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West Anglian Orienteering Club

Evening LeagueAn informal league on Wednesday evenings

Last Updated: Fri 5 Jul 2019

In conjunction with club/training nights, we run an evening league through the university academic year (i.e. from October to June).

We aim for 6 events per year (2 per term), if we can fit that many into the schedule. At each there are 3 courses:

  • Short (2km)
  • Medium (4km)
  • Long (6km)

If possible, the short course will be suitable for juniors, but please check beforehand to be sure. Events will use electronic SI timing.

Rules and scoring

  • Leagues are calculated separately for the 3 courses
  • The course winner gets 100 points, with others getting a percentage based on their time, i.e. if you take twice as long as the winner, you will get 50 points
  • Mispunches or retirements will score 0 points
  • If there are 6 events, your best 4 scores will count. If there are 4 or 5, your best 3 scores will count
  • If you run two courses one evening, only the first will count (so don't run the short as a warm-up before doing the long)
  • Helpers (planners, non-running organisers) will get a score for that event matching their highest score throughout the year
  • Planners who also run the course will be non-competitive
  • If you run multiple types of course throughout the year, all will be counted in the final league results. However, at the end of the year when the top-three 'podium' positions are announced and prizes awarded, you will only be eligible for a podium/prize for one course type. This will be the course type you ran most often; if you ran courses an equal amount, only the longer course will be counted. For example, if you ran 2 Medium and 3 Short events in the year and got into the top three in both the full Medium and Short leagues, you will get a podium/prize for the Short league, not the Medium. If you ran 2 Long and 2 Medium events, you will get a podium/prize for the Long league.