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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Peterborough 900Sun 08 April, 2018

Near: Peterborough
Level of event: Regional
Type of event: Race, Urban



We hope you enjoyed your runs in Peterborough today.

A small number of finishers found when they downloaded that their start punch had not registered. In these cases we have reinstated what we estimate the start time to be, based on check punch time and other data. We do not believe the start box was faulty so we remind all runners that it is the runner’s responsibility to check for feedback (beeps/flashes) from each punch, including the start control.

Pre Event Info

Location Info

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Celebrating 900 Years of Peterborough Cathedral

This event will use a new map of central Peterborough including the Cathedral and its environs.

Entry on the day offered for all courses subject to map availability.

Start time blocks of 15 mins will be allocated to pre-entries. Example: 11:15 means start block between 11:15 and 11:30. These will not be enforced. The start block times are displayed on Fabian4.

Final details in PDF format now available.

Directions / Parking

The event centre is an easy walk from Peterborough train station.

Details on reaching the event by car or train will be added here in due course.

Course Information

8.0 km (28 controls)
Men's Open
26.5 km (25 controls)
Women's Open, Male Vets (M40+)
35.1 km (20 controls)
Female Vets (W40+), Male Supervet (M55+)
44.6 km (17 controls)
Female Supervet (W55+), Male Ultravet (M65+), Newcomers
53.9 km (13 controls)
Female Ultravet (W65+)
62.5 km (13 controls)
Juniors  MW16-
71.7 km (11 controls)
Young Juniors MW12-

All courses use Sportident electronic punching.
Dibber hire  £1 (lost dibbers will incur a charge of £30)

We cannot accept entries to senior courses 1-5 from anyone under the age of 17 since these courses involve road crossings.   All distances are "as the crow flies".  Actual distance run on an optimal route will typically be about 50% longer than the distance shown.

Entry Details

Online pre-entry is now open using Fabian 4, with the early entry fee applying until 25 March. Entries after this date are subject to a late entry surcharge. Online entries will close on 4th April.

Entry on the day is available for all courses subject to availability of maps. We will order maps based on entries received by the 25 March (when early entry closes), so we encourage you to enter before this date. On line entry will remain open at the higher rate until Wednesday 4th April.

Online Entry before 25 March
Entry on line after 25 March 2018 up to 4 April
Entry on the day
Seniors (BO members)
Seniors (non members)
Juniors (Under 21) and full time students
SI card hire

If you are entering on the day and want to prepare your entry slip in advance, follow this link to download an entry form.

If you are bringing a school party, or other group such as ATC cadets, please inform the organiser via in advance using the Group Entry Form. Please provide this information before 4th April. This will avoid long delays at registration and ensure we have enough maps for everyone.

Enquiries to

Registration and Start Times

Registration and enquiries 10:30 - 12:00

Start times 11:00 - 12:30

Courses close 2:30 pm You must report to download by this time

Terrain and map details

Map produced 2018 by Jeff Baker.  Map scale 1:5000, printed on waterproof paper.

Terrain is a combination of flat city streets and some parkland.   Dobbed footwear is NOT recommended. Shorts may be worn.

Dog restrictions

Due to the nature of the event, participants are not allowed to compete with dogs.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Andrew Henderson (WAOC)

Planner: Bob Hill (WAOC/RAFO)

Controller: Jeff Baker (LOG)

Photo Galleryclick/tap photos for a larger version