are entering on the day and want to prepare your entry slip in advance, follow this link to download an entry form.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Helen Hague (WAOC)

Planner: Stephen Borrill (WAOC)

Controller: Simon Errington (HH)

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